Anti-microbial action of Myristica Sebifera – in-vitro study

Dr Vivek Sakthidharan

Homoeopathy is a very fascinating system of medicine, which has been effective in the cure of the sick, for more than 200 years, with its unique principle of “Similia Similibus Curentur”, and the unique method of dynamization of medicines and wholistic approach in the treatment of patients. The action and power of the Homoeopathic medicines are well known, through proving on healthy humans.

So, this study seeks to test the direct action of Homoeopathic mother tincture and its various potencies, over microbes.Have been found often to have specific ability to relieve symptoms of illnesses, as well as to cure diseases. In spite of this clinical evidence, the modus operandi of the Homoeopathic medicines are yet to be known.

Objectives of the study

a) To study the antimicrobial action of Myristica sebifera tincture on microbes isolated from suppurative infections.

b) To compare the action of Myristica sebifera mother tincture and its various potencies on these microbes.


The study was done on 100 microbial isolates from suppurative infections, against Myristica sebifera mother tincture prepared from the resin of the plant and potencies like 3c, 6c, 12c, 30c, 200, 1M, 10M and 50M, prepared using sterile distilled water. The study was conducted with three methods of in-vitro bacterial sensitivity testing i.e. disc diffusion method, punch well method and agar dilution method.


  • Myristica sebifera mother tincture has direct action on pyogens.
  • Gram negative bacteria are more affected by the Myristica sebifera mother tincture
  • The potencies of Myristica sebifera are not having a direct antimicrobial action.

Myristica sebifera mother tincture has direct action over pyogens

Key words : Myristica sebifera, pyogenic infections, mother tincture, antimicrobial action

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  1. Could you please share more articles on the antimicrobial action of other homoeopathic mother tincture.

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