Application of Homeopathic Medicine from a distance

Dr M K  Sahani 

Health and disease remained a subject of research and study from the very early inception of human civilization. All attempts are made to find out the real cure but the complexity of life still need more understanding. Initially with meager knowledge of resources available in nature the earliest man during sickness must have sought the help of some divine power, which gradually developed into systemic medicines. With further accumulation of information these healing method got manifested in the medicinal substance and plant available in abundance in nature. Thus materialistic search for medicine began which has now taken a very deep-rooted faith in them. Life is the manifestation of dynamic energy animating the material. Material being the visible aspect drew more attention and dynamic energy remained buried in few thoughts only. When we talk of Holistic concept of health, it has to be viewed with integration of both material and dynamic.

Great philosopher Hippocrat, who is also considered as father of medicine, gave principle to application of material medicine- either on similar or on dissimilar presentation of symptoms produced by medicinal substance. These are the steps for formalization of medicine into system. While the dissimilar medicine gained popularity with their quick effect the similar medicine faded for want of acceptability of its logic.

It was Dr.Hahnemann now some 200 years ago who rediscovered that medicine when applied on similar principle have lasting effect of cure and he developed it as a system of Medicine- Homoeopathy. He discovered that causation of all sickness lies within the person who is sick. It is well accepted by many that some dynamic force governs Life, which is unique for each individual. As such any sickness before manifesting on the physical body has to weaken the strength of this dynamic force, which was called as Vital Principle by Dr.Hahnemann. Thus only Vital principle is responsible for all sickness. If cure has to be established one must make an attempt to restore the Vital Principle. Search for medicine for the vital principle is also the discovery of Homoeopathy. Dr.Hahnemann developed a unique method to develop a medicine for the Vital Principle by extracting out the dynamic principle of the medicinal substances. He diluted them to such an extent where no material of medicinal substance existed. This is well known in Homoeopathy, as Potentisation.It is a method of diluting the material property and developing the Energy property. It is curious to note that there is not a single molecule of medicinal substance in all of the Homoeopathic medicine beyond 6th to 12th Potency. Still their efficacy is well known for many and time tested for the last two hundred years.

Dr.Hahnemann tried to explain this phenomenon and he was aware of the nature of medicine available in potentised medicine, thus he wrote that administration of these medicine may be done either by oral, tactual or olfaction. He even went on comparing the action of Homoeo medicine to that of the Mesmerism. Thus Homoeopathy is only medicating the Vital Principle.

One can wonder how a dynamic substance can be swallowed by mouth, how it can be eaten. Some 40 years back Dr.B.Sahni with his vast experiences and philosophical background could not digest this logic. He told that this energy medicine could only be transmitted to the patient. Never in the past they were swallowed, they were only transmitted by direct touch.

Dr.B.Sahni with these thoughts on transmission developed the idea of remote application, which he called Transmission of Homoeo Drug Energy From a Distance. All dynamic energy substance has the property to be transmitted from a distance. We are aware of these facts as light, sound electrical energy are transmitted from a distance and has varied application in our society. As the transmission need a medium Dr.Sahni tried to use natural belongings of the person as medium and he was successful in transmitting medicinal energy through them.

With experimentation on various types of patient it is now proved beyond doubts that Homoeopathic medicines are not a commodities to be fed by mouth. They can be transmitted from any distance using the natural belonging of the person. Hair being very convenient it became the ideal medium for transmission and is being used by all. Now there are thousands of followers of Dr.Sahni who are using this unique mode of transmission.

Question may still arise how Dr.Sahni’s Transmission method is different from Reiki and other pranic healing. While in Drug transmission of Dr.Sahni there is transmission of definite known energy pattern of medicines obtained from the natural sources, in Reiki or others, indefinite sources are used. They are not using the medium of the patient. In Dr.Sahni’s Transmission well-proved medicines are transmitted.

How it is possible to transmit the medicine energy. Different logic can be given. Scientific explanation will take time to explain this phenomenon, and it is proved fact that medicines of Homoeopathy are still a mystery for science. They are yet to be explained as no laboratory yet has detected the existence of medicine in a potentised homoeo medicine. It is assumed that stored information of the medicines is passed on to subsequent molecules of the carrier substance thus getting magnified in potency. It is presumed that each individual is unique in them selves. They have their own identity, which can never be duplicated, thus their Vital dynamic plane of body too have individual vibration of wavelength working on definite frequency. This is individualization. In Homoeopathy too this individualization is tried to be found out through symptoms manifestation to match the similarity with medicine. Homoeopathic potentised medicine also represents a particular energy pattern with definite wavelength. Thus when a hair of the patient is brought in contact with the dynamic medicine, it assume the frequency of hair and it is transmitted to the person. We can assume that natural belonging of the person when it is separated from the body still retain the same frequency. Thus with this we can say there are as many individual wavelength of person as many of the person available in this globe. Each medicine too represents a particular type of wavelength. To the science only a few of the wavelength are discovered still more need to be discovered.

Dr.B.Sahni too tried to explain this phenomenon of transmission of medicine in his book-Transmission Of Homoeo Drug Energy From A Distance and took logic of Raman’s effect to explain. Quite a numbers of explain are being tried. But as the mystery of potency require unfolding the truth we can explain more in future with more accumulation of experience.

Practical experiences are now accumulating on with more and more miraculous results. It has been now tried on all types of individuals as well as on animal to prove that its effect is not mesmerism nor psychological. Hard tumors to the malignant cancer have responded to these methods and now thousands of practitioners are adopting it as their mode of administration of medicine.

There are many advantages for these methods – the expert physician can treat Patient seated at far distance place, only a strand of hair is needed. In grave emergency and where doctor are not available this method proves to be a boon. In case of medicinal aggravation, which is quite common, simply detachment of hair from the medicine will bring down the effect giving relief and no antidote will be required. Overdosing which are hazards of all types treatment can be well checked with drug transmission and only required energy can be passed on to the patient.

Dr.Sahni’s Method has much potentiality of further researches and he during his own lifetime-established Research Institute of Sahni Drug Transmission And Homoeopathy with headquarter at Patna. Since then this Institute is carrying on the research work on different aspect of Drug Transmission. This Institute with the present Chairman  Dr.M.K.Sahani is now working on Research, Teaching and Clinical Help to patient by this method. It has come out with a postgraduate course in Drug Transmission for the medical graduates, which is of three months duration..

Institute is also working on the project of Tele medical Center with satellite center in different places, with facility to treat patient with Drug Transmission.

Transmission of Medicine Energy from a distance has great potentiality of being a medicine for the future. Person seated in their own place seek all comforts simply by use of remote technology, the why not health can be provided by remote technology. Drug Transmission therapy has come out with it.


  1. Chandran,

    While your concerns are logical about overly extrapolated results of the hype created by these doctors having given homeopathy a promulgation of quackery in the West, you are however missing key parameters in your research:

    1. Fundamental Research in ultra high dilution and homoeopathy by Schulte & Ender
    2. Einstein-Rosen (EPR) Paradox of quantum entanglement
    3. Ground-to-satellite quantum teleportation
    4. DNA teleportation, proven by Noble laureate and co-discoverer of HIV Dr. Montagnier
    5. Work done by Dr. Bill Gray (), a Harvard and Caltech graduate and a student of Dr. Vithoulkas (ref: The Science of Homeopathy) to convert remedies using analog-digital amplified-filtered WAV formats with double blinded placebo control trials

    Obviously, not all remedies and/or methods work as expected; or they may work with limited extents as homeopathy still lurks in realms scientific unknowns but if you Google these research topics, you’ll find yourself wondering that there are still a lot of things to be discovered by modern science!

    • hydrogen ion form is bomb most inflammable,oxygen helps combustion,carbon nitrogen put blanket on fire,hydrogen oxygen when combine form water,any living organism has magnetic field energy when disturbed in disease floating ions can only be neutralized by homeopathy later can use herbs.white pigeon mind is planted by nature compass reading flies returns his nest control is better than most modern ATC towers control on aeroplanes.homeopathy science is natural therapy only draw back is not clear guidelines,many homeopaths have waiting list of more than four months,no body will part with experienced gained in twenty years known to others in twenty days.

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