Approach to Homoeopathic Education Technology – Book review

sahaniBook Review : Dr Mansoor Ali

Authors : Dr Ramjee Singh & Dr MK Sahani

Foreword by  Dr KM Dhawale

Published by Research Institute of Sahni Drug Transmission and Homoeopathy
Shivpuri, Ptana.800023

The quality of homeopathic education is decreasing day by day. Professionally honest educators, who are genuinely interested in teaching, are decreasing day by day. Teachers are more interested in private practice and fabricated seminars which increase their income and popularity rather than regular classroom or clinical teaching. The love respect relationship between students and teachers are also at the minimum. There are many factors to blame.

The teacher thinks that, he is a paid employee and therefore his duty is only to teach in the prescribed period without knowing the pulse of the student. Thus students lose interest in the particular subject that is being taught

This book suggest various methods and techniques to improve the quality of education in Homoeopathic medical colleges through innovative methods of teaching and learning process.

Teachers directly coming into the profession after BHMS or MD (Hom) without  acquiring teaching skills, since we do not have courses like BEd or MEd. We may have good clinical skill but less teaching skill. Remember it is a skill that can be mastered only through practice.

Technology now open up new opportunities, making education more attractive, effective and result oriented.

Main Chapters are

  • Education in Homoeopathy – issues and challenges
  • Essential skills and abilities required for the study of homoeopathy
  • Skill required to be developed in Homoeopathy students
  • Teaching in materialism and dynamism
  • Teaching learning environment
  • The Medical teacher
  • Need for faculty development in homoeopathic medical education in India
  • Micro teaching
  • The learning process
  • Simulation and its role in medical education
  • Developing attitude for bedside skill
  • Teaching thinking skills
  • Communication skill
  • Problem based learning –PBL
  • Integrated teaching
  • Information technology in medical education
  • Lesson planning
  • Presentation skill
  • Interactive lectures
  • Other methods in teaching and learning
  • Internship in homoeopathic education

Medical education is somewhat different from general education. This book will definitely help the new generation teachers to a great extent. Font size may be increased in the next edition, and the logo in each pages create some difficultly in reading smoothly.

Price: 250/-

Pages : 131

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