Arsenicum Album medicine is not only for COVID 19 but also patent medicine for arsenic patients

Dr. Shobhan Bose B.H.M.S, M.D. (Hom)
H.O.D. Physiology & Biochemistry N.H.M.C. Agra

Arsenic album suggests by AYUSH for prophylaxis of this pandemic. Some Homoeopaths doctors also prescribe other medicine according to the condition of the patient, for example, Bryonia alba , Gelsemium , Antim Tart etc & they got very good results to fight against COVID19. We are very well known about the present scenario of pandemic around the world. In India more than 5.9 million people were infected. In our country 93,379 people died in this pandemic. More than 33 million people were infected and 988,000 people were died in this pandemic surround the world. The number of infections and deaths of people increases daily around the world. People were arrested at home due to lockdown and hopelessness. Still now spread of infection not under control, after maintaining social distance, using  of mask, globs, ,cap, ( P.P.E. for health workers surrounding of infected patients like Doctors, Nurses, Pathological technicians and others. ) . People are panic because of the horrible situation continued long time. The financial condition of the people and the country becomes poor. We get daily news by the electronic media and print media about the corona.

I would not like to more discuss about present dark situation.

I would to like to discuss about my cases, which helps to justify the topic.


Case No. -1

I want to discuss a case at first a professor of a Homeopathic college. He was my senior colleague.

Name- Dr. R.N.L ,S/o- Late M.R.C, Age-56y, Sex –Male,

Add – Patna .Bihar. Occupation – Homeopathic faculty.

He was suffering from an infection of the oral cavity. He felt difficulty in deglutition. He felt severe pain in surrounding glands of mouth were swelling, congestion in inner portion of mouth, red moist tongue with salivation and thirst present, mild fever at nightTongue dry, clean, and red; stitching and burning pain, Anxiety at the pit of stomach. Stool:- Small, offensive, dark, with much prostration. He already took Belladonna, Merc Sol, Borax, Rhus Tox after discussion with other doctors but no improvement. I asked him how and when it was happened. He told me,he was coming from home by bushe was hungry and taken lunch at noon from a line hotel so called ‘Dhaba’. He felt the hotel was not so clean or maintaining hygiene after taking lunch from there. I asked him – would you think the cause of your sufferings the bad food of line hotel. He said it may be. So I prescribed him medicine but he unknown the name of medicine. He got relief to whiten 24 hours and completely normal in two days. I asked him about his suffering the next morning after given one dose of medicine. He rudely answers me, you observed your patient yourself, I answer ok sir. I think his suffering was increased due to aggravation but I surprised to saw the marvelous improvement of the case. I repeated the same medicine for the next two days.

I select Arsenic Album 30 due to mental food poison of the patient and got result.

Case No. – 2

This was a story of my hostel life. At that time I just passed B.H.M.S. final examination. Saraswati Vandana celebration was in our hostel. A milkshake we made by us mixed with some fruits and other substances for a drink. It gave us enjoyment, entertainment and pleasure at the whole night. I could not wish to spend any more word about that. It was a good moment of my student life and it will be staying in my memory whole life obviously.

Now come to discuss the subject matter.

A young man was my batchmate and roommate of our hostel. Name- PS , S/o – CP, Age -25y, Sex- male , suffered in loose motion and vomiting and Worse at night Heartburn; gulping up of acid and bitter substances which seem to excoriate the throat, Urine:-Scanty, burning, involuntary Sleep:-Disturbed, anxious, restless. From the next day after drinking shake. M.O. of our college O.P.D. prescribed him medicine to control of his suffering but no such improvement seen. Our senior called him Arsenic due to his attitude in hostel and college. I think if he had the totality of arsenic then arsenic can arrest his suffering.

I prescribed confidently him arsenic 30 two-dose one our interval. He got result completely after 6 hours from early morning of next day.

Case No. -3

This was a case of my early practice life. At that time I was starting practicing in a remote village. My so called well-wisher  advised  me homeopathic practice must be started at village. It runs well soon and established doctors quickly, because villages are simple, innocent, not complex minded, obedient, easily adopt stranger’s person, non-political and well human being.

My practical experience was differing above words except for well human. According to me, ’if I have humanity then every man be human to me’.

Now the time to start a discussion about the case.

A patient was suffering from chronic respiratory diseases.

He came to me for treating his respiratory problems. Name- H. C. Mondal .S/O M.K.Mondal.Age-47 years.Sex – Male. Address –Ushagram.Bengal.Occupation –Business.Hight -5.7ft.Weight- 54kg. He was suffering chronic cough, cold, running nose, repeatedly sneezing, breathing problems. Cough aggravate at mid night and noon. He fells burning sensation in nose and throat.H/o – Diarrhoea due food poisoning.

I take the case properly and according to totality prescribed him Arsenic album 30 BD for two days.No such improvement seen in that two days. I repeat the same medicine for next two days. He fills slight better than before after four days.Then I prescribed him placebo for next two days. No more improvement of suffering was seen.So I reaped again ArsAlb 30 B.D. for three days.I also repeated placebo in same manner for three days.Patient feels better. I prescribe placebo for seven days.No such more improvement seen. I repeated the same medicine for 3 days &placebo for next three days.No results seen, I increased power Ars Alb 200 1 dose for 2 alternate days and placebo for 3 days.After seven days he report me feels very well in all expect. I prescribe same medicine 3 dose but alternate day.I also prescribe placebo BD for next seven days Unfortunately severe aggravation occurs, he took Ars Alb 2c by mistake instead of placeboHe was hospitalised at night for two days and release from hospital two days after.He felt better after comeback home, he visit me again and agreed to continue his treatment.

I prescribe him only placebo BD for seven days. I started then Ars Alb 0/1 for 7 days and placebo. In this time no aggravation was seen of his illness.

I increased power gradually & patients gradually improve .

Case No. – 4

A patient visited for treating an ulcer in leg. He was well-known person to me for long time.

A. Mukherjee, Age -44 y, Sex-M.

He was a railway engineer of signaling system. He was a very skillful worker and busy person. He could able judge underground signaling fault.He was suffering injury by burn due to an accident in his work place, his left leg was ulcerated.

He was treated by railways hospital but his ulcer and burning sensation was not relief after one month of treatment. After case taking, I prescribed him ArsAlb 30 BD for 3 days. After 3 days his suffering 50 % relief and his suffering completely vanish after 7 days by homeopathic treatment.

Arsenicum Album is a polychrest homeopathy medicine. Arsenicum acts on a various systems of body like respiratory system, skin, GIT and other system. It can cure various suffering of a patient if symptoms totality similar with it. Arsenicum Album is not only for COVID 19, but also for other systems like -Respiratory, Gastrointestinal Skin, and other Vital System of the body.


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  1. ARSENIC is prostration weak vital force to fight disease let it be any cause bacteria viral bad food etc.prior 1900 it was taught healthy person will fight any disease thrusted upon by first chilliness followed by heat generation an energetic force followed by perspiration final win by self defense.Arsenic even there is struggle to create chilliness and heat which intermingle what to talk of perspiration,after chill instead of adequate heat there is bitter taste tendency towards nausea vomit pains anxiety of like that end may be there,they said lively anxiety is different buzzing in ears twitching in muscles modern times fingers of even senior citizens on mobile.old era homeopaths recognized that best of professors are Hempel Moore William Reed Walter arsenic is taught sips water etc without explaining what support it will render to vital force.Phos is more energetic than arsenic has intermittent fever let it be called creation of heat,heat and perspiration at night heat esp hands small wounds bleed even on scratch.paracetamol subsides heat.heat is kinetic energy to fight disease brain has thermostat to control it ,if goes beyond 104 degree paracetamol helpful if given to arsenic prostrated type it will put him in freezer may go for hospital admission.these words are extracted from pre 1900 homoeo literature not from present homeo spelled literature.

  2. Arsenic anxiety is severe feels Dharamraj may take me any time,edematous lids but painless,prostrated but still hyperthyroid,acrid secretions make lids cheeks red sore.this is pre 1917 version,new version modern homeopaths do not show their diary notes lest they be exposed.

  3. ARSENIC is pearl saves ambulance,chilly prostrated fearful face wants company wants blanket cover,except head pain which is better by cold,as layman provides vital heat then its job is over changed further symptoms need another matching symptoms remedy,when one gets heated up internally throws away covers arsenic is ruled out.arsenic was recommended sold like hot cakes,boon to weak chilly no use for hot blooded,but it did not produce side effect unless repeated frequently that is charm of blooded fear is removed by aconite belladona types,quacks remove fear by dulling sensory nerves opiate type remedies.old aged persons arsenic homeo heater and conium swirling earth around type vertigo.

  4. Cases provided are appreciable, but honestly the English needs to be improved a lot since the context and true meaning of the words is grossly misinterpreted due to incorrect usage.

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