Asthma Instant Prescriptions in Homeopathy

Dr Jeena Aslam

Apis mellifica– Difficult breathing, esp. the unique symptom, “he does not see how he can get another breath”.

Aralia racemosa – Dry wheezing or loud musical respiration. The patient is forced to sit up for relief – it seems as if he would suffocate, if he did not. The expectoration, at first scanty, later increases – is warm and saltish in taste.

Argentum nitricum -Pure nervous Asthma, with spasms of the respiratory muscles, marked with dyspnoea, agg. in a covered room.

Arsenicum album- One of our prime remedies, whether acute or chronic, with agg. after midnight and lying down. The patient is besides himself with anguish. Also when complicated with Emphysema the expiration being very much prolonged. Asthma following the retrocession of Nettle-rash. Follows Ipecac. well either in catarrhal or nervous Asthma.

Aurum metallicum –  Asthma, agg. in wet, warm air. Baryta carbonica Purely nervous Asthma, in old people, with agg. in wet, warm air. It should not be given in catarrhal Asthma or Asthma with Emphysema.

Bromium –  The patient feels, as if he could not get in enough air into his lungs, consequently he breathes very deeply. Esp. indicated in Asthma coming on, at or near the seashore.

Caladium seguinum – Catarrhal Asthma, with the production of mucus, which is not readily raised, but which when raised gives relief. Indicated in stout persons of flabby fibres.

Capsicum annuum –  Catarrhal Asthma, with red face and well-marked sibilant rãles; he coughs and a successful cough raises phlegm, which relieves.

Carbo vegetabilis  – Asthma, particularly of the old people and of people very much debilitated. They look during the attack, as if they would die, so oppressed are they for breath. They are greatly relieved by belching and hard fanning. Esp. indicated in Asthma, reflex from flatus in abdomen.

Cuprum metallicum – Useful when the spasmodic element predominates. The face gets blue; there is constriction of throat; and the patient almost goes into convulsions.

Drosera rotundifolia –  Asthma of the consumptives. The patient has spells of barking cough, which come so frequently as not to give him an opportunity to recover his breath; they are esp. worse after 12 P.M. It is followed by Meph., when it fails.

Ferrum metallicum –  Asthma associated with orgasm of blood to the chest, agg. after 12 P.M. , when the patient must sit up and uncover his chest, which he does to get cool and sits up in order to breathe and moves slowly about for relief. It acts best in young persons, male or female, who are subjects to irregular distribution of blood.

Graphites – Flatulent Asthma, usually agg. after 12 P.M. Suffocative spells arouses him from sleep, must jump out of bed and is compelled to eat something to relieve the difficulty of breathing.

Grindelia robusta –  Catarrhal Asthma, >> as soon as the patient can expectorate. When the patient drops off to sleep, he wakes up suddenly, with a sensation as if respiration has ceased.

Ipecacuanha – Catarrhal or nervous Asthma. Sensation, as of constriction of the chest, agg. from least motion. Rattling of mucus in chest, yet none is expectorated when coughing. It is followed by Ars. Esp. suitable in stout persons of lax fibre, either adult or child, who are particularly sensitive to a warm, moist atmosphere.
Kalium bichromicum –  A certain remedy if there is after-midnight (from 3 to 4 in the morning) aggravation and relief from sitting up and bending forward, and from expectoration of stringy mucus. It is esp. liable to return in Winter or in summer-time when chilly. Also useful in Asthma dependent upon Bronchiectasis. Low potencies are more successful than the higher.

Lachesis mutus  – Asthma, agg. during and after sleep. The patient arouses from sleep with Asthmatic paroxysm, and cannot bear the least pressure about the neck or chest; finally he coughs up a quantity of watery phlegm with great relief. Flatulent Asthma [Graph.].

Lobelia inflata – Asthma, with a weak sensation in the epigastrium, spreading up into the chest, nausea, profuse salivation and a feeling as of a lump in stomach.

Lycopodium clavatum – Asthma from abdominal irritation, with marked flatulence. Mephitis putorius Asthma is drunkards. Follows Dros. in Asthma of the consumptives when the latter fails.

Natrium hypochlorosum – Flatulent Asthma; flatulency, constipation, bloating after meals. Esp. useful in debilitated persons who are rather sluggish, mentally and physically.

Natrium sulphuricum – Indicated in Asthma, excited or becomes more worse by every spell of damp weather.

Nux vomica – Associated with a feeling of fulness and oppression in stomach, particularly manifested after a hearty meal. The symptoms are agg. after a meal, after 12 at night, in the morning, and are always increased by cold air or any exertion, particularly ascending a height; belching relieves. Asthma from abdominal irritation, with marked flatulence [Carbo Veg., Lyc.]. It is sometimes useful in Asthma, not often in purely nervous type, but commonly in that arising from gastric disturbance.

Platinum metallicum – Sudden arrest of breathing when walking against the wind [Ars., Calc. Carb.]. Ictodes foetida Asthma, agg. inhalation of dust, >> by stool.

Rumex crispus – Asthma of the consumptives, when there is agg. at 2 A.M. Sticta pulmonaria Asthma of the consumptives, when the trouble is associated with splitting headache.

Stramonium – Nervous Asthma, agg. from talking. The patient can scarcely draw in breath, on account of spasms.

Terebinthiniae oleum – Humid Asthma, with the urinary concomitants of the drug. Eriodyction californicum Catarrhal Asthma, with thickening of the bronchial tubes and oppression of breathing, >> by expectoration. Used in it.

Zincum metallicum – Catarrhal Asthma, accompanied by great constriction of the chest [Cact., Cad., Sul., K. Chlor.], and is >> as soon as he expectorates [Ant. T., Grind., Sep.].

Zingiber officinale – Asthma of gastric origin. The attacks come on in night towards morning. The patient has to sit up to breathe, but despite the severity of the paroxysms, there seems to be no anxiety.

Dr.Jeena Aslam BHMS,MD(Hom)
Medical Officer,Govt. of Kerala


  1. Reckeweg 43 is very effective for acute condition asthma later take constitutional treatment.Aralia is mini arsenic worse midnight breathing whistling.rumex wants warmth and humid air throat cough worse by cool air so day time keeps handkerchief over nose mouth to breath.iodine 12x to 30c helps saw like respiration hoarse voice of scrawny thin.asthma is lung weakness main organ oxygen carbonic gas exchanger.snake charmer lungs are strongest probably their blood purified by small doses of venom.naja is great heart lung tonic provdes strength to autonomic cranial nerves esp vagus.

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