Belladonna is very effective in Encephalitis – Experts

Homoeopathy is astonishingly good for deadly Japanese Encephalitis. This is the claim of experts including homoeopathic as well as different branch of allopathic system. Their demand it is not merely the claim based on historic books but based on experimental truth.

This news mentioned the related research work done few years back by Dr. Bhaswati  Bandopadhay associated prof. Dept. Virology, School of Tropical Medicine, Kolkata,  associated by Dr. Satadal Das , Dr. Milan Sengupto of D. N. Dey Homoeopathic Medical College & other participated members Dr. Chaturbhuj Nayek, ex director CCRH, Dr. Rathin Chakraborty.

This CCRH funded result was published in International journal of current microbiology and applied science, International journal of microbiological research, Intect etc. renowned journal. It also mentioned Belladonna 200 found as preventive as well as curative in J.E. induced mice in research study.

One of the member of the research team Dr. Milan Sengupto told the reporter about the human trial at Gorakhpur Medical college by ICMR . There also proved the effectiveness. “Up to this date we got very good result by giving Belladonna 200”.  Researcher found same result from Andhra Pradesh also. He added, “We want to prevent spreading of J. Encephalitis in northern part of West Bengal by Homoeopathy beside allopathy”.

Director General of CCRH called over phone to Dr. Rathin Chakraborty, member of the scientific advisory committee to take measure regarding the resurgence of J. Encephalitis in north Bengal. In this situation a task force and a core committee has been formed. They are moving towards the affected area with a view to distribute Belladonna 200 as preventive & render curative service according to homoeopathy by making a camp. They also try to integrate homoeopathy along with allopathic formal treatment.

It is a matter to mention that The PG trainees of D.N. Dey Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital expressed their interest to treat such affected people by reaching there. In this regard they sent a letter to the health department for permission



  1. Robert Medhurst a researcher says,Belladona sudden mental excitement let be any cause numbs sensory,red acute inflammation anywhere esp head area,high fever cold feet,pupils dilate,worse by light noise better by rest and sitting fact if person is strong nerved as army Jawans sensory is not numbed even by blast noise,weak nerved aconite belladona sensory numbing paralyzes sympathetic action which is auto control centre for any panic,fever will be cleared by perspiration just evaporation out of heat temperature bella stages are sudden and lead to complications,every house must have ferrum phos 6x use repeatedly will control complication stage enters domain of merc pulsa hepar etc which require guidance of qualified homeopath.very specific clinical application of homeo remedies is given by Robert Medhurst one must keep copy of that under table glass.

  2. Good news Japanese Encephalitis had been succesfull by Belladonna.
    Thanks to all members in this groups.

  3. Japanese encephalitis had been succesfully controlled in Andhra pradesh thru Homoeopathy with Belladona , Calc carb Tuberculin by the Ayush dept of Andhra pradesh CCRH is very well aware of it, let a leaf be taken further from the Good work done .

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