Brief outline on Homoeopathy & TCAM Exams and job at UAE

doctors10Brief outline on Homoeopathy & TCAM Examinations by MOH UAE

Dr Saifulla Khalid Adamji
Coordinator TCAM

This is just an outline summary for understanding of TCAM (Traditional, Complementary & Alternative Medicine) Exam & Practice in U.A.E.

Definite Policies & Procedures have been put in place in order to regulate TCAM

Services by MOH-U.A.E. Each of TCAM specialties may differ from one another in terms of Course Content, Exams Eligibility Criteria, Education, Experience & Evaluation Procedure)

As an initiator of TCAM, MOH has formulated Guidelines, Procedures, Policies & Examination method for TCAM Practitioners as follows.

1. All Alternative Medicine Graduates/Practitioners such as Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, Chinese Medicine , Acupuncture, Chiropractor, Osteopathy, & Alternative Medicine Technicians such as Chinese Massage Therapist/ Ayurveda Indian Massage Therapist, Ozone Therapy, Cupping(Hejama) Therapy are specialties of TCAM recognized by MOH, to be eligible to practice provided they fulfil all other criteria. Exams are conducted four times in an academic year.

2. A candidate should have Degree/Diploma not less than of 4 yrs from recognized University/institution & should have minimum 2 yrs of experience after Internship, valid registration/license in the country of practice along with attestation as mentioned. for TCAM Medicine Practitioners. & minimum of 1 year course duration for TCAM Therapist & minimum 1 year experience except for Cupping Therapy.

The experience should be continuous & a candidate should not be away from clinical practice for more than 1 year.

Online /Distance Learning/Correspondence Courses or Programs Offered by Open Universities or Unaccredited Universities are not approved and candidates having such courses are not eligible to take any kind of Licensing Examination by MOH.

Certificate Course in CPR/Basic Life Support Courses should be completed only by Ministry of Health/Dubai Health Authority/Health Authority Abu Dhabi/Dubai Police/Abu Dhabi Police.

3.A medical degree holder (MBBS. MD., MBchB,) willing to practice any mentioned MOH approved specialties should have minimum of 2 semester full time academic course duration, from recognized University in that particular field.

4.A written exam fully based on USMLE-MRCP pattern composed of Clinical Medicine, Internal Medicine is conducted for TCAM eligible candidate.& this is almost equivalent to any MBBS exams & only successful candidates are subjected for an Interview/Oral exam.

5.Any Medical degree holder(MBBS, MD.,MbchB) already licensed by Ministry of Health, Department of Health, Abu Dhabi Health Authority to practice Allopathic system of Medicine, working as General/Specialist Practitioner in U.A.E. willing to practice any MOH approved branch of TCAM, having undergone training in any of MOH approved specialty of TCAM for not less than 2 semester full time academic course duration along with other criteria then, also he/she is subjected for an interview & if they pass out that oral exam ,than an additional EVALUATION CERTIFICATE is issued to them along with existing Physician’s license.

6.Any Medical degree holder(MBBS, MD.,MbchB) NOT HOLDING Practice license by Ministry of Health, Department of Health, Abu Dhabi Health Authority to practice Allopathic system of Medicine, as General/Specialist Practitioner in U.A.E. ,willing to practice any MOH approved branch of TCAM, having undergone training in any of MOH approved specialty of TCAM for not less than 2 semester full time academic course duration then along with other criteria, he/she is subjected for BOTH-THOERY AS WELL AS ORAL-INTERVIEW EXAM.

7.After passing this exam a candidate will be given EVALUATION CERTIFICATE mentioning remarks such as e.g.

To Work in a Medical Center Only where one can be allowed to practice only where physicians of modern medicine are already present in that particular set up OR May Work Independently which allows them to have owns practice,& this Evaluation is a passing certificate but not the License & which in no way guaranties any jobs in Government Sector,& there does not exists any openings for TCAM Practitioners in MOH Controlled Hospitals & Primary Health Care Centers till now(at present), but TCAM is growing in private medical sector & TCAM Practitioners are being employed in private medical centers /Polyclinic & even in some private major Hospitals.

8.A candidate who has received Evaluation Certificate i.e.(PASSING) can work anywhere within U.A.E, after obtaining a LICENSE from regional Health Authorities such as HAAD-Health Authority Abu Dhabi for Abu Dhabi, DHA-Dubai Health Authority for Dubai region, BUT if you want to establish a practice in Northern Emirates like Sharjah, Ajman, Ummul Quwain, Ras al Khaimah, Fujairah then regional Ministry of Health Offices will be responsible bodies to issue you the license to practice in those particular areas.

Source :

Dr Saifulla Khalid Adamji
Coordinator TCAM
Ministry Of Health-Dubai UAE.
TEL – 04 2301423 FAX- 04 2301851
E-MAIL :  ,


  1. Sir I am from Pakistan; cleared MOH in 2009 (File # R-42928, Remarks= to work in a medical center), also done Master of Science in Medical Ultrasoudn Technology and currently doin PhD in Ultrasound. I need job as Homeopathic doctor or sonographer, kindly guide me accordingly if possible.

    • Hello can you please guide me as to how to prepare for the MOH exams, is there any coaching/preparatory courses available anywhere? Where can I get study material??and general information at the exams. I will be very great full if u reply soon as I am totally lost, exams have only attempts and have become very tough now.

    • Sir, I am from Pakistan I am B.H.M.S .I need job as homeopathic doctor kindly guide me accordingly if possible.

  2. Sir,
    I am a Homoeopathy doctor passed in the year 2008. After that I was a private practitioner for nearly 2 years after my internship of 1year. I also have completed my Masters in Dietetics and Food Service Management from IGNOU 2014. Currently I am based in Abu Dhabi. Please let me know how can I start my career again in UAE in either of these fields.

  3. sir
    I did my B.H.M.S in 2008 and did my PGDEMS in 2010 I am working as R.M.O doing my MBA in healthcare services what are the opportunities in Dubai for job please guide me

  4. Sir,
    I complete my bhms course on 2012 now i am in uae and i have no experience. MOH exam needs 2 year experience certificate attested by UAE embassy.I am here in uae after my internship. Sir from where i got the experience certificate and is it valid because my husband said they check your passport and emirates ID and make sure that you are here and you have no experience so they reject it. My friend from bpharm sector said here option for training under moh licensed docter for graduates who have no experience in their country. Sir please explain about the training in uae is it possible and what can i do for the training license. Thank you.

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