Career opportunity at Cure Homeo Clinic Meerut

“Hiring at Cure Homeo Clinics is,Hiring for Values and Talent”

The Cure Homeo Clinics Environment:

  • Value for “Patient’s care comes first”.
  • Focus on skills of the individual.
  • Cooperative medicine and team-practice.
  • A scholarly environment of research and education.
  • Physician leadership.
  • Availability of the most advanced, innovative homeopathic treatment strategies.
  • Highest quality of patient care provided with compassion and care.

Qualification: BHMS/M.D

Salary: Starts at Rs 38,000/- month till Rs 70,000/-



  1. Cure Homeo Clinics is an institution associated academically with “The Other Song-Mumbai”. It’s a centre where knowledge, career and skill synergises. Only serious and career oriented homeopaths should seek this opportunity.

  2. Please do not take personal grudges on a public platform. Everyone knows reality and a great alumnus of Cure Homeo Clinics are testimony of this great institution.You have cheated, done theft in this institution.

  3. I will not recommend anyone to work here ( Cure Home Clinics ) as this is the worst place and worst people i have worked with especially Dr. Aman Goel he is a big goon , he doesn’t even know much about homoeopathy will try his best to curtail your growth as a homoeopath.
    They will not give you Sick Leaves if you fall ill suddenly and will deduct salary for 4 days for 1 day leave , even after working for 12 hrs. A day .
    Leave alone Casual Leaves .
    They will take your 5Months salary as a security but will not give you at the time of leaving/Resigning as they don’t have the intention for the same.
    Therefore, it is not at all advisable to work with these People.

  4. These People are Thugs. They will not Let you learn homoeopathy rather destroy your skill as a homoeopath. Even after working for ~12 hrs. a day They don’t give you Sick Leaves and will deduct 4 days salary if you fall ill suddenly.
    This place is like Hell for a young, budding Homoeopath.
    I will not at all recommend anyone to work here .
    And this Person Dr. Aman Goel is a big goon , he don’t know much about homoeopathy , will try his best to curtail your growth as a homoeopath. They keep your half salary for 5-6 months as a security and in the End they will not give it Back to you as these People don’t have the intention for the same.

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