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The intriguing world of insects in Homoeopathy

Dr Pavankumar R Kollurkar Dr  Srinath Rao C ABSTRACT Insects are always described under the sub-heading’s Restlessness, competitiveness, complex, teasing, industrious, ambitious, over sensitiveness, fragile which are quite characteristic to it. This article is an […]

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Never well since and homoeopathy

Dr Akshay J Nair, B.H.M.S In homeopathy, the phrase “Never well since” signifies a patient’s condition where their health has deteriorated and they have not fully recovered since a particular event or illness. This concept […]

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Caffeine and homoeopathy

Dr Pratibha Raturi1, Dr Shweta Singh1, Dr Farazi Mirza1, Dr Such Sushil1 INTRODUCTION Caffeine is the most widely used mood-altering drug. Today, caffeine use remains ubiquitous. In fact, caffeine ingestion is woven so intricately into […]

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Cantankerous child- chamomila

Dr Sanjay Thomas Raj   Abstract: Chamomilla is a widely used homeopathic remedy known for its efficacy in treating various ailments in children. Derived from the chamomile plant, it possesses therapeutic properties that make it […]