Materia medica – Self assessment test

exam21Materia medica – Self assessment test 

  1. Ranula with foetid breath

a)thuja           b)ambra          c)china         d)both a & b

  1. Ill humour during wet stormy weather

a)caust           b)phos             c)amm carb   d)none

  1. Dislocation of patella on going upstairs

a)can sat         b)can ind        c)calc carb     d)iodum

  1. Whooping cough by being overheated in the sun or in warm room

a)lach             b)ant crud       c)both             d)puls

  1. Tearing pains along urethra in zig zag direction

a)canth                        b)petros           c)can sat          d)can ind

  1. Prevents excoriation from walking

a)allium cepa  b)agaricus      c)agnus  castus  d)none

  1. Paralytic feeling in arms legs spine

a)caust            b)picr acid      c)aesculus           d)zn met

  1. Benign suppurations change into ichorous or malignant condition

a)benz ac         b)carb an         c)ars                 d)agnus

  1. Complementary of carbo veg

a)puls               b)nat mur         c)baryta c        d)kali carb

  1. Diarrhoea when she urinates

a)petr              b)mur ac         c)alum                d)both b&c

  1. Headache as if the skull would burst after haemorrhage or sexual excesses

a)china             b)acon             c)bismuth        d)amm mur

  1. Headache alternating with lumbago

a)gels             b)aloe              c)aesc                 d)hamam

  1. Puerperal convulsions immediately after delivery

a)sec cor        b)actaea rac     c)amyl nitr         d)cicuta

  1. Periodic orbital neuralgia with excessive lacrymation,tears fairly gushing out

a)cinnabaris     b)merc             c)acet ac          d)chel

  1. The slightest emotion causes palpitation

a)lith carb      b)calc ars         c)both                d)none

  1. Neuralgia of stump after amputation

a)all cepa       b)symphytum    c)calc p            d)agaricus

  1. At every attempt to eat there is colicy pain in abdomen

a)calc ph          b)con               c)arg met         d)none

  1. Stammering in children

a)stram           b)bov                c)both               d)gels

  1. Fever paroxysms returns at 11am,11pm

a)eupat            b)apis                c)cactus            d)podo

  1. “The chief distinction between brom & iod is that the former cures the blue eted while the latter the black eyed patient”

a)allen             b)lippe               c)boericke        d)hering

  1. All sequele of measles

a)bry                b)ars                c)bell               d)camph

  1. Raw spot over bifurcation of trachea

a)caust             b)arg nit            c)arg met          d)brom

  1. Diarrhoea as soon as he drinks

a)crot tig             b)ars                   c)arg nit            d)all

  1. Sweat in axilla smells like onion

a)hep               b)bovista         c)can ind         d)none

  1. Dysentery, long interval between stools

a)podo               b)calc phos         c)arn                 d)none

  1. Cold sensation in larynx on inspiration >after shaving

a)sil                  c)caust             c)caps              d)brom

  1. Extraordinary craving for apples

a)ant tart           b)aloe                 c)both                d)verat

  1. Coryza,acrid,fluent,nostrils raw

a)bapt      b)brom                  c)agnus             d)arum t

  1. Urine dark brown & the ruinous odour highly intensified

a)benz ac         b)canth                        c)apis               d)none

  1. Coition painful in both sexes followed by bleeding from vagina

a)arg nit          b)nit ac               c)both               d)lach

  1. Aphthae with hot mouth,dryness & thirst

a)arg nit          b)borax              c)hep                  d)none

  1. Choking in swallowing things go down the wrong way

a)cann sat         b)anac                 c)nit ac               d)kava kava


  1. Hearing confused cannot tell from which direction sound comes

a)can in            b)carbo an       c)ant tart          d)all

  1. Haemorrhoids protrude every time she urinates

a)mur ac        b)sulph                c)baryta c           d)a&c

  1. Amenorrhoea in young girls with bloating or dropsical extension of abdomen and extremities

a)aconite     b)apis                c)apocyanum        d)none

  1. Epistaxis in daily attacks for weeks,worse from exertion,face pale before as well as after a haemorrhage

a)carb veg        b)puls              c)fer met          d)china

  1. Often palliative in incurable cases very important as regards euthanasia

a)tarentula c  b)amyl nit        c)ars alb               d)ther

  1. When ars or the best selected remedy fails to relieve the burning pain of carbuncle or malignant ulceration

a)sec             b)tarent             c)lach                  d)anthr

  1. Herpetic eruption on the end of nose

a)agar           b)aeth                c)both                  d)none

  1. Constantly theorizing

a)coffea           b)can ind         c)can sat          d)none

  1. Delirium with constant raving

a)bell           b)acon                c)agar                  d)cicuta


  1. Intense sympathy for the sufferings of others

a)caust        b)caps                c)china                  d)none

  1. After baryta carb____________ will eradicate the constituitional tendency to quinsy

a)calc           b)hep                c)psor                     d)sil

  1. Bubbling sensation in kidneys

a)berb         b)med                c)both                     d)lyc

  1. Stool hot offensive like rotten eggs

a)cina        b)arg nit             c)ars alb                 d)cham

  1. Leucorrhoea sensation as if warm water were flowing

a)alum         b)borax            c)sep                    d)none

  1. Pruritus vaginae induces onanism

a)arg met         b)plat               c)staph             d)calad

  1. Unconquerable longing for alcohol a popular remedy in Russia for drunkards

a)selen             b)sulph ac        c)agar              d)asar eu

  1. Heat of head as if surrounded by hot air

a)bell               b)asar eu          c)aster rub       d)none

  1. Feels better in every way when constipated

a)sil                  b)calc               c)sulph             d)all

  1. Erythema from exposure to sun’s rays

a)sulph             b)arg nit           c)aloe               d)canth

  1. Headache returning every winter,alternating with or attended by gastralgia

a)kali bich        b)nux vom       c)bismuth        d)aloe

  1. Exhausting liquid stools running right through the diaper

a)podo             b)benz ac         c)both              d)cham

  1. Eczema no itching exudation forms into a hard lemon coloured crust

a)staph             b)mez              c)hep               d)cic

  1. Foul breath in girls at puberty

a)caps              b)psor              c)bapt              d)aur met

  1. With every explosive cough there escapes a volume of pungent foetid air

a)psor              b)caps              c)merc             d)none

  1. Large horny corns on soles of feet

a)ant crud        b)ran b            c)both              d)none

  1. Unrefreshing sleep or constant spoor <after 3am,wakes early

a)china             b)sulph            c)psor              d)lyc

  1. Pick lips until they bleed

a)alum             b)syph             c)arum t           d)sil

  1. Constipation with horribly offensive breath

a)psor              b)merc             c)calc               d)carb ac

  1. Nosebleed when washing the face in the morning

a)hamam          b)bry                c)amm c           d)phos

  1. Skin prone to intertrigo during dentition

a)caust             b)lyc                c)both              d)staph

  1. Sensation of coldness in the back between scapula

a)phos              b)sulph            c)amm c           d)amm mur

  1. Pains are intermittent paroxysmal spasmodic

a)colo              b)caulo                        c)amm c           d)none

  1. Gout & rheumatism with great fear of being touched or struck by persons coming near him           a)colch             b)caulo                        c)hyper            d)arn
  2. Anguish he sits then walks then lies never long in one place

a)ars                 b)rhus              c)cina               d)bismuth

  1. Convulsions during teething with fever

a)bell               b)cina              c)mag ph         d)zn

  1. The burning spasmodic constriction and other pains worse between acts of deglutition

a)ign                b)caps              c)both              d)phyt

  1. <after shaving

a)brom             b)caps              c)carb veg        d)carb an

  1. Pain in distant parts on coughing

a)caust             b)caps              c)phos              d)none

  1. Cough dry with sneezing spasmodic gagging in the morning periodic returning spring &fall           a)lach               b)sulph            c)caust             d)cina


  1. Materia medica is derived from

a)greek                        b)latin              c)german         d)French

  1. Die chronischen krankheiten is the german name of

a)mm pura       b)chronic miasm          c)chronic diseases       d)lesser writings

  1. Hering’s guiding symptoms has ____________volumes

a)8                   b)10                 c)12                 d)11

  1. Encyclopedia of pure material medica was written by

a)h.c.allen        b)w.a.allen       c)j.h allen         d)t.f.allen

  1. Synoptic key of the materia medica was written by

a)a.lippe           b)c.m.boger     c)hering           d)Hughes

  1. Measles nosode is

a)malandrinum            b)morbilinum               c)bell               d)none

  1. Nosode from lymph and blood of eczema capitis

a)nectrianinum            b)malandrinum            c)melitragrinum           d)pulmo


  1. Naja was proved by

a)drysdale                   b)russel & stokes         c)hering           d)burnett

  1. Fungus growing on Indian corn

a)ustillago        b)sec cor          c)usnea            d)focus ves

  1. Lac caprinum is made from milk of

a)cat                b)cow              c)goat              d)dog

  1. Orange spider is

a)tarent hisp    b)theridion      c)aranea           d)latrodectus

  1. Emetin is the active principle of

a)agaricus        b)ipecac           c)secale            d)conium mac

  1. Common name of bellis per

a)pansy            b)daisy                        c)smilax           d)lilly

  1. Star of Bethlehem is the common name of

a)cratagus        b)senega          c)ornithogalum            d)none

  1. Glinicum is the common name of

a)syphilinum    b)psorinum     c)medorrhinum            d)pyrogen

  1. Carbo veg of the surgeon

a)sil                  b)sulph            c)stront carb                d)merc

  1. Should never be given during fever paroxysm

a)phos              b)nat m            c)sulph                         d)tub

  1. Veg analog of phos

a)mez               b)phyt              c)all sat                        d)all cepa

  1. Podo is the veg analog of

a)plat               b)merc             c)plumbum                  d)ferr

  1. Con is followed by __________in tumor of mammae

a)thuja             b)asterias         c)calc fl                       d)psor

  1. 4-8 pm < is seen in

a)lyco              b)helleborus     c)morgan gartner         d)all

  1. Aurum follows and is followed well by

a)syphilinum    b)medo            c)both                          d)none

  1. Cold air or cold water very pleasant to the eyes

a)caust             b)asar               c)bismuth                    d)none

  1. Boy’s complaints after using tobacco

a)ars                 b)arg nit           c)verat                         d)all

  1. children not easily impressed when ant t seems indicated require

a)sil                  b)hepar            c)dulc                          d)all

  1. Anacardium follows and is followed by

a)puls               b)Sabina          c)plat                           d)plumb

  1. Complementary of  bry

a)rhus t            b)alum             c)both                          d)none

  1. “In children it nay be often repeated”

a)caust             b)calc c                        c)sulph                         d)none

100.Doubtful prover according to Hahnemann

a)stapf             b)gross                         c)nenning                    d)all


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