Department of Biotechnology Call for R&D project proposals on Human Genetic Diseases

Department of Biotechnology Ministry of Science & Technology Government of India Call for R&D project proposals on ‘Human Genetic Diseases’

Considering the health burden of the Human Genetic Diseases, the Department is desirous of supporting cutting-edge Research and Development (R&D) project proposals on Human Genetic Diseases focusing on the following thrust areas:

  • Rare Genetic Disorders: To study disease-associated genetic variation and development of new diagnostic tests, and targeted treatments for rare genetic disorders.
  • Discovery of causative genes for various Mendelian disorders such as cerebral ataxias, cortical malformations, intellectual disability, dystonia, etc.
  • Genetics of multi-factorial disorders with monogenic components such as Anencephaly,
    Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Cardiovascular disorders, Diabetes etc.
  • Program on diagnostics development of human genetic diseases using genetic model organisms.
  • Creation, Integration, and development of capacity & resources for functional interpretation & validation of disease-associated genetic variations of the Indian Genetic Diseases Database for genetic diseases relevant to India
  • Transdisciplinary collaborative research exploring the potential of precision medicine with focus on the development of new tools and analytic methods for integrating patient data with information about contextual factors acting at the community or population level to influence health outcomes.
  • Development of pharmacogenomic and other precision medicine tools to identify critical biomarkers for disease progression and drug responses in diverse populations.
  • Translation of pharmacogenomic discoveries into clinical practice including effective treatments.

Scientists / Clinicians / Researchers working in a regular capacity in Government R&D Institutions / Medical Colleges / Academic Institutions / National Laboratories or SIRO recognized Non-Profit R&D Organizations, with sound relevant scientific & technical backgrounds and relevant publications in the proposed research area in the proposal can submit project proposals.

Mode of Submission:
Interested researchers should submit project proposals online through DBT electronic project management system ‘eProMis’ ( under the Programme ‘Human Genetics and Genome Analysis’. Soft copy of the final version of the proposal submitted in e alongwith all annexures/declarations etc. should also be send to the program officer by email in the email ID: The proposals which are not submitted through DBT eProMIS portal may not be considered.

Contact for further information:
Dr. Onkar N. Tiwari, Scientist ‘F’, DBT, New Delhi (Email ID: Tel.: +91-11- 24361290

Last Date for Project Submission: 31st January 2023.

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