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We also provides hundreds of links to relevant articles located in websites operated by third parties. We have used our best efforts to provide links to articles that contain up-to-date and accurate information. No race, institution or no discipline enjoys the exclusive possession of all knowledge. The truth is so vast and comprehensive, that any individual or system can have only partial glimpse of it. We believe we must continue our research into all forms of medicines and other related human activities.

All medicines have been made by man,and man himself is imperfect. There fore without doubt all medicines are imperfect. Human error is always possible. Medicine is a constantly changing science – not all therapies are clearly established, and new research changes drug and treatment therapies daily. We do not warrant that the information in the articles is accurate or complete, and do not hold any responsibility for the contents of the linked articles. We does not link to articles that are password-protected or need paid subscription.

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Homeopathy has no quarrels with other methods of treatment provided they help and not hinder the natural forces of recovery.It welcomes surgical measures when directed towards the removal of mechanical impediments to the cure or of the morbid end products of disease when they interfere with the recovery. Use of replacement therapy ,being perfectly logical stands accepted in homeopathy.

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