Dr MKC Nair is the new VC to Kerala University of Health Sciences

M.K.C.NairDr. M.K.C. Nair currently serving as the Director and Professor of Pediatrics, Child Development Centre, Medical College, Trivandrum.

He is also the M.Phil. Program Director, Clinical Epidemiology Research & Training Centre at the institute.

A renowned academician in the field of Child Development and Pediatrics, Dr. Nair is the Academic Editor for IAP Text Book of Pediatrics, Bhave’s Text Book of Adolescent Medicine and Partha’s Text Book of Pediatrics.

He himself has authored a number of publications including Child Development 2000 and Beyond; Adolescent Care 2000 and Beyond; Adolescence & Family Life Education and The High Risk Newborn.

Dr. Nair is the Editor in Chief of Sexual Reproductive Health of Young People; and the editor of Special Supplement on Chid Development, Indian Pediatrics, Published by Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Mumbai, January 2009 as well as TEENS – Life Cycle Approach Journal for Child & Adolescent Development.

Dr. M.K.C. Nair is the President Elect, National Neonatology Forum (NNF) – 2009 – 2010 and has held numerous positions including National President, IAP Adolescent Pediatrics Chapter– 2007- 2009, National President, IndiaCLEN – 2005 – 2007, National President, Indian Academy Of Paediatrics (IAP) – 2004, Fellow, Indian Academy of Paediatrics among others

Mobile : 09447121689
Email : nairmkc@rediffmail.com

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  1. Witnessed Dr MKC Nair presentation at RGUHS Founders day, today , It was very simple message to balance in all field of Life
    Thank you Doctor

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