Govt of India dismissed Central Council of Homoeopathy and appointed Board of Governors

After years of fight between Ministry and Central Council of Homoeopathy, today Central Government dismissed the council with immediate effect by an ordinance signed by the President of India , even without waiting for the National Homoeopathy Commission Bill which will be tabled in the monsoon session of Parliament and handed overed the power to six member Board of Governors headed by the senior IAS officers and former Ayush Secretary Shri Nilanjan Sanyal.

As per the ordinance President and Vice President all members vacated the office today itslef.

The Six Board of Governors are 

  1. Nilanjan Sanyal IAS – Chair person
  2. Pramod Kumar pathak, Joint Secretary AYUSH  – Member ex-officio
  3. Dr Sanja Gupta , Madhya Pradesh – Member
  4. Dr Anil Kumari Malhotra, New Delhi – Member
  5. Dr Anil Khurana, Deputy Director CCRH New Delhi – Member
  6. Dr Nityanad Tiwari, Mumbai – Member 

Their term of appointment in one year 

The board of governors shall exercise the powers and discharge the functions of Central Council under this act 

More over After section 12B of the principal act, the following section shall be inserted – If anybody started a new or higher course of study or training or increased admission capacity on or before the date of commencement of this amendment ordinance, they shall seek permission within a period of one year from central government.

The president of India Promulgated  The Homoeopathy Central Council (Amendment) Ordinance 2018  on 18th May 2018 


  1. The Homoeopathy Central Council (Amendment) Ordinance May 2018 
  2. List of board of governors 

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  1. *Obituary of CCH:*
    Homoeopathy began its journey with a bitter Cinchona bark and gave sweet results. Whereas the CCH started with sweet beginnings but ended with bitterness. An institution committed for homoeopathic education in our country has completed its journey with bitterness. Now it is a history. Let us learn from history but not repeat it. The profession at large have to be cautious to avoid such embarrassment in future. Let us preserve this system in its pristine purity for the posterity.

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