Govt of India Guidelines for recognition under Ayush Centre of Excellence (ACE) Programme

AYUSH Centre of Excellence (ACE) programme will be implemented by Ministry of AYUSH to recognise the organisations which have demonstrated excellence on a wide range of areas including Research and Drug Development in Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy (AYUSH).

Organisations with exceptional contribution at National and International level are considered for conferring the ACE Programme as recognition for their substantial contribution in the field of AYUSH services.Medical and health care organisations from other discipline having extraordinary work in AYUSH are also eligible under this programme.An organisation can apply for any branch, department or workgroup under their domain. This programme will not provide any financial assistance from Government of India. 

Through this recognition, the distinctive and exemplary contributions of these organisations will get wider publicity and acceptance.Such organisations will in turn become a part of various activities in collaboration with the Ministry. 

Areas covered 

The following organisation models are considered for the ‘AYUSH Centre of Excellence (ACE)’ programme: 

i. Centre of Excellence in AYUSH Research
ii. Centre of Excellence in AYUSH Health Services
iii. Centre of Excellence in AYUSH multispecialty services
iv. Centre of Excellence in AYUSH Pharmacology/Pharmacognosy
v. Centre of Excellence in AYUSH Pharmaceutics
vi. Centre of Excellence in Ayurved Biology
vii. Centre of Excellence in Medicinal Plants 

More details and application form 

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