Govt. of India action plan on Homeopathic Education

Criticised Homeopathy Colleges for unfair practice at inspection time.
Proposed Action Plan and Many measures to improve the quality of homoeopathic education.
Restricted the recognition of Homoeopathic Medical Colleges for year to year basis.

Department of AYUSH Govt. of India informed the the Central Government that, some colleges have not been complying with the guidelines specified for imparting education in the AYUSH systems of medicine.

Furthermore some colleges have even attempted to indulge in unfair practices to project availability of infrastructures and teachers higher than what actually exists. This is obviously not in the overall interest of either imparting quality education in this sector or each of the student themselves.

Therefore, in order to prevent mushroom growth of Homoeopathic Medical Colleges and to ensure the quality education to the students who are passing out of such colleges and let them have sufficiently effective exposure to the clinical training in the hospitals, the Central Government has taken several measures this year.

Some of the major steps are as follows:-

To check the unfair practices of showing higher than actual number of patients in the hospitals, an extensive proforma for examination of the genuine functioning of the hospitals, like examination of the case sheets of all the IPD patients for the last one year along with the other co-related items such records of Pathological test, X-ray, diet, medicines etc. have been suggested to the CCIM and Central Council of Homeopathy (CCH)

It has been observed that many colleges in order to get over the deficiencies of teachers and functioning of the hospital requirements as observed by the CCIM/CCH visitors during the inspections of the colleges have started adopting the practices of subsequent submissions of claims of infrastructure availability e.g. teachers/occupancy of hospitals, higher than what has been observed by the visitor on the date of the inspection. In this way it was felt that the sanctity of the entire inspection process was getting vitiated.

Similarly, to improve the position on Homoeopathy side, in view of the serious deficiencies as found in respect of teachers and hospitals in course of inspection of the Homoeopathic Medical colleges by the Central Government teams, it has been felt necessary by the Central Government to request CCH to carry out minimum one inspection in a year (as being done in case of ASU colleges) of all the Homoeopathic Medical Colleges.

At present Central Government has directed CCH to immediately carry out the latest inspection on the basis of requirement as per Homeopathy (MSE) Regulations, 1983 of the 83 Homoeopathic medical Colleges established during 2004 onwards by 31.5.2011 and for the rest of the colleges by December, 2011

Central Government has also decided to stop fresh admissions in such Homoeopathy medical colleges for the academic year 2011-12 which do not fulfil the requirements of infrastructure e.g. teaches, hospitals, equipments etc. as provided in the Homoeopathy (MSE) Regulations.

At present the degrees of the recognised Homoeopathy medical colleges/universities are being notified in the Second Schedule of HCC Act, 1973. Such inclusion of the degrees is for the indefinite period and colleges have been misusing this provision and have been found to be quite sub- standard and lacking grossly in availability of the infrastructure requirement.

Therefore the Central Government has also decided to restrict the recognition of Homoeopathic Medical Colleges for year to year basis so that on the basis of inspection as to be carried out by the CCH the compliance of provisions of Homoeopathy (MSE) Regulations, 1983 may be ensured effectively.

Further, it has been also observed by the Central Government that because of deficiencies creeping into the system such as repeated submissions of claims by the colleges of having higher number of teachers/hospital data etc., the process of grant of permission has been getting delayed every year and has been causing uncertainties for the students. Therefore, to overcome such difficulties the Central Government has decided to complete the process of grant/denial of permission by 31 st July, 2011.

It has been decided to process the cases of colleges for grant/denial of permission on the basis of first come first served basis.

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