Homeopathic Clinical Features of 18 Patients in COVID-19 Outbreaks in Hong Kong- case series

Hong Kong is geographically located in the province of Guangdong which, after Hubei, has been the region of China second-most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Compared to the pathognomonic symptoms of the named disease, homeopathic symptoms are always more helpful for homeopathic prescriptions.

This study reports and summarizes the homeopathic symptoms observed in 18 confirmed/suspected epidemiologically related cases in cluster outbreaks of COVID-19 in Hong Kong in early 2020.

Homeopathic symptoms from this case series were collected from 18 consecutive patients who, in addition to their concurrent conventional treatment or traditional Chinese medicine, actively sought help from homeopathy as an adjunctive measure for symptomatic relief from COVID-19. Cases were categorized according to outbreak clusters, focusing mainly on the homeopathic symptoms. In the analysis, frequency of all homeopathic medicines, common rubrics in all the cases, common rubrics in each of the top-ranked remedies, and differentiating symptoms for each top- ranked remedy were determined.

Homeopathic symptoms of 18 cases, each identified as mild and belonging to one of six separate clusters, are reported. Eighteen common symptoms screened out of 79 selected rubrics constituted two sets of homeopathic symptom pictures: Bryonia alba (n 1⁄4 4) and Gelsemium sempervirens (n 1⁄4 12). Eight and seven differentiating features, respectively, were identified for Bryonia alba and Gelsemium sempervirens.

The common symptoms of 18 mild COVID-19 cases constituted two sets of homeopathic symptom pictures, indicating Bryonia alba or Gelsemium sempervirens; they were indicated in 4 and 12 cases, respectively, out of the 18 in total.

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  1. Bryonia mother tincture 2 drops in little water induces perspiration cures lung brochitis cough when feverish without perspiration,aconite is generally for hot skin tachycardia if fails bryonia helped,this is experience of school master printed the homoeopathic world dec 1932 journal.potency bryonia is parched lips wants to gulp cold water pleuritic inflammation.this school master saved many in diphtheric epidemic by apis 4x being dropsy remedy swelling throat did not blocked throat.initial sudden attacks aconite belladona fight flight response is cleared by perspiration, this school master remedy like experience is worth research.

  2. homeopathy recognises any attack by any type of microbes or atmospheric changes is reacted back by vital force with initial chill,treat it at once even smelling cut onion will help or 3x to 6x belladona will neutralise chill as happens after hair cut.nose is first gate keeper sneezing is reaction arsenic helps,throat is second gate keeper merc cyan is king remedy to strengthen back reaction.if disease enemy enters chest kill it by bryonia indication dry cough dehydrated wants gulp water stab like pains throat chest worse by any movement will prevent being pleuritic and heading for pneumonia,if disease enemy able to create pneumonia vital force on verge of defeat reserves are low hand over to modern medicine as replacement therapy helps create reserves.most of diseases is self creation bryonia equivalent is exposure from going out in warm room from a airconditioned cold room,air conditioner is required for hot blooded pitta types not for addison arsenic personality.homeopathy is gate keeper prevents any type of disease attack,prevention is better than cure.

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