Homeopathic doctor pays Rs 2 lakh to patient for giving injection and allopathic medicine

Ahemadabad :The case involves a homeopath Dr Joshi who practices in Dakor town. A 65-year-old woman from nearby Mithapur village, Maniben Parmar visited his clinic in May 2016 for a treatment of psoriasis in her legs. Joshi allegedly administered an intramuscular injection on her and prescribed her allopathic medicines.

After the homoeopath gave her an injection, Parmar’s condition worsened. She began suffering from muscular deformity. She consulted another doctor, who told the patient that the trouble had occurred due to the injection that the homeopath had given.

Parmar and her family members approached the homeopath for a settlement, but Joshi did not pay any heed. She asked the homeopath for case papers, but there were no such documents. She took up the issue with government authorities at Gandhinagar on the ground that absence of case papers amounted to medical negligence only. She did not get any response from the government. This led her to approach a magisterial court for a criminal complaint against Joshi.

The magisterial court did not entertain her complaint. Parmar’s family members then moved to HC for an FIR against the doctor. The district collector was approached finally, after his intervention local police booked the homeopath under section 337 of the IPC, for causing hurt by act endangering life or personal safety of others.

Earlier this year, Parmar sued the doctor with the Kheda District Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum and sought Rs 5 lakh towards compensation for the trouble she had to undergo. The homeopath decided to settle the case outside the court and paid Rs 2 lakh to the patient.


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