Homeopathic principles and practice by Chauhan and Gupta

Book Review by Dr Anil K BHMS 

Authors :  Dr V.K.Chauhan & Dr Meetha Gupta
Published by : B.Jain publishers New Delhi www.bjainbooks.com

About The authors
Dr V.K Chauhan, Principal B.R.Sur homoeopathic medical college New Delhi is a renowned teacher with unmatched communication skills and exemplary clinical acumen.

Dr Meetha Gupta is working as senior medical officer in B.R.Sur homoeopathic medical college.New Delhi.

About The Book
Homeopathic principles and practice of medicine by Dr V.K.Chauhan and
Dr Meetha Gupta is perhaps the first of its kind published in homoeopathy. It covers all the conditions and various diseases in a comprehensive way. Specialty of the book is the mention of the miasmatic background of all the diseases and their homoeopathic management. A separate section on emergency and management of poisoning has also been included. The book has been divided into 3 broad sections.

1) Principles of homoeopathic practice
2) Current biomedical concepts of medicine and their diagnosis with therapeutics
3) Brief outline of commonly used homeopathic medicines

First part elucidates the fundamental principles of homeopathy and Concept of health, disease and treatment in homoeopathy in beautiful way. There is 21 chapters in this part

1) Introduction
2) A brief history of medicine
3) A Brief history of homoeopathy in India
4) Homeopathic fundamentals
5) Concept of health, disease and cure
6) Concept of disease causation
7) Homoeopathic concept of origin of disease
8) Hahnemannian classification of disease
9) Signs and symptoms with their significance
10) Constitution, diathesis and susceptibility
11) Disease causation
12) Tracing the picture of a disease
13) Drugs and their sources
14) The homoeopathic drugs
15) The potency scale
16) Ideal prescription
17) Mode of action of drugs
18) Different aspects of drug selection
19) First and second prescription
20) Benefits of homeopathic treatment
21) Dietetic restrictions for chronic diseases

In the second part various Diseases are discussed in detail. Diseases are described in a systematic way so that it is very easy to recollect. Diseases with their clinical features, investigation, diagnosis, general management and homoeopathic management are given in a simple and lucid style. It contains 15 chapters and paper division is followed as per C.C.H Syllabus.

In the third part there is a detailed description of common homoeopathic medicines.

This book is written according to C.C.H syllabus and it will be much helpful to serious students of homeopathy.

Dr Anil K BHMS 
Sr.Medical officer, B.R.Sur Homoeopathic medical college
Motibagh,Nanak pura. NewDelhi
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