Homeopathic Treatment of Cancer


 If we fail it is not the fault of the law nor of the weapons but of our failure to learn the use of our equipments –  H.A. Roberts

The first report of cancer related to occupational hazards was Percival Pot’s observation of an unusually high frequency of scrotal cancer among London  chimney sweeps.

The following table provide  a list of industrial agents which cause cancer

Etiology Site of malignancy
arsenic Lung,skin, liver
asbestos Lung
benzene Leukemia
benzidine Bladder
chromium Lung
radiation Numerous lacation
Mustard gas Lung
Polycyclic hydrocarbons Lung, skin
Vinylchloride Angio-sarcoma of liver

 Precancerous state – includes ulcerative colitis, cervical erosion, leukoplakia, crohn’s disease, papillomatosis of bladder, intestinal     polyposis, chronic gastric ulcer, seborrhoeic keratosis.

Constitutional  remedies

  • Thuja – king of Hahnemans sycosis. Produce benign neoplasms – warts,  condylomata, vegetations, naevi, etc. Thuja is the first  remedies  for the pre cancerous state. Indicated in cancer of breast – degenerated adenoma and for cutaneous epithelioma. Mentally obsessed with fixed ideas.
  • Lachesis – precancerous and starting cancer cases. During climacteric or 5th decade.
  • Iodum – complementary to thuja, which is also its antidote.  tendency to produce new connective tissues and hard glandular growth – breast, uterus, lymph gland, thyroid. Wastes very rapidly inspite of good appetite. Has a favorable action on weight and regression of tumour. Mentally depressed, melancholic and anxious. Iodum is complementary to Thuja.
  • Silicea – acts on CT, before epithelial neoformation. For cicatrical degeneration – cheloids. Chilliness predominates. Drenching sweat, excessive thirst, desire for cold food and cold milk. Scrofulous diathesis action on lymph nodes. Hence used in various lymphomas and other malignancies where lymph node is involved. Analogous action to fluric acid  in sclerosing tendencies with the production of new fibrous tissues. Silicea is incompatible with merurius.
  • Lycopodium– cancer with marked hepatic insufficiency. CA localizes on liver, stomach or intestine.
  • Sulphur – Abdominal arteriovenous hypertension and localize in GIT. King of Hahnemanns antipsoric. Pretumeral state.
  • Sepia– atony determines ptosis and bearing down sensation. Endocranial disturbances causes characteristic facies andcutanious pigmentary modifications..untreated sepia develop to CA pelvis- rectum, sigmoid colon, prostrate
  • Petroleum– cracks on skin, <winter, by cold. Petroleum directs itself towards surface cancers – skin, mucosa.
  • The Calcarias :-
  • Cal.fl – neoplasms of glands & CT, stony induration of breast. Uterus, throat.
  • Cal.carb- indicated among precancerous hypothyroids, hypersensitive to cold and chilly with flaccid muscles, invaded by adipose tissues. Materialize, the demineralizing factor in cancer.
  • Cal. Iod – indolent ulcerations, engorgement of lymph glands
  • Cal. Oxalica – pain in ulcerating cancers.
  • Cal. Silicate – emaciation, sensitive to cold.
  • Lapis albus (calcium silico fluoride) – uterine fibromas with adhesions.
  • The Kalis :-
  • Kali carb – weakness, chills,, lumbar pains, sweats and waisting
  • Kali bi – gastric or pyloric cancer which can develop into malignant degerations, with perpendicular borders, thick discharges.
  • Kali iod – acts on infiltrated CT and on hypertrophied glands.
  • Kali ars– inverterate skin disease with fissures and malignant tendency.
  • Kali cy– in lingual cancer.
  • The Natums-
  • Nat.mur– tuberculinique state, decalcified subjects
  • Nat. sulph – sycotic  and hydrogenoid states, sensitive to damp and cold.
  • The Carbos
  • Carb.veg- deficient vitality, gastrointestinal atony,
  • Carb.an – established tumor, hard tumor, indurated and swollen lymphatic glands.  Subcutaneous venous distension, bluish discoloration of infiltrated tissues, burning pains, gastric flatulence. Breast and stomach cancer becomes less hard  with > of pains.
  • Graphitis –precancerous state with tendency to induration of tissues and degeneration of cicatrices.
  • Causticum –antipsoric, at the same time sycotic, often veers towards cancer. Emaciation, dry yellow color. Facial warts.
  • Ars.alb– prostration, burning pains > by heat.
  • Phosphorus– hepatic and pancreatic cancer. (sil – is complimentary, has efficacity for interstitial tissues).
  • Mercurius– nocturnal ,, engorgement of lymphatic glands, bleeding ulceration, sweats, oral fetor. Cancer locolise on GIT.
  •   Cinnabaris or mercurius sulphuratus rubber – in condylomata which may or maynot be degerated.
  • Nitric acid :-complimentary to mer. & cal.carb. fissures and painful ulcerations with sensation of fine needles. Debility, demineralization, progressive wasting and thinning
  • Nux vom & ignatia – mental signs

Cancer remedies-

  • Sedum acre & sedum repens – by Abbe Keul. In  material doses Q, 1X, 3X , gives weight to patient. Modifies the tumor, retards its progress.” The principal sign is their tendency to mucosal and cutaneous tumors”. Sedum repens acts on abdominal organs. sedum teleplium, act on uterus or rectum with haemarrhage.
  • Scrofularia nodosa – Cancer of skin, breast, uterus, rectum in low potencies with marked glandular invasion. Has drainage action.
  • Sempavivum tectorum – lingual, breast, rectal and other cancer. Tendency to aphthaeulcerated cancer
  • Condurango – in oesophageal, stomach or intestinal cancers. Fissures in labial commisures. Cancer at the junction ofmucosa and skin, lips, anus, lids.
  • Cistus caadensis – CA breast, pharynx, or neck with marked  cervical lymphadenopathy. Extreme sensitive to cold.
  • Chimaphila umbel – scirrus mamma, painful tumors of mamma of unmarried girls, nipples drawn in. Sharp pains in tumor and in axilla or open cancer with ragged, everted edges sloughing or fetid discharge.
  • Hydrastis – CA breast, stomach. Ulcerated or not. Progressive debility.  Hypochlorhydria during or before CA.
  • Kreosotum – bleeding ulcerations. Burning discharge,excoriating, fetid. For CA cervix.
  • Clematis – scirrus mamma with stitches in shoulder and gland, very painful during increasing moon.
  • Conium mac – cancerous swelling and induration of glands.
  • Ornithogalam – ulcer or CA in the pyloroduodenal sphere.
  • Phytolacca– hard or scirrhous tumors, esp. mamma, can soften and diminish them. Slowly  developing cancers. Pain > by external heat.
  • Bary.carb – esp. breast adenomas, sclerosed or indurated tissues, degenerated or not. ( Aur.met, Aur.ars, Aur.m.n, Pl.iod)
  • Selenium – debility, wasting, tendency to sarcomas.
  • Asterias rubens – cancer of mamma around nipples which is sunken, skin adherent and smooth, livid red spots which ulcerate, discharging very fetid ichor.
  • Aurum met – CA nose and lip. Tongue swollen with scirrhus like hard ulcers
  • Aurum muriaticum natronatum– uterine tumors –  indurated cervix.chronic metritis and prolapsus, uterus fills up the whole pelvis.
  • Belladonna – scirrhous indurations, burning when touched.
  • Bellis perennis – swelling very sensitive to touch. Tumors that has been reappeared after repeated surgical removal. Tumors caused by repeated trauma.
  • Bismuth – CA stomach with burning, stinging pains. Vomiting.
  • Cadmium sulph – CA stomach with burning and cutting pains. Vomiting of green mucus, slime blood or coffee ground.
  • Caltha palustris – uterine cancer with itching eruption on thighs.
  • Curare :- cancer of cheeks, healing slowly and passing into gangrene.
  • Elaps coral :- Cancer uteri, sensation as if something burst in womb, followed by a continuous stream of dark coloured blood on attempting to urinate.
  • Tarantula cubensis – atrocious pain in cancer when the surface is dark and bluish carcinoma of mamma.

Remedies for pain

  • Ars.alb & nitric acid – burning pains. Sensations of fine needles in nit.acid.
  • Apis – burning pricks as with red hot needles.
  • Arnica – bruised pains, breast adenoma following traumatism.
  • Bryonia- > through rest and strong pressure. In CA breast ought to be supported or bound
  • Cal.acetica. – constrictive pains
  • Euphorbium – burning or lancinating pains, < getting heat near fire, > motion and walking. 30 potency relieves the burning pain of cancer for 5-6 hours.  pustular ulcerations turning black.
  • Mag.phos – spasmodic pains > by heat.
  • Ruta – bruised pains, deep pains, osseous or periosteal. CA rectum.
  • Carbolic acid- sudden pains, terrible,discharges putrid, ulcerating CA of uterine cervix.
  • Acetic acid – hard cancer of stomach in the distal aperture opening into the duodenum, with predominance of CT. Gnawing burning pain in stomach > by lying on stomach.
  • Ova tosta- for cancer pains and warts
  • Arsenicum bromatum- indurated tumors with weakness and eruptive or ulcerating tendency.
  • Antimonium chloridum – in mucosal cancers with great prostration.
  • Gallium aparine – ulcerated cancers and nodulated tumors of skin and tongue developing on the surface.
  • Fuligo lingi – epithelioma of skin. For irritated mucosa esp. uterus and scrotum
  • Hoang-nan – ameliorates fetidity and haemorrhage of cancer.
  • Cinnamomum – pain, haemorrhage, fetidity. For uterine cancer.
  • Anantherum – ulcerated cancers, inflamed lymphatic glands. Induration.
  • Choline – acts on  liver. Alkaloid of Taraxacum, good drainer of precancerous state.
  • Cholesterinum– for hepatic cancer.
  • Eosine – burning pains of cancer
  • Radium bromide – Tendency to cutaneous epitheliomata due to radioactive radiation burns. Burning of skin as if on fire. CA uterus– aching pain in abdomen over pubis when flow comes on.
  • x-rays – cancer following skin lesion produced by repeated exposure to X-Ray. Leukemia.

Drainage and canalization remedies

It is essential to act in a centripetal sense in order to retain the mineral salts and prevent malnutrition. Also neutralize or eliminate in a centrifugal sense, the toxins elaborated in the body.

Drainage remedies are Cheli, Tarax, Card.m, Choles, Ornitho, Con, Bry, Calen, Sempervivum tectorum, Symphy, Galium aparine, Condu, Hydras, Crata, China, Scro.no, Sedum acre, phyto – all in Q 

Local selective action of  Homoeopathic remedies in cancer 

  • Lips     –  condu
  • Tongue – Kali.cy, Semp. Tect, Galium aparine.
  • Pharynx – Cistus can
  • Oesophagus – Cond
  • Stomach  – Carb.an, Condu, Hydras, Lyco, x
  • Pylorus & Duodinum – ornitho
  • Intestines – cond, Carb an, Ars.alb,Sedum repens, Petroleum
  • Caecum  – Ornith
  • Sigmoid colon & rectum – ruta, scrofu.no,sempervivum tectorum
  • Anus     – condu
  • Liver     – Chol, Lyco, Phos, Choline.
  • Uterus   – Aur.m.n, kreo, Cinnamomum, Sepia
  • Breast    – Ast.ru, Con, Car.an, Hydra, Sem.t, Plu.iod, Thuja.
  • Testicles – Aur.met
  • Scrotum  – Fuligo ligni
  • Skin  – Scro.no, Cond, Gal.ap, Ars.alb, Thuja, Cinna, Petr, Kali.ars,Rad.br
  • Eye   – Condu
  • Periosteum – Ruta, symphy, Phos.
  • Lymphatic glands – Carbo.an
  • Glands – Scro.no, Iod, Cal.fl
  • Face     – Thuja, Cinnabaris.
  • Neck    – Cictus ca, Mer
  • Vagina – Kreos
  • Bladder – Taraxacum 


  • Epithelioma – Thuja Q,  Hydrastis Q and glycerine, Arsen 3x
  • CA breast – Bellis per Q,
  • In paget’s disease – Lobel erin Q
  • In A/c ulceration – gallium apar Q, Hamam Q
  • In bones – symphy Q 


  • Epitheliomine – extract of epithelioma
  • Scirrhinum –extract of scirrhus
  • Carcinosine – extract of any cancer 
Preparation Origin
Carcinosin Adeno.Stom Epithelioma of stomach
CarcinosinAdeno.Vesica Epithelioma of bladder
Carcinosin Intest.Co Epithelioma of intestine & bladder
Carcinosin Scin.Mam Scirrus of Breast
Carcinosin Squam.Pulm Epithelioma of lung

Cancero-toxin, Pan-Cancro, Micrococcus, Oscillococcin, Onkomyxa

Potency – 200. not necessary to repeat it more often than once every 2 or 3 months.

Non-specific nosodes – psorinum

Others – Tuberculinum, Syphilinum, Med,  Melan, 

BOWEL NOSODES (Bach remedies)

  • Morgan & Dysentericus in carcinoma
  • Morgan & Gaertner – in sarcoma
  • Gartner bacillus acts on indurated tumors. 30th potency is preferable. 

Viscum alb – ought to be a specific remedy in cancer. For renal sclerosis and brights Ds with hypertension.


  • Trimiasmatic
  • All exophytic growths – warts, dermoid cysts, bony tumors – are sycosyphilitic in nature.
  • All ulcerative and fungative growths are syphilitic in nature.
  • Haemorrhage and secondary Infection  are strong tubercular miasm.


  • Homoeopathic  tretment of cancer :-  Fortier – Bernoville & A.H. Grimmer
  • Homoeopathy in cancer :-  Farokh J Master
  • Homoeopathic insight into cancer :-Causes, Treatment &Cure :- Dr. sulthan Alam M.Bihari.
  • The prescriber :- J.H.Clarke.


  1. excess of carbonates in blood and tissue fluids with hydrolysis produces caustic soda deposited due to venous lymph stasis which is a mineral destructive to tissue health causes inflammation ulceration fibrosis.homeopathy is natural science which does not recognise any disease but says is malfunctioning due to lowered defense of vital force.cancer is not disease but destruction of cell even to dna level.many non professionals across globe are treating cancer atleast preventing it by maintaining PH value of blood by their expertise,even in india people crowd to shimoga vaid can see youtube video.non professionals will be benefited if read Will Dyes articles regenerate metabolism by diet.Pasteur was not doctor but chemist only hence govt agencies should not ignore shimoga type non professionals.

  2. Hydrastis symptoms match cancer scirrhus simple type when gaglionic invasion not yet there as neoplasia has not reached visceralor osseous invasion stage,weight loss nasopharyngeal catarrah thick yellow green filamentous type,gastroduodenal catarrah colitis type with constipation and blood stains burn type pains.olden era homeopaths perception is that pre cancer stage loss of taste and reverse peristalsis burn type pains,they also confess cancer is rapid cell division to build up tumours and homeopathy gives comfort of peaceful death end reach of life tunnel.HYDRASTIS thus great pre cancer remedy,dr AJ Archibald used this remedy in 12c then upgrade 30c 200c did not end cancer but provided comfort in colitis cancer.Mammary cancer H Luna Castro has explained use of hydrastis nicely.some homeopaths of around 1900 era state that pre cancer skin will remain dry if added potato aversion take one dose high potency alumina bad omen can be diverted.

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