Homeopathy: Enforcement of service standards begins in Pakistan

LAHORE: The Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) has developed a set of minimum service delivery standards (MSDS) for homoeopathic clinics across the Punjab.

According to an official statement issued by the PHC, the standards were developed in consultation with homoeopathy experts. Surveyors from the PHC, including external experts from the field of homoeopathy, will conduct inspections of homeopathic clinics to assess the implementation of the MSDS.

For the purpose, a capacity-building workshop has already been held for internal and external surveyors to familiarise them with the MSDS for homoeopathic clinics. A series of workshops will also be held to assist homoeopathic practitioners in the implementation of MSDS at their clinics.

“The orientation meetings to facilitate practitioners will also be organised to apprise them of the PHC’s regulatory mandate to issue licences based on MSDS implementation,” the statement said.

The PHC has also drafted the MSDS for herbal medicine clinics and diagnostic centres. Work is also underway to develop MSDS for basic health units (BHUs).

“The MSDS for category I and II healthcare establishments are being implemented. The PHC has registered 2,860 public and private healthcare establishments and conducted 370 inspections throughout the Punjab. The commission has also disposed of 288 out of a 424 complaints received from patients and healthcare service providers,” the statement said. [Source]

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