Homoeopathy in Post Surgical Complaints

Dr Venkatadhri S

Surgical diseases occupy a part of cases seen by homoeopathic physicians. Although homoeopathy has good scope in many surgical cases, surgery is inevitable in certain cases and when the disease had developed to a certain extent. But homoeopathy can be helpful in reducing pain and also to prevent and manage post surgical complications. Homoeopathy can be used  to treat complaints after surgeries where modern medicine is unable to give permanent solution.

With the knowledge of material medica every homoeopath prescribes certain remedies like Arnica, hypericum, staphysagria, symphytum, etc for after effects of surgeries. Eventhough these remedies give result for certain ailments after surgeries, they are not permanently helpful in treating all ailments or complaints after surgeries. The indicated remedy changes depending on the organ affected and ailment produced. Repertory can be helpful in such cases where the commonly used remedies fail to act.

Here an attempt is made to show how indicated remedies change depending on the complaint developed after surgical operations. Rubrics with remedies are listed from commonly used repertories.

  1. Cicatrices in eye after operations – graphites
  2. Chemosis of eye after cataract operation – phytolacca, guara
  3. Eye pain after operation – asarum, mezereum
  4. Photophobia after eye operation – strontium carb
  5. Neuralgia after eye operations – mezereum
  6. Squint after eye operations – jaborandi
  7. Illusions of vision after operations – strontium carb
  8. Luminous vision after operations – zincum met
  9. Hysteria after eye operations – ASARUM EUROPAEUM
  10. Photophobia after eye operations – strophantus hispidicus
  11. Stitching pain in eye remaining after operations – asarum europaeum
  12. Prolapse of iris after cataract operation – alumina, staphysagria
  13. Sore pain in root of nose after operation – ferrum phos
  14. Epistaxis after surgical operations in nose – thlaspi bursa
  15. Sore pain in throat after operations – ferrum phos
  16. Hiccough after abdominal operations – hyoscyamus
  17. Nausea after abdominal operations – BISMUTH, staphysagria
  18. Vomiting after abdominal operations – allium cepa, bismuth, ferrum
  19. Flatulence after abdominal operations – china
  20. Cramping, griping pain in abdomen after operations – staphysagria
  21. Constipation after operations – opium
  22. Cramp in bladder after operations – colocynth, hypericum
  23. Retention of urine after operations – CAUSTICUM
  24. Involuntary urination after surgical operation – staphysagria
  25. Cancer in cicatrices after surgical operations – graphites
  26. Weakness after surgical operations – strontium carb, acetic acid, carbo veg, hypericum
  27. Sleeplessness after operations – sticta
  28. Pain along the nerves after surgical operations – calendula, allium cepa, hypericum
  29. Back Pain in lumbar region after operations – berberis vulgaris, calendula
  30. Intermittent heartbeats after operation for haemorrhoids – crocus
  31. Jaundice after haemorrhoids operation – crocus
  32. Hemorrhage after operations for urinary, biliary calculi – millefolium
  33. Caries, necrosis of mastoid bone after operations – hekla lava
  34. Tension in skin after cancer operation – kali phos
  35. Adhesions after operations – calcarea fluor, silicea
  36. Bladder pain after abdominal operations – populous tremuloides


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  2. Concise repertory of homoeopathic medicines – Phatak S R
  3. Homoeopathic medical repertory – Murphy R

Dr.Venkatadhri S
PG Scholar,  Dept of Materia Medica
Government Homoeopathic medical college, Bangalore

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