Hompath M.D. comes in a set of 13 CDs and 17 modules. The software has contains 29 very useful clinical repertories including Complete repertory, 270+ books on Materia Medica Philosophy, Therapeutics Regional Therapeutics, Clinical, and Remedy picture, Compilation of 5000 cases and articles of Masters’ from various Journals of past 100 years, Materia Medica of 1437 remedies, Keynotes of 477 remedies.

There are many useful features and utilities of  which are as follows:

  • The Quick Repertorization feature of Hompath has freed the most experienced and busy homeopath from the cumbersome and perennial need to scavenge the voluminous reference books and repertories. This extremely useful & instantaneous facility saves their precious time during the hectic consulting hours. The physician simply has to enter the symptoms the way the patient narrates them, the software picks up the key words and prompts relevant rubrics.
  • The best feature of Hompath M.D. is that everything is provided in one single screen– now you can select different clipboards, remedy filters (strategies for including and excluding remedies), view drug list, and much more on a single screen!
  • With the Global Search option one can search real fast, intelligently and powerfully through the entire database of repertories, Materia Medica, books, journal articles, etc.  The search option is modified by an intelligent search option. Themes give you recommendations on proper selection of rubrics for commonly spoken words by the patient. Rubric hunting and Recording has been made simple and easy. Other tools available are Cross-references, Similar words & Synonyms.
  • Converting Materia Medica to Repertory option, Symptom forwarding, facility to create your own customized repertory etc. are some very useful tools.
  • The feature of Quick Search Using Mouse Only is beneficial for those who are not very computer savvy and are averse to typing.
  • If you have loads of patients then Hompath’s very user friendly patient tracking and fast access of patient data solves this problem instantly.
  • You can also analyze the remedies based on kingdoms and group remedy analysis.
  • The Select Repertory and Rubric window user interface in Hompath software allows you to search within the repertory for the desired rubrics, search within chapters for a specific word or a rubric.
  • This is the fastest repertorisation module. No need to know exactly which word forms the main rubric or sub rubric. A Window on the same screen shows the top results for the desired rubric. On the same screen facility is provided to Open materia medica, Print Repertorisation sheet, Full screen view of repertorisation table. Repertorization Graphs, Retrieve previously recorded symptoms, etc.
  • The facility is provided to include or exclude remedies based on a number of characteristic features – termed as Drug Filters. The software has got many Drug filters, Weightage method to advanced strategies like Mineral / Animal / Plant filters, Drug mark set to one, other classical strategies.
  • It happens many times with Classical Homoeopaths that you are confused between 2 close remedies even after Repertorisation, and are not sure which one to prescribe! Hompath M.D. comes to your rescue with its facility of comparing the remedies instantly on the same screen.
  • True Masters expert systems like Kentian, Boenninghausen and Boger are available in this software. These practical strategies devised and used by original masters of Homoeopathy have been incorporated exclusively in Hompath.
  • Generate information about group remedies or sub-groups from the repertory. Do a group study of Kingdoms [Animals / Plants / Minerals] or Right sided remedies or Only Psoric remedies or any permutation and combination. All occurrences of group remedies found in the repertories can be listed in the format of a Materia Medica book.

Hompath incorporates a power-packed Reference Database of Materia Medica Books. ‘Materia Medica’ section incorporates 270+ books by 34 Authors covering 1437 remedies, specially selected keeping the needs of classic practitioners and the students in mind. The software provides Search & Open facilities in Materia Medica. All books can be opened in an eye-pleasing html format where you can – Increase (modify) the character size, type and color of the text.

Alternatively all books can be listened through speakers or headphones connected to the computer, (text to voice recognition software is incorporated). The accent of the speakers is American.

Various Utilities are made available which can be used by a Physician to enhance his knowledge of Homoeopathy. It helps in making the clinical practice easier and faster. Some of the utilities present are: Remedy list, Remedy editor, Feedback, Pack and Go, and Similimum.

The unique feature of Pack and Go in the Utilities allows you to transfer cases anywhere in the world, on a CD, floppy or via net to anyone. This feature is ideal for teachers, practitioners and speakers to share their cured and difficult cases with others and present in seminars. Best part of this feature is that whoever receives cases need not have Hompath software to be installed and can still work on a case.

Archives module
The Practitioner’s personal, ‘Treasure chest of knowledge’. It incorporates more than 270+ reference books on Materia Medica, Philosophy,  Therapeutics,  Regional Therapeutics, Clinical practice,  Drug Pictures,  Pharmacy. There is facility for searching of any word or combination in a matter of seconds and open the respective occurrences. Options to save favorites from Archives are available. 

Homutil module – tools & utilities
An interesting combination of set of tools and utilities which can be used to enhance your experience of using HOMPATH. This module offers many practical and clinical application hints useful for students as well as practitioners. Tools such as taking Patient Backup, Patient Restore, Edit Repertory, Case Analysis, etc are available. Utilities section gives you vast information on various subjects like Mother Tinctures, Prophylaxis, Therapeutics, Word Meanings, Cross References, Viva Questions, Question sets, and Group symptoms. etc. 

Patient management system (pms)
The ‘Patient Management System’ or PMS is a modern day application that allows an easy way to store and update all the information about the Patient. It includes Patient Registration, Electronic Medical Record and many more features. To give a glimpse of what this unique PMS software can do for you, here is an exhaustive listing of all its features:

Physician Information:

  • Password protected storage and retrieval of physician’s information to provide security for individual physician’s data
  • Personal Information
  • Set / Modify Password
  • Resume Details
  • General Report Information (allows personalized reports)
  • Backup / Restore Location

Patient Information:

  • PMS allows efficient storage and retrieval of patient’s information
  • Personal Information
  • Patient’s Voice Recordings, Video Clips and Scanned Pictures
  • Case Record
  • Full Case Record (lists all ‘Case Record’ information on a single page)
  • Diagnosis
  • Follow-up

There is a good security of physician’s information. Regular back-up can be taken of all the records including patient’s and physician’s data. Facility to transfer the existing data to an advanced version of HOMPATH or to another machine (PC) is available.

The feature of Auto Back-Up automatically takes a back-up of all data periodically at the start of PMS application. Prepared notes about instructions to patients regarding their diseases can be readily printed and given for quick reference.

Various types of reports can be printed. A customized letter-head and preformatted content is available for printing Prescriptions, Billing & Receipt, Fitness Certificate, Abroad Certificate, Sickness Certificate and Report to Physician, Reference to Physician, etc. Options are available for printing documents related to patients from other modules like Classic, Case Analysis, and Homutil.

Case analysis module
Case analysis module helps to analyze all the details of your cases including your successes and failures in practice. This option is useful for presentations and lectures as well as for documenting and analyzing cases for enhancing practice. This is directly connected to the follow-up and diagnosis from where it can pick up data on the basis of the query defined by you.

Navigation bar of case analysis module includes following options – Physician info, Analysis, Basic Info, First Prescription, Follow-up, Case Record, Repertorization, Statistics, and Graph. As you click on each of these options, the left lower corner of the main Screen displays step by step help as to how to use each feature. 

Hompath assist module
This is another characteristic feature of this software, which allows the physician to maintain a personalized Journal in the form of HOMPATH ASSIST. There are sub-modules like Organiser, Bills ‘n’ more, Address book. This module has a very useful Organizer – which assists in maintaining record of important visit dates, patient’s appointments, other appointment schedules and events and makes all these tasks a lot simpler. Thus, maintaining the records, making bills and certificates are made all well manageable.

Tresorie module
This is a module with separate C.D. in which you will get compilation of over 5000 articles based on Practical, Clinical and Homoeopathic experience of many generations of Masters and expert homoeopathic practitioners. Superfast and precise search through all 5000 articles is available.

Links tresorie module
Links Tresorie has over 800 articles based on practical, clinical and Homoeopathic experiences of Modern contemporary expert homoeopathic practitioners. It contains articles from ‘International Homoeopathic Links’ from 1987 to 2000 (all volumes). This module comes with an interesting feature which allows changing of fonts, color, size, etc for easy readability.

Main Features:

  • A fast and comprehensive global and advanced search from all journals.
  • Selective opening of Articles of your desired Author or Topic.
  • Making your own favorite file or inserting bookmarks.
  • Changing the font size, colour etc. and copying and pasting articles for your presentations.
  • An auto scroll facility for easy reading with a magnifying glass.

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