If we are not giving good undergraduate training ,we will never get qualified candidates for PG admission

Dr Mansoor Ali

If we are not giving good undergraduate education- we will never get qualified students for PG admission.

In 2018 out of 6755 candidates appeared for the AIAPGET Homoeopathy Exam, only 491 candidates scored 50% and many even with minus marks

A true indicator/feedback about the quality of Undergraduate Homoeopathy Education!!

The situation of revision in the cut off arise when enough candidates do not qualify the exam as compared to the number of seats available.

In Rajasthan as per this notification- No NEET and AIAPGET is required for admission for BHMS and PG. Admission is possible even after the cutoff date published by Ministry of Ayush !!

A clear-cut indicator of standard of BHMS in this and other states.

At first Ayush Ministry fixed a cut-off mark of AIAPGET as 50%, then 50 percentile, now it is 35 percentile. Qualified candidates not available for Homoeopathy courses. Now a candidate with less than 10 marks will get admission as per Ministry norms. Still colleges in Rajasthan facing the shortage of students.

No court can give direction against council norms – but that is happening in Rajasthan.

I had visited few colleges in Rajasthan as a part of CCH inspection. In some colleges, only first year and second-year students were coming. No third year and final year BHMS students. As per the records, 100 interns are there -but we found less than 10. When we checked the attendance register of first BHMS and called the name of students – we realised that many came today only as ghost students- with a new overcoat and books. Some of the students were absent as per register, but they present in the class! – that means registers were marked by clerks.

Many students weren’t able to recollect the name of teachers in many colleges!

Do you know, how these colleges getting permission every year?

If Ayush has a spine – they must cancel this type of admissions beyond norms and after the cutoff date.

So Ayush Ministry and Homoeopathy Colleges must concentrate on the quality of BHMS than lowering the cut off marks – if really interested to get good quality, postgraduate doctors.

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