Mind rubrics for busy practitioners & students

Mind rubrics for busy practitioners & students.
Dr Mansoor Ali
Govt. Homeopathic Medical College. Calicut

This work is meant for busy practitioners and those who are preparing for competitive examinations. This work is based on Synthesis and Complete repertory

This is an attempt to lessen the difficulties of the students & especially busy practitioners who my wish to make themselves familiar with the mind rubrics. The mental rubrics are difficult to understand by dictionary meanings alone. We should understand the correct means assigned to a particular rubric.

I have tried with best of my efforts, knowledge and hard work to make this a valuable work. I hope and wish that this work will be accepted and appreciated. I welcome any suggestions from any quarter it may be, so that this work can be improved upon.

Readers are requested to visit ” Study of mind rubrics in Synthesis ” for a detailed study of individual rubrics.

1. Abandoned : Feeling of being left alone without help

    Forsaken : Feeling of being left alone without help

    Deserted : Feeling of being left alone when most needed

2. Abashed : To strike with shame

3. Abrupt : Unexpectedly sudden, rude

4. Absent minded : In attention of mind

    In Absentmindedness there is no fixation of mind at all,

    In Absorbed the mind is directed towards one problem. Fixed in one thought

    Abstraction of mind : A destructive symptom, something in the mind has been lost

5. Absurd : Ridiculously unsuitable , foolish

6. Abusive : Habit of employing harsh insulting languages.

    Cursing : Is due to some provocation by somebody or some provocative ideas

    Swearing. Cursing after heated exchange with another one

7. Acuteness : Sharpness and keenness of mind

8. Adaptability loss of : Very difficult to adjust to the surroundings

9. Admiration : A high degree of pleasure

10. Admonition : Aggravation from gentle advice

11. Adulterous : Sexual intercourse with a female other than his lawful wife

12. Affability : The quality of being pleasant and at ease in talking to others

13. Affectation : Artificial behavior designed to impress others

14. Affectionate : Affection beyond normal limit which may be cause of concern

15. Afraid : Filled with fear and apprehension

16. Agility mental : The quality of being quick in answering and resourceful

17. Agitation : Inviting public attention to a controversial matter or issues.

18. Agony : Intense pain of mind and body

19. Agoraphobia : Abnormal fear in open place

20. Air castle : Making theories which may not be practicable

21. Alert : Vigilantly attentive, quick

22. Alienated : Indifference to those formerly attached

23. Aloof : Reserved, keeping distance in social relations

24. Amativeness : A disposition to love with sexual desire

25. Ambitious : An ardent desire for rank and power

26. Amorous : An intense desire for love especially sexual .Practical indulgence in sex is not necessary.

     Lasciviousness : Person is much more attracted towards sexual thoughts and act.

     Lewdness. The sexual thoughts may not be predominating but the person desires to expose the body .

     This is a voluntary act.

     Shameless. Patient always seem to be half naked . This is an involuntary act.

27. Amnesia : A gap in one’s memory

28. Amusement : Desire to play or entertainment

29. Anarchist : One who rebel against anything or ruling power

30. Anger : A strong feeling of displeasure and usually of antagonism

31. Anguish : Anxiety with physical sufferings

32. Animation : State of being full of life, jest and vigor

33. Anorexia nervosa & mentalis : A forceful unwillingness to eat

34. Antagonism : Actively expressed opposition or contradiction

35. Anthropophobia : fear of men

36. Anticipation : Anxiety for a good thing Eg. At the time of marriage

      Anguish : Anxiety with physical sufferings

      Anxiety : Anxiety have no definite cause

      Fear : Has a definite cause.

      Apprehension : Fear with an element of doubt & expectation of something unpleasant to happen

37. Antics : A childish or foolish act

38. Antisocial : Opposed to the principles of the society

39. Apathy : want of feeling emotion or interest

40. Aphasia : Loss of power of speech due to a brain lesion

41. Appreciation longs for : Desire to get approval gratitude or good opinion

42. Approached : Drawing near of others aggravates

43. Ardent : Extremely eager enthusiastic devoted faithful person

44. Arguing : Giving reason to believe or evidence

45. Argumentative : Controversial, given to disputation

46. Arrogance : A feeling of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner

      Haughty: There is an excessive claim over something in comparison to others.

47. Astonished : Struck with sudden surprise

48. Attached : Bound by personal ties

49. Attended to be : A desire for observant consideration or regards

50. Attitudes : A disposition, feeling of emotion towards a state or position of body

51. Audacity : A negative boldness. Daring boldness with assurance, too much self confidence

      Boldness : Fearless before danger, assured and confident

      Daring : Recklessly bold.

      Presumptuous : Bold and over confident

      High spirited: A bold, energetic feeling despite being placed in tense situation

      Impertinence : Rude without respect

      Insolent : Lack of respect

      Temerity : Rash & overconfident

52. Automatic : A complete lack of coordination between will & muscles

53. Automatism : automatic action

54. Avarice : An excessive insatiable desire for wealth and gain even though he is having enough of it

     Covetous: Desire to possess something, which belongs to others.

     Miserly : A great desire to save money even from occasions where it is considered necessary to spend.

55. Aversion : A firmly settled and vehement dislike.

    Hatred : A settled dislike with prejudiced feeling for a particular person or aspect.

    Disgust : An intense dislike for something after repeated failures

    Hatred – is applied to a particular individual of affair

    Misanthropy : Hatred from the whole mankind

55. Awareness heightened : Delusionary state in which he gathers an accurate impression of his own internal organs – a transparency feeling

56. Awkward : Lack in social favour, skill or kindness

57. Bad parts take everything : Offended easily

58. Bad temper : Easily angered nature

59. Bargaining : Negotiating over the terms of a purchase, where the rates are not fixed

60. Barking : speaking in a loud, curt and angry tone

61. Bashful : Inclined to shrink from public attention due to shyness

62. Battles talk about : During the course of sickness, person always talk about battles

63. Beating : To hit sharply in a fit of anger

64. Beautiful things : Everything looks beautiful even rags

65. Begging : to ask earnestly or submissively

66. Benevolence : Tendency to do charitable and generous acts

67. Benumbed : Inactive in his mental faculties like perception understanding etc.

68. Bereavement : Loss of death of relatives or friends

69. Besides oneself being : A state of extreme excitement ,deep personalization

70. Bewildered : A state of confusion, lack of power to distinguish with certainty

      Confusion : Where individual is generally all right. But whenever he sits for doing some calculation  work he gets confused

71. Bilious disposition : A peevish ill-natured disposition

72. Biting : An altered mental state of a person who desire to bite

73. Blames himself : To hold oneself responsible for facts or errors

74. Blasphemy : Irreverence towards something considered sacred

75. Blindness pretending : A deliberate and knowing attempt to post oneself as blind

76. Blissful feeling : Complete happiness

77. Blushing : Red glow on the skin caused by modesty or shame

78. Boaster : Person speak quite high of himself with much pride

79. Boredom : Weary with dissatisfaction or tediousness

80. Brain fag : prostration of mind

81. Brooding : means, being occupied with things in the present

     Dwell : means being occupied with things in the past

     Absorbed : An intellectual mental rubric. As in great scientists like Edison

82. Brotherhood sensation of : Belongs to brother, unification

83. Brutality : The state or quality of being grossly ruthless, cruel and cold blooded

     Cruelty : Lower grade than brutality.

     Malicious :Person generally in the habit of making plans to harm others ,will fully involve commission of wrong.

    Rudeness: A general and habitual deficiency in manner and grace .No respect for elders

    Wicked disposition: Evil in principle or practice. Acting contrary to moral or Devine law.

84. Buffoonery : An irrational behavior lacking in judgment

     Childish behavior : a person of grown up age behaves like a child.

     Foolish behavior : a person behaves in a foolish manner irrespective of age

     Idiocy : Is worse than Imbecility- IQ much lower

     The difference between Idiocy and Foolish behavior is that the former is due to deficiency or under development of brain while the later has no deficiency of brain.

     Stupidity : An unintelligent behavior or action, which can be easily judged by somebody. They are dull from the intellectual side and they are not doing such acts deliberately.

85. Bulimia : An abnormal or irresistible desire for food

86. Buoyancy : vivacity or hilarity

87. Busy ; being constantly engaged in something

88. Calmness : A state of repose & freedom from turmoil or agitation

89. Calumniate : Utter false statement in order to impair public reputation of others

90.Capriciousness : Sudden change of opinions and purposes without any reasons.

     Inconstancy: Changeableness, one who cannot stick to one place or in one occupation.

     Irresolution: A person who cannot make up his mind and is in turmoil when asked to make a selection

     Persist in nothing: Jumping from one thing to another without any purposes. They are fickle minded.

91. Care free : free from anxiety or responsibility

92. Carefulness : The quality of being careful and protective, cannot tolerate least imperfection

93. Careless : Do not pay any attention what other say or think about him

94. Caressed : Touch or stroke in loving or entreating manner

95. Carousal : Drink freely & nicely

96. Carphologia : To make grasping movements or gestures

97. Carried : A mental condition in which he wants to be lapped & carried

98. Casting off : Arrogant & dictatorial person looking on others with contempt

99. Catalepsy : Mimicking suspended animation

100. Cautious : Marked by prudent forethought to minimize the risk

101. Censorious : Inclination to criticize or discover faults on others

102. Cerebral type : Predominated by intellect

103. Chagrin : Depression or distress of mind brought on by humiliation ,hurt etc.

104. Changeable : One moment happy other moment angry

105. Chaotic : State of utter confusion

106. Character lack of : Lack of reputation, moral excellence & firmness

107. A quack or pretender to medical knowledge

108. Charming : Fascinating or attracting features

109. Chases : Follow in order to catch

110. Checking : Compelled to verify things repeatedly

111. Cheerful : Happy, being in good sprit even during sickness.

       Content : Satisfied and easy in mind despite various sufferings or hurdles .

       Exhilaration : Person feel inordinately happy, joyous without sufficient cause.

       Exaltation : is in respect of the feelings a person is already having but    Exhilaration is in general.

       Ecstasy :A state of emotion so intense that one carried beyond thought and self-control as in sexual pleasure-orgasm.

       High spirited : Characterised by a bold, energetic feeling despite being placed in tense situation

      Jesting : A disposition of cutting jokes even when attended by a doctor or in serious condition

       Exhilaration – One can understand the reason for the happiness or sadness.

       Ecstasy one cannot satisfy himself by way of reasoning.

    The difference between cheerful and hilarity is that the former is satisfied and happy but the latter is not only cheerful but laughing with happiness

112. Childbed : State of mother during the birth of a child until a period of one month

113. Choleric : Violent excitement & agitation in anger, love or in fulfillment of desire

114. Circumspection lack of : Does not take any precaution or attention to any possible consequences

115. Clairaudient : Delusion of hearing voices

116. Clairvoyance : A gift or power to perceive matters beyond the range of ordinary perception

117. Clever : Mentally quick bright and alert

118. Climb : To move up using hands and feet

119. Clinging : Due to strong emotional attachment or dependence, adhere closely or firmly

120. Closing eye amel : A sort of mental relief by closing the eyes during sickness or otherwise

121. Cloudiness : A state of confusion

122. Coma : A deep prolonged unconsciousness

123. Commotion : Mental agitation

124. Communicative : Talkative personality, tendency to communicate openly & readily

125. Compassionate : Sympathetic, concern for the sufferings of others and give aid

126. Complaining : Expressing a protest over some dissatisfaction without any threat but expecting some sympathy or redresses

127. Comprehension ; The grasping power of mind

128. Conceit : overweening self esteem

129. Concerned : Anxiety

130. Confiding : Telling something confidentially but have a fear in mind

131. Conflicts : A mental struggle to be in  opposition

132. Confounding : Confusing objects and ideas

133. Confusion : The state of being unclear in mind

134. Conscientious : Have strong morality

135. Consciousness : State of being aware of one’s own existence

136. Consolation : Alleviation of distress by sympathetic care or attention

137. Contemptuous : Open disrespect despite the opposition

138. Content : satisfied and easy in mind despite various sufferings

139. Contentious : Hard effort or struggle to achieve something

140. Contradiction : Tendency to oppose

  Disposition : A tendency to oppose or contradict the speech, actions or versions of anybody with arguments and by using his intellect.

 Intolerant of : persons who cannot tolerate any contradiction to what they have said. This intolerance is not supported by anger.

 Contrary : He will oppose anything without applying intellect or argument

141. Controlling : To excise authority or influence over

142. Conversation : Oral exchange of sentiments, opinion etc.

143. Coquettish : A short lived amorous attachment with a man

144. Corrupt : Immoral & dishonest

145. Cosmopolitan : Common to the entire world

146. Courageous : State of mind to face danger marked by bold resolution even in diseased state.

147. Cowardice : lack of courage

148. Crafty : Mischievous

149. Crawling : A person move like insects – on hands and knees

150. Crazy : intensive eager to achieve something which may be beyond his reach

151. Credulous : Tendency to believe readily, unsuspecting

152. Critical : Criticize severely by finding faults & imperfections

153. Croaking : Protesting in a sorrowful melancholic manner with a frog sound

154. Cross : Ill humor

155. Cruelty : Hard hearted, inhuman behaviour

156. Culpability : He feels himself responsible for wrong or error

157. Cunning : Inclined to cheat

158. Curious : eager to acquire information or knowledge

159. Cynical : Contemptuously and bitterly mocking

160. Daring : Recklessly bold

161. Dazed : State of being astonished

162. Debauchery : Immorality, excessively indulging in sensual pleasures

163. Deceitful : A tendency to cheat others deliberately

164. Decisive : To believe what is not true

165. Decomposition of shape : Sense of appreciation & discrimination of shape lost

166. Deeds great : Repeated feeling in mind that he could do great deeds which could be appreciated by others

167. Defiant : Boldness to such an extent that one can do despite any amount of opposition or challenge by others

168. Dejection : The state of being depressed after failures

169. Delirium : A transient mental disturbance with confusion, disorientation, disordered speech etc.

170. Delirium tremens : An acute insanity due to alcohol intoxication

171. Delivery : mental complaints after parturition

172. Delusion : A false belief in spite of invalidating evidence.

173. Dementia : Deterioration of intellectual faculties, emotional disturbances resulting from organic brain disorder

174. Dependent of others : Unable to do without the help of others

175. De personation : Loss of feeling of his own reality

176. Depravity : Corrupt state of moral character, wicked

177. Depression :

178. Deserted : Feeling of being left alone when most needed

179. Desires : A mental condition in which person feels necessary for something or longing

180. Desolate room appears: A feeling of loneliness or lacking hope

181. Despair : Losses all hope & confidence due to illness or circumstances

182. Despising : To disrespect, regard something as negligible, worthless

183. Despondency : Depression of spirit from loss of hope or confidence

184. Despotic : An absolute power, autocratic control or leader ship

185. Detached : As in depression-separated, free from emotional ,intellectual or social involvement

186. Determination : The quality of being resolute or firm

187. Dictatorial: Authoritative people who dominate, want to give orders like a superior person

188. Dipsomania : Uncontrollable periodic insatiable desire for alcohol

189. Dirty : Unclean though or conversation

190. Disagreeable : Developed by discomfort or repugnance and is marked by bad tempered unpleasant thought

191. Disconcertment : Insight, discriminate by understanding

192. Discomfort : A feeling of mental or physical discomfort

193. Disconcerted : A frustrated upset or confused mind due to grievance or desires and aspirations

194. Discontent : Always dissatisfied

195. Discords : Fail to agree or harmonize

196. Discourage : Deprived of confidence due to some provocation by somebody

197. Discrimination lack of : The act of recognizing and making fine distinction

198. Discuss : To speak together about something

199. Disgust : Dislike after repeated failures

200. Dishonest : disposed to cheat or lie

201. Disobedient : Refusal or failure to obey, violation of rules

202. Disoriented : loss one’s direction, position or relationship

203. Displeased : Feeling of dissatisfied, unhappy

204. Dissatisfied : Performance shown to hi m by others is not satisfactory

205. Distance : Inaccurate in judging the distance and events

206. Distraction : A mental derangement in which a person is agitated with violent, usually conflicting emotions

207. Distrustful : So much suspicious, doubt every one, no faith in close relatives

208. Diversion amel : A person feel relaxed by diverting mind to some other matters

209. Dogmatic : Authoritative, asserts his opinion forcefully

210. Domineering : By virtue of his natural dominating personality he make them agree on proposals

211. Dotage : Impaired intellect in old age, second child hood

212. Doubtful : Uncertain about outcome

         Skeptical : postponing doubtfulness

213. Doro mania : Impulse to run

214. Duality sense of : sense of being double

215. Dullness : Lacking luster ,alertness or brightness in face

216. Duplicity : Double dealings, deliberate deception

217. Duty : moral obligation to do ones business

218. Dwells : Being occupied with things in the past

219. Dynamic : Relating to activity or things in movement

220. Dyslexia : Impairment of the ability to read

221. Earnestness : Deep sincerity & seriousness, work with great devotion

222. Eccentricity : A departure from the established traditional behaviour

223. Ecstasy : A state of emotion so intense that one is carried beyond thought & self-control

224. Ecstatic : Absorbed

225. Effeminate : womanish softness and weakness

226. Egotism : An extreme self of self-importance

        Selfishness : Everything for me not for others

227. Elated : Lovely and joyful

228. Elegance : grace and refinement in appearance and manners

229. Elation : joyful, high spirited

230. Eloquent : Fluency in speech and have good command over language & diction

231. Embarrassed : Feeling of awkward confusion, perplexed

232. Embittered : Bitter feeling- end result of long continued ill feeling

233. Embraces : A close encircling with arms

234. Emotional excitement : Easily affected by emotions

      Sentimental : is closing to emotional, but the degree sensitivity is difference. A person who is sentimental is more sensitive and will not be excited like a emotional person.

235. Ennui : Boredom in life, lost interest in pleasurable activities and daily routine

236. Entertainment : The act of diverting or amusing to pass his time agreeably

237. Envy :Resentful desire for another’s possession or advantages.

         A desire to achieve some prosperity or some possession, which others are, have

         Envy : is more positive,

        Jealousy : is more negative

        A jealousy having malignant feeling his neighbor has purchased a car even if he is having it. The prosperity of other is not tolerable.

238. Erythrism : Excitement or stimulation with an abnormal irritability

239. Erotic : Always dwell on sexual matters

240. Erratic : irregular and unpredictable in behaviour

241. Escape : A desire to run away from present situation

242. Estranged : Indifference, will not show any affection to loved one’s

243. Euphoria : A heightened sense of well being

244. Evading look : Escape from responsibility

245. Exacting : Requiring great accuracy

246. Exaggerating : to overstate,. Greater than actually the case

247. Exaltation : An abnormal sense of personal well-being, power or importance

248. Excitement : A stimuli that give agitation which may be emotional

249. Exclaiming : Sudden crying out or uttering a sharp noise when surprised

250. Exclusive : A person who is highly choosy and does not mix easily with people- have limited friends only

251. Exertion mental : A feeling of aggravation or amel doing any work

252. Exhausted : worn out completely

253. Exhilaration : Inordinately happy without sufficient cause

254. Expansive : communicative, inclined to open and generous

255. Extravagance : Great desire to spend money , which may be unaffordable in normal course

256. Extreme : A type of fanaticism, behaviour out of usual course

257. Extrovert : A selfless interest in one’s environment or in others

258. Exuberance : Full of enthusiasm or joy

259. Exultant : Triumphantly or rapturously joyful

260. Factiousness : Making funny remarks or actions with the intention of amusing others

261. Faithless : want of religious feeling

262. Faltering : Doubtful, unable to decide

263. Fanaticism : Intolerant of any views or concepts which differ from his own- religion, politics

264. fancies : Imagination especially of fantastic nature

265. Far way : Apathy and indifference to future as in depression

266. Fascinating others : Charming and entreating

267. Fastidious : want everything in neat clean and order, very difficult to please

268. Fault finding : Continually looking for negative points in others

269. Fear : Alarm and agitation caused by expectation or realization of danger

270. Feasting : A banquet

271. Feigning : Pretend to be ill, an artificial posing to be sick

272. Fervent : Hot glowing, ardent , animated

273. Fickle : Constantly changing decisions and moving on the track which nobody may expect

274. Fidgety : Compulsive movement of limb, these movements are not involuntary but habit

275. Fiery : Irritable temperament

276. Fight wants to be : aggressive person who gets violent at slightest provocation

277. Finery : Luxurious

278. Firmness : Indicating resolution or determination

279. Fists : Hand closed tightly with the fingers bend against the palm

280. Fitful : A sudden emotional upset marked by irregular burst of activity

281. Fixed notion : Peculiar type of habits, ideas or usage without having a proper reasoning

282. Flash back : A scene from the past inserted as command or explanation

283. Flattered : Pleasing somebody by praising

284. Fleeing away : inclination to runaway

285. Fogged : mental confusion

286. Foppish : Always wants to be dress at his best

287. Forage : Food for horses and cattle

288. Foreboding : Prior forethought something bad is going to happen

289. Forgetful : Unable to remember, constantly misses appointment

290. Forgotten something feels constantly : A recurrent feeling that he has forgotten something

291. Formal : Methodical and proper

292. Forsaken feeling : Feeling of being abandoned

293. Frail : Fragile, he is delicate and he will break

294. Frantic : Mentally deranged to the point of madness in anger

295. Fraternized with the whole world : Whole world is his friend

296. Fretful : A type of irritability with agitation

297. Fright : A terror excited by a danger

298. Frightened easily : Thrown into a state of alarm easily

299. Fritters away : To waste his time

300. Frivolous : Does not pay serious attention to anything

301. Frown : Tendency to wrinkle brow to show displeasure or disapproval

302. Frustrated : Discontent through inability to achieve one’s desire

303. Furor : Excitement, enthusiasm

304. Fury : Violent unrestrained anger

305. Fussy : paying great attention, affectionate

306. Fussiness : Confusion

307. Gambling : To play a game of chance, take great risk for the sake of possible advantage

308. Gay : Showing exuberance or happy excitement

309. Generous too : liberal in giving or sharing

310. Gentleness : The quality or state of being mild by nature

311. Gestures : Moving limbs or body as an expression of thought

312. Gifted : Talented have high IQ

313. Giggling : Laughing in a nervous or silly manner

314. Gloomy : A person who always look on the dark side of everything-pessimist

315. Gluttony : Compulsive desire to eat

316. Godless : Lack of reverence for God

317. Good humored : Cheerful looking expression on face even during sickness

318. Gossiping : Indulging in rumor or talk of personal ,often sensational in nature

319. Gourmand : Compulsive desire to eat

320. Gracious : Graceful

321. Gravity : Seriousness of character

322. Greed : Wants to acquire or have in excess than required

323. Grief : An aggrieved state of mind

324. Grimaces : Inner feeling of contempt expressed by facial muscles

325. Groping : Search blindly or uncertainly

326. Growling : An utterance made in harsh guttural sound

327. Grumbling : Muttering in a low complying voice

328. Grunting : Involuntary expressive sound uttered to show one’s disgust without actually putting it into words

329. Hallucination : Apparent perception of an external object when no such object is present

330. Hard hearted : A heart which is hard to exercise some sympathy

331. Harmony desire for : A normal & satisfying state of completeness and order in relations

332. Hastiness : The quality or state of being in hurry with mental restlessness

333. Hatred : A settled dislike with prejudiced feeling for a particular person

334. Haughty : Arrogantly proud

335. Head strong : Obstinate with fixed ideas and don’t care others views

336. Heedless : Paying little attention without understanding any consequences

337. Hesitating : Not decided upon, in doubt

338. Hiding : Tendency to hide feelings, hide in appearing

339. High spirited : Bold energetic feeling despite being placed in tense situation

340. Hilarity : Internal feeling of pleasure with happiness even in sickness

341. Holding : Wants to be held, anxiety disorder

342. Home desire to go : A dislike for any place other than his home Eg. Hospital

343. Home sickness : He become lonely and away from home, he longs to be with his family and wants to return to his native country

344. Homosexuality : An erotic attraction towards same sex

345. Honor wounded : Result followed by an insult to the reputation or prestige of a person with some physical ailments

346. Hopeful : Optimist

347. Hopeless : Having no possibility of solution, no expectation of cure

348. Horrible : People who cannot bear cruel stories

349. Horror : A strong and emotional feeling of fear and dread

350. Howling : Prolonged cry as in distress or severe pain

351. Humble : Submissive respect

352. Humility : The quality or condition of being humble

353. Humor : Amusing or comical

354. Humorous : Ability to perceive things that are amusing

355. Hunting for words : Difficult to get words during conversation

356. Hurry : A disturbance of mind with turmoil and speed

357. Hydrophobia : Morbid dread of water

358. Hypochondriasis : Exaggerated imaginary feeling of being ill

359. Hypocrisy : Pretending principles, posing many principles but not follow in life

360. Hysteria : A neurosis marked by emotional excitability, amnesia, somnambulism etc.

361. Idiocy : Is worse than Imbecility- IQ much lower

362. Idleness : Insolent and lazy to pass time without working

363. Imagination : Power of mind to form mental image or concept

364. Imbecility : Feeble minded person with defect in mental ability

365. Imitation : Copying other people’s action and speech

366. Impatience : hurried and worried, intolerance of any delay

367. Imperious : Dominating and full of himself who is always force their views on others

368. Impertinence : Rude and improper in performance & behaviour

369. Impetuous : This is found in persons who tend to do things abruptly in an impulsive manner without any thought of consequences.

      In Hurry – a person wants to do things in a haste and there is no excitement.

      In Impatience, The persons is mentally restless

      In Impetuous – He is violent in achieving his goal

370. Impolite : uncivil , rude in manner

371. Important person behaving as a : marked by an exaggerated show of self-important

372. Impressionable : Easily influenced and are impressed even by slight trifles

373. Improvident : No care for future, want of foresight

374. Imprudence : wanting foresight or discretion

375. Impudent : Disrespect personalities with no modesty or shame

376. Impulse : A sudden spontaneous urge or inclination

377. Impulsive : An inner impelling force to carry out some action, acting suddenly with no thought

378. Inactivity : A state of laziness or sluggishness

379. Inadvertency : In attentive or negligence

380. Inattentive : Lack of attention

381. Inciting : A disposition to excite or provoke others

382. Inconsolable : No amount of consolation bring him any comfort

383. Inconstancy : One who cannot stick to one place or in one occupation

384. Indecision : Inability to make decision

385. Independence : Not influenced or determined by someone

386. Indifference : Lack of interest or anxiety towards children, business or loved ones

387. Indignation : An intense deep felt resentment or anger aroused by an injustice or wrong they had suffered

388. Indiscretion : An act at variance with the accepted morality of the society

389. Indolence : Lazy people, who would not like to work

390. Industrious : A disposition to be constantly or habitually occupied

391. Infantile behavior : An adult behave like a child, lacking maturity

392. Inflexible : Adhere in firmly to a particular intention or purpose

393. Inhibition : Lack of social inhibition

394. In humanity : Unsympathetic, barbarous attitude

395. Initiative lack of : Lack ability to begin a task

396. Injustice cannot support : Reluctant to support violation of rights of another

397. Inquisitive : Curiosity but of a negative aspect, not so innocent

398. Insanity : Madness or unsoundness of mind

399. Insecurity mental : Want of self confidence

400. Insensibility : Unresponsive or uncreative to his surroundings

401. Insolence : Disgracing others, rude and immoderate in language and attitude

402. Instability : A fluctuating mind that keep on changing from time to time

403. Intellect predominate emotions : Head rule over the heart in making decision

404. Intellectual : rational rather than emotional

405. Intelligent : Having high degree of IQ, mentally acute

406. Intemperance : Lack of moderation especially in the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages

407. Interruption : A person gets irritated when disturbed in his doings

408. Intolerance : Not enduring difference of opinion

409. Intoxication : Strange feeling as from joy or pleasure and looking as if drunk

410. Intriguer : Build up secret plots against others

411. Introspection : Self-examination, looking into himself

412. Introverted : Direct inward, concentrate on oneself

413. Irascibility : Easily influenced by anger, short tempered

414. Irksome : One feels as if everything is irritating for him, upset on pretty things

415. Irony : Hurt others by contemptuous or mocking statements

416. Irreligious : Indifference to religion

417. Irrational : Incapable of reasoning affected by loss of mental activity

418. Irresolution : Unable to decide

419. Irritability : Easily upset

420. Isolation sensation of : Forsaken feeling, feeling of segregation

421. Jealousy : Prosperity of another not tolerable

422. Jesting : Making merry by word or action

423. Joyless : Not having a feeling of happiness even if there are occasion

424. Joyous : Looking happy or pleased despite adverse circumstances

425. Jumping : raising in a sudden manner with force for coming down

426. Kicking : A tendency to strike with legs

427. Kill : A disturbed state of mind characterized by an impulse to kill

428. Kindness : Affectionate with sympathy and compassion

429. Kissing : To touch or press with lips

430. Kleptomania : Tendency to steal without any economic motive

431. Kneeling : Asking for something in kneeling position

432. Laconic : Speaking in few words

433. Lamenting : An earnest request for grief

434. Languages inability for : Inability to grasp or learn language as in MR

435. Lascivious : Attracted towards sexual thoughts and acts

436. Late : Slow, does not perceive the value of time

437. Laughing : An expression of pleasure by producing a sound showing teeth

438. Laziness : Aversion or reluctance to work

439. Learning : Ability to study or understand

440. Lecherous : Lascivious thoughts

441. Lethargy : Weakness

442. Levitation : A light manner or attitude especially in inappropriate situation

443. Lewdness : Exposing body – a voluntary act

444. Libertinism : Immoral people behave in perverted manner, against social custom

445. Liar : Never speak the truth

446. Listless : No pleasure in his work & act without energy- indifference

447. Litigious : Tendency to take others into court for minor reasons

448. Lively : A pleasurable love & affection

449. Loathing : A feeling of aversion to everything, disgust

450. Locality errors of : Making mistakes in locating places which are familiar to him

451. Loneliness : A feeling of being left alone, isolated

452. Longing good opinion: Desire to get good opinion from others

453. Looked at : He cannot tolerate to be watched or observed by others- feels they are mocking at him

454. Loquacity : Excessive talking in a sound personality

455. Love : An expression of one’s affection towards others

456. Low minded : Level of thinking is always petty and they are looked down upon by others

457. Low spirited : A mild hearted may become sad & dejected whenever faced with failures

458. Ludicrous : Laugh at most serious & important things, subject of laughing to others

459. Lypothymia : Mental exhaustion from grief

460. Madness: Unsoundness, mental capacity is lost

461. Magnetized : Wants to be influenced by a person with a stronger will than he is

462. Malicious : Making plans to harm others

463. Malingering : Feeling of being ill in order to attract attention or sympathy

464. Mania : Excitement of psychotic proportion manifested by mental & physical hyperactivity

465. Mani-A-Potu : Delirium tremens- an alcohol withdrawal syndrome

466. Manipulative : Corrupt & dishonest

467. Mannerly : Polite & obedient

468. Mannish : Resembling a man- girls dress & behave like a man

469. Manual work : Mental aggravation whenever engaged in any physical work

470. Marriage un endurable : Dislike even the idea of marriage, may or may not be due to the idea of responsibility associated with it

471. Mature : A young child behave like an adult and astonishing people around him

472. Meddlesome : Interfering in others matters which may not concern him

473. Meditating : A devotion or spiritual exercise with deep thoughts and is generally inattentive what is going around him

474. Megalomania : Ambitious people have desire for power wealth & fame – rulers who always fight wars to expand their kingdom

475. Melancholy : Gloomy state of mind, dejection

476. Memory : The process of reproducing or recalling what has been learned

477. Men dread of : A sense of some disasters happening on seeing a man

478. Mendacity : Untruthful, tendency to lie

479. Menopause : Lady may more irritable, depressed or uncomfortable during this period

480. Menses : Mental symptom aggravate during menses

481. Mental exertion agg : The least staring of mind agg the sufferings

482. Mental power : The power of mind

483. Merging of self : He is always with nature and can adjust in any circumstances

484. Merry : Cheerful & happy

485. Mesmerized being : Wants to be influenced by a man having strong will power

486. Meticulous : Conscientious, over caring about details

487. Mildness : Gentleness in nature & behaviour

488. Mirth : An excessive feeling of happiness even during sickness, a deviation from normal happiness

489. Misanthropy : Hatred from the whole mankind

490. Mischievous : Tendency to cause harm or trouble to others

491. Miserable : Great unhappiness or helplessness with extreme pain

492. Miserly : A great desire to save money even when occasions where it is considered necessary to spend

493. Misery : Great unhappiness sorrow with pain

494. Misfortune : bad luck and disaster

495. Mistakes : An act of error committed by a person without have an awareness of the consequences due to pre occupation of mind.

496. Moaning : Making a low prolonged sound due to pain

497. Mocking : A type of maltreatment intentionally done to humiliate or offend others

498. Modesty : Tendency to under estimate one’s own talent abilities and values

499. Monomania : Exaggerate obsession or enthusiasm about a single idea – derangement restrict to one idea

500. Mood : A representation of feeling which may be good, bad, changeable or alternating

Alternating – The mental state is very difficult to be predicted because on the one moment he looked very pleasing and other moment he seems to be morose.

Changable – It is less strong than alternating. It is been changeable, feeling fine one day, little bit fine in the next day

Alternating means positive or negative black and white, fine and angry

501. Moon light : Feel some changes in their life with changing moon faces

502. Moping : Gloomy state of mind

503. Moral feeling want of : Lack of humanitarian consideration in actions, thought and conduct- very low principles in life

504. Morose : A bitter unsociable discontent person dislike contact with people

505. Morphinism : Drug addiction

506. Mortification : A feeling of shame, humiliation caused by something that wound one’s self respect

507. Muddled : Confused

508. Murder desire to : Disposition to kill some body

509. Murmuring : A low continually repeated sound

510. Mutilating body : Mental disturbance in which disfiguring his body by cutting

511. Muttering : A low rumbling voce representing his complaints in angry way

512. Nagging : Scold and continually quarrelling

513. Naïve : Simple trusting, plain and always takes things at their face value

514. Narrow minded : Lacking tolerance, petty

515. Neglecting : Fail to give proper attention & care

516. Nervous : Anxiety with excitement

517. Neurasthenia : Nervous debility causing fatigue

518. Neurosis : A psychological disorder in which anxiety predominating

519. New : Entire object despite very old are looking new

520. Nibble : Bite gently and repeatedly

521. Night terror : Fearful dream child awake frightened – cannot remember in the event, occur in early part of night

        Nightmare : occur in last part of the night, awake frightened, and remember the events. In both case observer find the patient is frightened.

522. Nostalgia : Home sickness

523. Numbers : tendency to draw even numbers

524. Nymphomania : Increased desire for sex in females

525. Objective reasonable : Un influenced by emotion or personal opinion

526. Obligations : A moral or legal bond , a depth of gratitude

527. Obscene : Offensive to accepted standard of decency

528. Obsequious : Submissive up to slavery, all time on others opinion, no complaints

529. Obsession : A persistent thought on disagreeable occurrence by compulsion Eg. OCN

530. Obstinate : Inflexible firmly adhering to an opinion by argument

531. Occupation amel : An activity , business or profession provides amelioration to all complaints

532. Occupied : Always busy with things closed to him in his surroundings

533. Odds : Dissatisfied or discontented with himself

534. Offended easily : Sensitive person feel insulted very fast and takes most harmless remark as hurt feeling

535. Older : A precocity in which child behave as a matured person

536. Opinions : Wants to be respected by others, will not tolerate any contradiction

537. Optimistic : Always expect a favorable outcome, no matter how grim thing seems

538. Order in one’s life : Wants everything in perfect orderly manner

539. Orphan : Forsaken children

540. Over active : Always wants to be busy and occupied

541. Overbearing : Proud of her own looks or cloths, looked down upon others with contempt

542. Over sensitive : Extremely susceptible to feel something – pain or happiness

543. Overwhelming : Very proud and c haughty person

544. Over worked : complaints from over work

545. Panic : Sudden attack of fear

546. Paradoxical : That which contrary to received opinion

547. Paranoia : Delusion of persecution or grandeur- as a King

548. Partial : Prejudiced or biased, favoring one person or side over another

549. Passionate : Capable of having intense feeling

550. Pathetic : Arousing pity or sympathy from others

551. Patience : Power to bear anything calmly and coolly without any provocation

552. Peace : A sense of extreme calmness and contentment

553. Pedant : Unduly concerned with book learning and formal rules without understanding or experience

554. Pedophilia : Desire for sexual intercourse with children

555. Perceptions : Insight, product of perceiving

556. Perfectionist : A predilection for setting extremely high standards and being displeased with anything else

557. Perfidious : Faithless, violating faith

558. Perseverance : Try to full fill any condition whatever may be the consequences- not give up easily

559. Persist in nothing : Jumping from one thing to another without any purpose

560. Pert : Impudent in speech or conduct

561. Pertinacity : Persist or holding firmly even if others disagree

562. Perverse : Want of moral feeling

563. Pessimist : Take least hopeful view on any situation

564. Pettiness : A thing of little value given lot of importance

565. Petulant : Peevish or irritable person for no apparent reason and behave crossly with every one

566. Philosophy : Love and pursuit of wisdom by intellectual investigation and moral self-discipline

567. Phlegmatic : Indifference marked by slowness & solidity

568. Photo mania : Desire for light and color

569. Picking : During the course of sickness he plucking & picking anything like clothes

570. Piety nocturnal : Moral & spiritual reasoning at night only

571. Pities herself : Sympathetic & heartfelt sorrow for herself while suffering mentally & physically

572. Placidity : Peaceful & free from agitation, undisturbed and calm

573. Plaintive : Expression of sorrow

574. PLANS making many : This individuals have a habit of wanting to do many things which is not always practical or possible. The person is desirous or expanding his present business for a while he will make many statements, charts, graphs or other things although he may not implement them.

Theorizing : The person has no definite plan, statement, graph etc. but he makes castles in the airway, but it is not so in plans making many.

575. Plants : lover of nature & plants. Green peace movement

576. Playful : Full of good spirit & fun

577. Pleasantly : Full of fun & jesting

578. Pleasing : Desire to please others

579. Pleasure : Agreeable sensation of emotion giving gratification or enjoyment to the mind

580. Polite : submissive

581. Politics ability for : Relating to study structure or affairs of government politics or the state

582. Pompous : Marked by an exaggerated show of dignity or self-importance with an air of superiority

583. Positivness : Affirmative, self-assured, positive in all affairs and reach their objectives

584. Postponing everything next day : A lazy person has the habit of delaying or putting work to tomorrow

585. Power love of : Great desire and ability to control & compel others

586. Praised being : They wishes to have good thing told about him

587. Praying : Religious minded , devote their maximum time for prays

588. Precocity : Attainment of early maturity, development of mental faculties before the proper age

589. Predicting : Power to perceive things that are naturally beyond the range of human sense

590. Prejudiced : Bias or possess ness of mind

591. Premonition : Presentiment of the future in advance

592. Premenstrual symptom : Anger, irritability, depression etc. just before menses

593. Pre occupied : Lost in thought, absorbed from look itself

594. Presumptuous : Bold and over confident

595. Pride : An unreasonable opinion of one’s own excellence

596. Prim : artificial behaviour designed to impress others

597. Procrastinate : Postponing or putting of something until its later date

598. Profanity : Disrespect towards the religious things

599. Prophesying : Foretelling future events

600. Protesting : They rebel against any authority or ruling power

601. Proud : Haughtiness

602. Provoke : To excite, stimulate or incite others

603. Prying : To examine things with impertinent curiosity

604. Pulling hair : Desire to draw out one’s hair

605. Punctilious : Arriving or reacting at the designated time

606. Pyromania : Fire mania

607. Quaking : Sound produced by ducks- occur in mania

608. Qualmish : Bitter regrets arising from the repentance of past misdeeds

609. Quarrelsome : Disposed to fight for pretty matters

610. Queer : Open to suspicion, counter fit

611. Quick to act : He has quick reflexes and react very fast due to great co-ordination of ideas and actions

612. Quite disposition : Tendency to remain calm and peaceful

613. Quitted cannot : So agitated or restless and not possible to keep quite or calm

614. Rage : He has no control over his anger and behave in violent manner

615. Rakes : Immoral personalities

616. Rash : Quality of acting hastily and incautiously

617. Reading av to : A settles and vehement desire not to read

618. Reality flight from : When faced with facts or difficult situation he tries to escape and live in imaginary world

619. Reason increased power of : Increased intellectual faculty ,have logical explanation for every little incident in life

620. Rebellious : Revolt, resents and resist authority

621. Reckless : Careless or heedless of consequences

622. Recognize anything : One ceases to identify his own friends

623. Recriminating : Remain absorbed in nostalgia and bad memories

624. Relenting : An attentive consideration with introspection

625. Rejecting everything : He does not accept things offered , capriciousness

626. Religious : Committed to the service of divine or religion

627. Relocating : Have a desire to change or misplace things from their place

628. Remedies homeopathic : Aversion to homoeopathic medicine

629. Remorse : painful memory of wrong doing, bitter regrets arising from the repentance of past misdeed

630. Renunciation : Self resignation, self-denial

631. Repose : To rest in confidence

632. Reproaches : Ailments after disappointment and disapproval – they blame oneself for something, they lack self confidence

633. Repulsive mood : A tendency to reject anything irrespective of its quality, does not appreciate efforts by others, nothing give him satisfaction

634. Resentment : Feeling of anger or irritation caused by insult

635. Reserved : Introvert, self-restrained in behaviour and expression

636. Resignation : Condition around does not agree very well even though he wants to change it , he cannot- he give up position because he cannot cop up with stress and strain

637. Resolute : Firmness, determination and boldness enough to face circumstances against all odds

638. Respected desire to be : Want to be respected by everybody even though he is not in a good status

639. Responsibility av to : Try to avoid any important job or promotion given to him

640. Rest : Cannot when things are not in proper place, OCN, always cleaning up and put things in order

641. Restlessness : Unable to rest, hyperactive people who are full of energy and desires a constant change

642. Reticent : Reserved in speech

643. Retirement desire for : Desire to withdraw from company or occupation or responsibility

644. Revealing secrets : Making Known the facts which are supposed to be maintained as confidential

645. Revengeful : Take revenge by harming somebody whom had harmed earlier or suspected to have harmed in any way

646. Reverence : Fear mingled with profound respect, showing highest degree of respect to the point of worship

647. Reveres : Day dream, lost in thought

648. Revolutionary : Those who have rebellions thought against any authority or ruling power

649. Rich : Desire to be rich in wealth & money

650.Ridiculous action : Action designed to excite laughter with some degree of contempt, mockery, but without having a very good and sensible aspect on it.

Gestures : are involuntary movement of the organs of the person, but ridiculous action – not such the action presented may be deliberate, yet this is to be considered in that very rubric

651. Riding in carriage av to : Who dislike travel in carriage

652. Right always claim to be : He never accept others opinion and feel that only his judgment will lead to success

653. Rigid : Firmly adhering to an opinion or purpose, inflexible

654. Romantic : An opinion attitude or idea based on feelings/emotions rather than reason

655. Roving about naked : Perverted mind wants to expose in public

656. Rudeness : A general & habitual deficiency in manner and grace, no respect

657. Rules : Aversion to obey the rules, rebellion

658. Runs about : Desire to run away or try to run here and there

659. Sadness : Unhappiness or sorrow , a general term without implication of intensity

660. Sarcasm : A mocking ridicule intended to wound others

661. Satyriasis : Excessive and uncontrollable sexual desire in man

662. Scape goat : A goat on which laid sins of Jewish and then allowed to escape one who made to bear others mistakes

663. Sacred : Frightening and terrifying

664. Skepticism : Doubt full and disbelieve

665. Schizophrenia : Split personality with withdrawal from reality

666. Scoffing : Feeling or showing open disrespect

667. Scolding : Always finding faults and quarrelling by harsh language

668. Scorned : An expression of extreme contempt , but has been in silence

669. Scowl inclination to : Wrinkle brows to look gloomy or threatening

670. Scraping with hands : A symptom of delirium, tear or mark the surface with hands

671. Screaming : A sudden sharp cry indicates sudden terror or fear he has just experienced

672. Scrupulous : Have principles and moral integrity in all the deeds

673. Searching : Search for something on the floor as if lost which may draw the attention of others also

674. Secretive : Reliably close mouthed, maintain privacy in all affairs of life

675. Secrets divulges : Revealing secrets which are of confidential nature

676. Self control : Strong will power and are able to exercise control over their emotions and actions

677. Self deception : Deceiving oneself, mislead to do something due to one’s own illusion

678. Self denial : Forbearing to gratify one’s own appetite and desires

679. Self esteem : Good opinion on oneself

680. Self indulgence : Undue gratification of one’s own appetite and desires

681. Self torture : Inflicting punishment to oneself for the sin feel he had committed

682. Selfishness : Self centered person care for no one but only own

683. Selflessness : Concerned about others rather than one self

684. Senses : Good power of perception & reasoning that even slightest change in their surrounding is immediately felt

685. Sensitive : Most trifling ailment will upset him to such an extent that it cannot be tolerated

686. Sensual : Indulging in sensual activities, lewd and voluptuous

687. Sentimental : Heart rule over the brain, attitude based on feeling or emotions rather than reasons

688. Serene : Calmness of mind and kindly disposed towards everyone although he might be suffering from serious problem

689. Serious : Grave in disposition or manner not in happy mood

690. Servants desire to have : Desire to have someone to help

691. Service : Always depended on others opinion, no complaint

692. Sexual excess : Mental complaint arising after excessive indulgence in sex

693. Shameless : A voluntary act by which exposing body, lack of modesty and decency

694. Shy : Avoiding observation by others , tendency to keep way

695. Sighing : Exhale audible long deep breath as in grief or to express pain

696. Singing : Marked desire to sing continually even during severe illness

697. Sitting inclination to : Inclination to sit irrespective of his surrounding even though there is no seat available

698. Size incorrect judgment of : Incorrect assessment of size, gravity of situation or problem

699. Slander disposition to : Formulating false stories in order to impair public reputation of others

700. Slovenly : Habitually careless about their looks even though financially sound

701. Slowness : Inability to perform any work with fast or normal speed

702. Sluggishness : Disinclination to activity, mentally dull with poor understanding inability to do anything

703. Sly : Inclined to cheat , committing fraud and give false witness in court

704. Smaller thing appear : Everything appear smaller to him

705. Smiling : To express pleasure always

706. Snappish : Speaking curtly. They are tense worried overworked angry person uttering sharp words

707. Snarling : Barking or growling like a dog

708. Sneering at every one : Facial contortions that expression contemptuousness to every one

709. Snub : Ignoring or behaving coldly towards others in a sarcastic manner

710. Sobbing : Weep with audible convulsive catches of breath

711. Soberness : Straight forward, earnest in their dealings and manners

712. Sociability : Fitted for companion ship

713. Solemn : Does not like to deviate from norms

714. Solitude : A desire for loneliness, do not like to mingle with society

715. Somber everything that is : Not satisfies, everything seems to be in a blue condition

716. Somnambulism : An action performed while sleep, not able to recall later

717. Sopor : Deep stupid sleep

718. Sorrowful : Sadness expressing sorrow

719. Spaced out feeling : Stupefaction of mind, empty feeling

720. Spineless : No courage or dare to do anything

721. Spiteful : Petty unwanted annoyance, other person feel offended

722. Spitting : Impulse to spit in face of people – an involuntary action

723. Spoiled children : Conduct disorder , children had over indulged or pampered

724. Spoonerism : Transposition of initial sounds of spoken words

725. Spying everything : Investigate secretly

726. Squandering : Spend money unwisely, unwanted purchase, worthless investments

727. Stage fright : Anticipation on stage, in presence of people

728. Starring : Look fixedly with wide open eyes, totally blank

729. Starting : Wake suddenly from sleep

730. Stating : Very difficult to narrate her complaints

731. Stereotypic : A conventional or traditional idea, no sense of creativity and apprehensive to try out anything new

732. Strange things impulse to do : Wants to unusual things not done by anybody before

733. Stranger sensation : Feeling of one self to b a stranger may occur after high fever

734. Strength increased mental : Mentally strong enough to sustain & withstand stress and strain

735. Stressed : Affected by strain, pressure or force

736. Striking : Touching something with a speed of force, like an accident which may draw attention of others

737. Stubborn : Obstinate, admen to his thoughts and actions

738. Studying difficult : Dull sluggish and lack concentration

739. Stunned : Lose consciousness due to sudden event or news

740. Stupefaction : Astonished and being amazed

741. Stupidity : Unintelligent behaviour, they are intellectually dull and not doing such act deliberately

742. Succeed never : Very hard working person met with repeated failures, now he feel that he will never succeed

743. Suggestions will not receive : Unwillingness to accept advices, they never follow other people suggestions even though it is for their own good

744. Suicidal disposition : Intentionally killing one self

745. Sulky : Silent inactive and unsocial attitude in dejected persons. He will talk only to the extent of his purpose served

746. Sullen : Gloomy and oppressed after being offended

747. Summing up difficult : Very weak in mathematics

748. Superstitious : Old unreasonable obsolete beliefs which cause dread and fear

749. Susceptible : Oversensitive people affected and influenced by deep emotions or any external factor

750. Suspense : Creating a type of anxiety or anticipation

751. Suspicious : Distrustful people always suspecting a wrong being done to them, without sufficient evidence or proof

752. Swearing : After heated exchange make an oath to inflict a doom or misfortune on other Person

753. Swooning fits : Sudden fits or faintness

754. Sympathetic : Friendly sensitivity to other’s emotions, even to those who are not very close to him

755. Taciturn : A gloomy person wants to be left alone

756. Talented : Special aptitude

757. Talkative : Disposition to enjoy conversation to an unlimited end

758. Talk alone when : Talk to themselves either about their anxieties and fears even though there is no one around

759. Talk desire to some one : An intense desire to talk to someone for self satisfaction

760. Tearing : A destructive tendency to destroy things by tearing them

761. Teasing : To irritate for the purpose of provocation

762. Temerity : Over confident & rash

763. Tenderness : Warm friendly affectionate people

764. Testament : Refuse to make a written document

765. Theorizing : Makes many plans without any head or tale

766. Thinking aversion to : Lazy and indolent people dislike to think on any aspect

767. Threatening : A disposition to utter threat even on petty matters

768. Throwing things around : Tendency to throw things in anger

769. Thunderstorm : All the mental complaints and sufferings increase before or during a thunderstorm

770. Ticklishness : Titillating or stir up to pleasure

771. Tics : Gestures or convulsive motions of certain muscles

772. Tidy : Fastidious neat clean and orderly people

773. Time fritters away : Wasting time without having any purpose

774. Timidity : Shrinking from public attention, fear of facing a person or situation

775. Tipsy : Stupefaction of mind

776. Tolerant : Power to bear anything calmly and cannot be easily provoked

777. Tormenting : To put extreme pain anguish and distress to those around him with his minor complaint

778. Torpor : A state of mental or physical inactivity with sluggishness and stagnation of functions

779. Torturing : Threatening and tormenting

780. Trance : A detachment from physical surroundings. Observed when a person totally absorbed in deep concentration especially when listening to music with eyes close and meditating

781. Tranquility : Peaceful, calm and undisturbed mind

782. Trapped : Delusion or feeling of being trapped

783. Trauma mental : Symptoms arising after mentally injured or emotionally disturbed

784. Traveling : Cosmopolitan, feeling of satisfaction by traveling

785. Tribadism : Homosexuality

786. Tricky : Inclined to cheat and committing fraud

787. Trifles : A thing of little value given too much importance

788. Truth telling the plain : They prefer not to lie even if beneficial, come forward and admit their faults

789. Twilight agg : Mental symptoms are aggravated during the faint light- before sunrise and after sunset

790. Un attractive things seems : Everything look un attractive , lacking beauty and charm

791. Unconsciousness : Un aware of his surroundings

792. Understanding not : Unable to comprehend fully

793. Undignified : They have low self esteem and undertake things without dignity – not given the respect they might deserve.

794. Unfeeling : Hard hearted having no sympathy

795. Unfortunate feels : A feeling of ill-fated unsuccessfulness, devoid of have blessing from God

796. Unfriendly humor : Not kind or favorable

797. Un gracious : Lacking social grace, unpleasant & wicked

798. Ungrateful : Never appreciate what others are done for him and do not express their gratitude

799. Unification : A brotherhood feeling

800. Un observing : Lack of observation or failure to notice

801. Un real everything seems : Lacking in truth, whatever visible to him feel unreal

802. Un reasonable : Immoderate and make absurd demands

803. Un reliable : Not to trusted or relied upon

804. Untidy : Very careless about their dress, work or ideas

805. Unworthy : Not conforming to the standards

806. Up heave : A type of excitement in which he rise upwards

807. Usurer : One who lend money in illegal & fraud way

808. Vacillations : Inability to take stands and fluctuate in their opinion

809. Vanity : Always pre occupied with their appearance achievements and belongings

810. Veneration : Deep respect, showing respect excessively

811. Verify everything : OCN, checking everything frequently

812. Verses : Habit of representing thoughts and desires in a poetical manner

813. Vexation : Disturbed and un easy person may feel the smallest occurrences troublesome and annoying. They feel angry or harassed on little matters

814. Vindictive : Inclined to seek revenge when hurt or insulted

815. Vivacious : Full of life animation, enthusiasm & spirit even if faced difficulties

816. Vulnerable : Susceptible to attack emotionally

817. Wailing : To protest by making high pitched prolonged sound suggestive of a cry

818. Wandering : Traveling here and there aimlessly

819. Watched : Observant and vigilant person always being very alert

820. Wearisome : Causing mental or physical fatigue

821. Weary of life : Due to frequent set back in life, mentally and physically fed up with life with no desire to survive as life is felt as a burden

822. Weeping : To express grief or anguish by tears

823. Whimpering : Soft intermittent crying

824. Whimsical : Un predictable erratic mood or actions. He will not listen to any one and will not budge an inch from his thought

825. Whining : A prolonged high pitched cry usually expressing a distress

826. Whistling : A disposition to produce sound like whistling in musical minded or light hearted

827. Wicked disposition : Evil in principles and practice

828. Wild feeling in the head : Turmoil, wild type of impulses rendering a person not amenable to human habitation

829. Wildness : Rough personalities with irregularity of manners and ungovernable emotions

830. Will full : Obstinate and head strong

831. Will contradiction of : Lack of coordination in the desires and execution of these desires by body parts

832. Willy : Cheating and deceitful

833. Witty : Power to amuse and express quickly

834. Woman mannish : Woman who have desire to dress and behave like a man

835. Work av to mental : settled dislike for any sort of mental work

836. Worry : Painful or apprehensive uneasiness

837. Wretched : Miserable, marked or affected by un happiness and sorrow

838. Wrong everything seems : A false sort of felling where he declare everything wrong or it appears wrong to him. Are dissatisfied and make life miserable to others also

839. Yielding : Very flexible and adjustable. Agree to demands made by others, even if they want to do otherwise

840. Zealous : Enthusiastic devoted person in pursuit of perfection


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  • Faroke J Master : Perceiving the rubrics of mind
  • Webster : International Dictionary
  • Chamberline : 20th century dictionary
  • Niraja Ahuja : A short text book of psychiatry
  • Stedman : Medical dictionary
  • Ramakrishna pillai : English Malayalam dictionary
  • Gallawardin : The psychism and Homoeopathy
  • Vithoulkas : The essence of homoeopathic materia medica
  • Rajan sankaran : The spirit of homoeopathy.
  • Bakshi : Manual of Psychiatry 

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  1. 840 symptoms given – how to use them? Do you have a book to sell? So that the remedies related to the specific symptom will get readily?
    Kindly advise me at my email – sondekarna@gmail.com —— Thanks and Regards. You have done a wonderful work.

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