IHMA Model MD Homeopathy Entrance 2006 Paper 1

Questions : 150         Marks : 600     Time : 120 Minutes

1.Please read the instructions given in the OMR Answer Sheet for marking answers. Candidates are advised to strictly follow the instructions contained in the OMR Answer Sheet.

2. For each question there are four suggested answers, given against (A), (B), (C) and (D) of which only one will be MOST APPROPRIATE answer. Indicate it in the OMR Answer Sheet.

3. Negative Marking: In order to discourage wild guessing, the score will be subject to penalization formula based on the number of right answers actually marked and the number of wrong answers marked. Each correct answer will be awarded FOUR marks. ONE mark will be deducted for each incorrect answer. More than one answer marked against a question will be deemed as an incorrect response and will be negatively marked.                             

1) A 50 year old lady presented with severe anxiety with inability to keep still. She would constantly move about her house, and had strange impulses to kill others especially when at rest. She said she frequently had the feeling that she had forgotten something, but could not tell what it was. She has recently become averse to company, and doesn’t like people talking to her. The remedy is

  • A) Hepar sulph    B) Tarentula Hispanica
  • C) Iodum                D) Argentum Nit

2)Match remedies in List-I with those in List-II according to complementary relationship and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists
List-I                    List II
(Symptoms)          (Medicines)

  • A. Graph                 1. Calc carb.
  • B. Kalmia                 2. Benz-ac.
  • C. Secale                3. Caust.
  • D. Cupr                   4. Ars.

(a) A B C D
3 2 4 1
(b) A B C D
2 3 4 1
(c) A B C D
1 2 4 3
(d) A B C D
2 3 1 4

3)A 38 year old patient with Chronic Hepatitis presented with pain liver region < pressure & lying on right. Since last few months he found that he could not lie on the left side as well, because of a dragging feeling in liver region. He was constipated, had loss of appetite and was nauseous occasionally. He also said that he had a peculiar feeling of nervousness at night in bed, especially on closing the eyes. The remedy is

  • A) Mag mur               B) Cinchona
  • C) Cardus mar         D) Digitalis

4)Remedy for cough only in daytime.

  • A) Nux-v                     B) Coccus cacti
  • C) Staphysagria        D) Kali sulph

5)“Sensation as if a thread were hanging down throat”. The remedy is

  • A) Ign         B) Valer
  • C) Puls        D) Moschus

6)Tenesmus after stool is found in

  • A) Merc sol only B) Merc sol & Aloe C) Merc sol & Agaricus
  • D) Merc sol & Colocynth

7)Remedy which is a cross between Bry & Rhus-t in pleurisy

  • A) Ran-b              B) Kali-c
  • C) Oxalic acid    D) Senega

8)Remedy which has “Complains return at the same hour”

  • A) Cedron & Chinninum sulph only B) Cedron, Chinninum sulph & Lachesis
  • C) Cedron, Chinninum sulph & Naja D) Cedron, Chinninumsulph & Ignatia

9)“Abstraction of mind” – Remedies are

  • A) Cicuta                                  B) Cicuta & Nux moschata
  • C) Cicuta & Cuprum met    D) Cicuta & Anacardium

10)Hot patients, with coryza < open air may require

  • A) Kali iod only                   B) Kali sulph only
  •  C) Kali iod & kali sulph    D) Kali iod, Kali sulph & Iodum

11)Which among the following is the cognate of Baryta carb in tonsillitis according to Dr. Kent ?

  • A) Phytolacca      B) Alumen
  • C) Conium              D) Merc sol

12)Match common names of remedies List-I with their families in List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists
List-I                        List II
(Symptoms)                 (Medicines)

  • A. Black spruce        1. Beriberidacea
  • B. Indian Pennywort  2. Gentianacea
  • C. Buck bean           3. Ranunculacea.
  • D. May apple           4. Coniferae

(a) A B C D
2 3 4 1
(b) A B C D
2 3 1 4
(c) A B C D
2 1 4 3
(d) A B C D
4 3 2 1

13)Which among the following authors have written the book “A Manual of Homoeopathic Therapeutics”?

  • A) E Neatby & TG Stonham                           B) Richard Hughes & JP Dake
  • C) EA Farrington & Harvey Farrington   D) HA Roberts & TF Allen

14)Which remedy according to Boericke is efficacious in clearing the remnants of cancerous deposits ?

  • A) Malandrinum     B) Hydrastis
  • C) Ars Alb                 D) Calendula

15)Which among the following symptoms are characteristic of Natrum carb ?

  • 1)Sadness < eating
  • 2)Anxiety < music
  • 3)Headache > eating
  • 4)Desire Milk

A) 1, 2, 3   B) 2 & 3    C) 2 only   D) 1 & 2

16)Which of the following symptoms are not covered by Phosphoric acid ?

  • 1)Homesickness
  • 2)Weakness from grief
  • 3)Burning vertex from grief
  • 4)Craving fruits

A) 1, 2, 3, 4    B) 3 only   C) 3 & 4    D) None

17)Which of the following are characteristic of Lilium Tig

  • 1)< consolation
  • 2)Undertakes many things, persists in nothing
  • 3)Nymphomania
  • 4)Cowardice

A) 1 & 3    B) 1, 3, 4     C) 1, 2, 3    D) All of the above

18)In “Materia medica pura”, symptoms with no name or symbol attached signifies

  • A) Doubtful symptoms  B) Symptoms from Hahnemann
  • C) Clinical symptoms     D) Toxicological symptoms

19)The notation ☞ ( “pointing finger”) in Hering’s “Guiding Symptoms” signify

  • A) Approved characteristic        B) Toxicological symptom
  • C) Clinically verified symptom  D) Observations only on sick persons

20)Match symptoms in List-I with Remedies in List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists
List-I                                              List II
(Symptoms)                                    (Medicines)

  • A. Vertex headache > hard pressure  1. Secale cor
  • B. First stages of a cold with chilliness & Sneezing 2.Cuprum met.
  • C. Asthma < 3 AM                             3. Verat alb.
  • D. Ravenous appetite with diarrhoea  4. Camphor

(a) A B C D
4 3 2 1
(b) A B C D
2 3 4 1
(c) A B C D
3 4 1 2
(d) A B C D
3 4 2 1

21)Cactus was proved by

  • A) Nunez B) Rubini C) Burnett D) Drysdale

22)Which remedy is prepared from the meconium deposit out of the amniotic fluid of the mare or the cow ?

  • A) Malandrinum B) Hippozaeninum C) Hippomanes D) Lac vaccininum

23)Remedy prepared from secretion of preputial sac of Beaver

  • A) Moschus B) Cajaputum C) Castoreum D) Pulmo vulpes

24)Inimical remedy of Carbo veg

  • A) Cinchona B) Kreosote C) Carbo animalis D) Cuprum met

25)Remedy with a pronounced action on the inferior maxillary branch of the fifth pair of the cranial nerves

  • A) Chinninum sulph B) Physostigma C) Causticum D) Verbascum

26)According to Boericke, this remedy should be though of in cases with continued high temperature

  • A)Millefolium
  • B)Pyrogen
  • C)Baptisia
  • D)Aconite

27)A Child with asthma has 2 – 3episodes of breathlessness occurring in the same night. The episodes occurred mostly after midnight, and on a few days had severe episodes around 3 am. The child is frightened easily, and asthmatic attacks follow such instances. The parents said that the child was fat earlier, but was now losing weight.

  • A) Thuja B) Kali carb C) Opium D) Sambucus

28)Which among these remedies have dryness of mouth with thirstlessness ?

  • A) Puls, Nux moschata & Rhus tox          B) Puls, Nux moschata &Lachesis
  • C) Puls , Nux moschata & Bryonia           D) Puls, Nux moschata & Chelidonium

29)Match the food desires, aversions and modalities in List-I with Remedies in List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists
List-I                            List II
(Symptoms)                   (Medicines)

  • A. Fruit >                   1. Ferrum met
  • B. Desire tomatoes     2. Gelsemium.
  • C. Aversion Garlic      3. Lachesis
  • D. Alcoholic drinks >   4. Sabadilla

(a) A B C D
3 1 4 2
(b) A B C D
2 3 4 1
(c) A B C D
2 1 4 3
(d) A B C D
4 3 2 1

30)According to Nash, this remedy is the nearest specific to cholera morbus

  • A) Antim tart B) Secale cor
  • C) Camphor   D) Podophyllum

31)Repertory of fever was written by

  • a. H.C allen b. W.A. allen
  • c. W.J. guernsey d. Lutze

32)Who told “best repertory is that which one makes oneself”

  • a. J.H.Clark b. J.T.kent
  • c. P. schmidt c. Hahnemann

33) In kneer’s repertory hand sign represents what

  • a. toxicological extract             b.cross reference
  • c. pathologiacal condition      d.remedies confirmed

34)Which of the repertory is written by T.F. Allen

  • a. analytical repertory b. symptom repertory
  • c. symptom register    d. an alphabetical repertory

35)Remedy for convulsions when small pox fails to break out

  • a. ant c     b. rhus t
  • c. stram   d. nux v

36)Remedy for pyromania in Boger’s repertory

  • a. ars alb               B. lachesis
  • c. hep sulph        d. belladonna

37) Gluttony is

  • a. hopelessness                                   b. boldness
  • c. insatiable desire for wealth     d. compulsive desire to eat

38) Anaemia is found in which chapter in Kent’s repertory

  • a. eyes                     b. skin
  • c. generalities    d. extremities

39) Remedy for coryza during stool in Kents repertory

  • a. thuja                          b. sulphur
  • c. medorrhinum       d. Tuberculinum

40)Rubric smegma increased is seen in which chapter of Kent’s repertory

  • a. genitalia       b. skin
  • c. urine             d. cough

41)Sit inclination to is seen in which chapter in kents repertory

  • a. generalities     b. mind
  • c. extremities    d. sensations

42) Showing feelings that are not real

  • a. affectionate     b. happiness
  • c. affectation      d. envy

43)Remedy for abortion from excitement in kents repertory

  • a. Sabina     b. caulophyllum
  • c. ignatia    d. Gelsemium

44)Remedy not given in boger’s repertory for nasal polyp

  • a. calc           b. phos
  • c. sang         d. teucrium

45) Rremedy for corrugated nails in kents repertory

  • a. silicea            b. sulphur
  • c. graphitis     d. nat-m

46)Anthrax is seen in which chapter of Kent’s repertory

  • a. skin              b. extremities
  • c. fever           d. generalities

47)Re echoing his own sound is seen in chapter

  • a. ear                         b. hearing
  • c. generalities      d. mind

48) S.T.M.E arrangement in Kent’s repertory is combined by

  • a. Lee                      b. Minerva green
  • c. Gladwin           d. M.L. Tyler

49)No single symptom, no matter how rare and peculiar can strong without the support of well taken case and likeness of whole patient of the remedy. who told this?

  • a. Stuart close        b. Kent
  • c. H.A. Roberts     d. Hahnemann

50)Word rubric comes from which language

  • a. Greeck           b.Ltin
  • c. English         d.German

51)Editorship of aphorisms of Hippocrates is written by

  • a. Boger           b. Boenninghausens
  • c. Kent            d. Hahnemann

52)Rubric children especially remedies for is given in which chapter of boenninghausen’s repertory

  • a. sensations and complaints     b. amelioration
  • c. generalities                                   d. aggravations

53)Abortion is seen in which chapter of boenninghausen’s repertory

  • a. menstruation   b. genitalia female
  • c. sexual organs  d. generalities

54)Rubric childbed is given in which chapter of boger’s repertory

  • a. genitalia female organs  b. sensations and complaints
  • c. aggravation                         d.fever

55)Remedy for nettle rash in boger’s repertory is

  • a. rhus t      b. ars alb
  • c. apis          d. Sepia

56)What is steiss

  • a. fatty stool          b. region of coccyx
  • c. aggravation     d. sensations

57)Remedy for flies from her own children in Kent’s repertory

  • a. lyc         b. sepia
  • c. plat      d. raph

58)Cold breath is seen which chapter of kents repertory

  • a. respiration   b. mouth
  • c. nose               d. face

59)Brittle bones is given in which chapter of kents repertory

  • a. extremities           b. back
  • c. generalities          d. fever

60)Remedy not included under the rubric lean people in kents repertory

  • a. nat-m           b. calc-p
  • c. sulph           d. ambr

61)The median cubital vein is the vein of choice for I V for withdrawing blood from donors and for catheterization because

  • a) It is a long vein                b) doesn’t slip during perceiving
  • c) It is an accessory vein d) It is a deep vein.

62. The arch of aorta lies behind the

  • a) Lower half of manubrium sterni      b) xiphoid process of sternum
  • c) Middle 1/3 rd manubrium sterni    d) Jugular notch

63. The right coronary artery supplies all except

  • a) SA node                                    b) Interatrial septum
  • c) Interventricular septum  d) Apex of heart

64. Diseases of hip may produce referred pain in knee because of

  • a) Femoral & sciatic nerve      b) femoral &obturator nerve
  • c) obturator & sciatic nerve  d) only sciatic nerve.

65) Which nerve is “Musician‘s nerve”?

  • a) Radial nerve        b) ulnar nerve
  • c) median nerve     d) Sciatic nerve

66) Primary motor area of the brain

  • a) Superior temporal gyri  b) Post central gyri
  • c) Pre central gyri                 d) Inferior frontal gyri

67) Pressure sensation is received by

  • a) Krause’s bulb                      b) Pacinian corpuscles
  • c) Meissener’s corpuscles d) Ruffini’s end organs

68) Tissue macrophage in brain are

  • a) Reticulum cells b) neruoglia
  • c) Microglia            d) histiocytes

69) Normal dead space air volume

  • a) 150ml b) 300ml c) 1200ml d) 500ml

70) Stein leventhal syndrome is characterized by

  • a) ↑ LH, ↑Androgen  b) ↑ LH , ↓ Androgen
  • c) ↑ LH, ↓ Androgen d) None of above

71) Spike and dome pattern EEG is seen in

  • a) Petit mal epilepsy b) Grand mal epilepsy
  • c) Akinetic attacks    d) Absence seizures

72) Third heart sound is due to

  • a) closure of mitral and tricuspid valves b) first rapid ventricular filling
  • c) rapid rush of blood into ventricles       d) closure of semilunar valves

73) Starting material for synthesis of cholesterol is

  • a) Acetyl CoA    b) α keto glutaric acid
  • c) Pyruvic acid d) Succinyl CoA

74).Aminoacid excreted in urine in pregnancy

  • a) Cystein b) Methionine
  • c) Histidine d) Ornithine

75)Pain & temperature is carried by

  • a) Anterior spinothalamic b) Lateral spinothalamic
  • c) Rubrospinal                       d) Corticospinal

76) Theca cells secrete

  • a) Testosterone b) Androstenidione
  • c) Progestrone d) Both a&b

77)Retention of Na +, Cl & H2o is due to the hormone

  • a) Corticosterone b) Aldosterone
  • c) Insulin                d) ADH

78) Which is not affected in chronic obstructive lung diseases

  • a) FVC b) RV c) TLC d) ERV

79) Travellers diarrhea is most commonly associated with

  • a) E coli b) Shigella c) Cocci   d) Entamoeba

80) Vibrio cholera are

  • a) Gram –ve rods      b) Gram + rods
  • c) Gram + flagellate d) none of above

81)Oroya fever is caused by

  • a) Bartonella bacilloformis b) Entamoeba histolytica
  • c) Borelia burgdoferi             d) Pneumococcus

82) The most common cause of congenital viral infection

  • a) Cytomegalovirus b) Toxoplasma
  • c) EB virus d) Gonococci

83) Allergic phenomenon due to schistosomiasis is known as

  • a) Katayama syndrome b) Waterhouse-frierdrichson syndrome
  • c) Caplan’s syndrome d) None of above

84) Frei’s test is used in diagnosis of

  • a) Lymphogranuloma venerum
  • b) Tertiary syphilis
  • c) Trichomonas vaginalis
  • d) Chancroid

85) IP of diphtheria is

  • a) 8-14 days b)2-6 days c) 1-6 hours d) 3-6 weeks

86 .Marker for CA breast is

  • a) HCG           b) CA 125
  • c) CA 15-3  d) CEA

87. “Father of Modern pathology” is

  • a) Joseph Lister b) Virchow
  • c) Louis Pasteur d) Herophilus

88. Most sensitive indicator of primary hypothyroidism is

  • a) serum T 3     b)serum T4
  • c) TSH                d) Thyroid scan

89. Onion skin appearance of spleen in

  • a) Amyloidosis    b) SLE
  • c) PSS                      d) Porphyria

90. The most usual site of involvement of polyarteritis nodosa

  • a) Kidney         b) spleen
  • c)liver              d) joints

91. Cobble stone appearance of mucosa is seen in

  • a) Ulcerative colitis               b) Crohn’s disease
  • c) Chronic pancreatitis         d)chronic appendicitis .

92. The most common site for intestinal amoebiasis is

  • a) Ileum                         b) Caecum
  • c) Transverse colon d) Duodenum

93. ‘School of fish’ type of arrangement is seen in

  • a) V.parahaemolyticus b)Pseudomonas mallei
  • c) H.ducreyi                     d) Bordetella parapertussis

94. Framboesia is another name for

  • a) Pinta b) Endemic syphilis
  • c) Yaws d) Any of above

95. Toxic epidermal necrolysis is caused by

  • a) Staphylococci b) Pneumococci
  • c) E.coli                  d) Pseudomonas

96. The commest form of anthrax is

  • a) Ailmentary b) Cutaneous
  • c) Pulmonary d)Hepatic

97. Joule burn is seen in

  • a) Drowning                 b) Electocution
  • c) Datura poisoning d) None of above

98. Rigor mortis first starts in

  • a)Jaw b) upper eyelids c) fingers d)neck

99. Cyanide poisoning produces

  • a) brick red colour b) cherry red colour
  • c) green colour d) black colour

100. Lucid interval is seen in which of the following

  • a) Extra dural haemorrhage b) subdural haemorrhage
  • c) Anxiety neurosis                 d) none of above

101. Marquis test is used to identify

  • a) CO poisoning    b) lead poisoning
  • c) H2S poisoning D) Opium poisoning

102. Lynching is a form of

  • a) suicidal hanging b) homicidal hanging
  • c) throttling              d) none of above

103.Berberin is found in

  • a) berberis vulgaris b)Argemone mexicana
  • c) both of above      d) none of above

104.The method used for separating volatile solid from non-volatile solid is called

  • a) Evaporation b) Sublimation
  • c) Decantation d) Crystallisation

105. Class v of old class deals with

  • a) mother tinctures     b) Alcoholic solutions
  • c) Aqueous solutions d) mother solutions

106. 1 grain powder is equal to

  • a)65 mg b) 80mg c) 90 mg d) 100 mg

107. First pharmacopoeia was published in year

  • a) 1790 b) 1796 c) 1805 d)1825

108. Cephalandra and bryonia belongs to family

  • a) Compositae b) Cucurbitaceae
  • c) Solanaceae d) rubiaceae

109. Digitalis belong to the family

  • a)Compositae b) Scrophluraceae
  • c) solanaceae d) Ranunculaeae

110. Route of administration of drugs is dealt in

  • a)Pharmacognosy  b)pharmacology
  • c) pharmaconomy d) Pharmacoproxy

111.On the —— Dr Hahnemann has got his M D(doctrate of medicine)

  • a)10 th august 1779
  • b) 10 th august 1780
  • c) 10 th august 1781
  • d) 10 th august 1782

112. Dr Samuel Hahnemann has started his practice in

  • a)Hettstedt
  • b) Meissen
  • c)Leipsic
  • d) Earlangen

113)In the year 1816 Hahnemann has written

  • a)Aesculapius in the Balance
  • b)Essay on the effect of coffee
  • c)Essay on treatment of Burns
  • d)Essay on direction for curing old scars and forensic detection

114) Number of medicines described in fragmenta de viribis by dr hahnemann

  • a)23 b)25 c) 27 d) 29

115. Hahnemann has written the book Materia medica Pura during the year

  • a) 1805-1810
  • b)1810-1811
  • c)1811-1821
  • d)1821-1828

116. Which one of following is a contribution by J H Clarke

  • a)Domestic Physician
  • b)A dictionary of domestic medicine
  • c)Homoeopathic Domestic Physician in brief therapeutic Diagnosis
  • d)none

117.Who filled the chair of Materia Medica in the homoeopathic college of Pennsylvania from 1863 -1868.

  • a)Hering        b)Burnett
  • c)von Lippe d) H C allen

118. The book ‘what the doctor needs in order to make a successful prescription’ written by

  • a) Boger     b) Tyler
  • c)Schmidt d) Kent

119. Magic cure of his disease gangrene of forefinger by —– medicine converted the father of American homoeopathy to homoeopathy

  • a)Ars alb     b) Lachesis
  • c) Nit-acid d)None

120. In 1850 Caroll Dunham received the degree of MD from

  • a) Western homoeopathic college at Cleveland
  • b) College of Physicians and surgeons at New York
  • c) New york homoeopathic medical college
  • d) Glasgow university

121. ‘Table of contents’ included in the book Organon for the first time in

  • a) First edition b)Second edn
  • c)Third edn      d) Fifth edn

122. Of the below in which period the manuscript of the 6 th edn of organon was in danger of being lost

  • a) 1870-1871 and 1914-1918
  • b) 1872-1873 and 1919-1923
  • c) 1874-1875 and 1924-1928
  • d) 1876-1877 and 1929-1933

123. The morbid symptoms of the patient suffering from tape worm are generally of such a kind that they are rapidly relieved (Homoeopathically) by the smallest dose of tincture of —-

  • a) Male motherwort b) Male mugwort
  • c) Male musk root     d)male fern root

124. A small globule of the decillionth fold dilution of ——- gives , with abstinence from vegetable acids,so that the most violent pleuritic fever with all its alarming concomitants is changed into health and cured without the least abstraction of blood and without any phlogistic remedy,in a few –at the most in 24 hours.

  • a) Acetic acid b) Bryonia
  • c) Aconite      d) Lachesis

125.Who translated the section first of organon of medicine as follows  ‘The physician’s highest and ONLY calling is to restore health to the sick ,which is called healing’

  • a)Dudgeon b) Von brunnow
  • c) Weihe     d)Wesselhoft

126.Where will u see the term ‘one sided procedure’ in the 5thedn of Organon of medicine

  • a) FN §58
  • b) FN §7
  • C) FN §181
  • D)FN § 102

127. 50 years expeience of this sort is like 50 years of looking into a kaleidoscope filled with unknown coloured objects and perpetually turning round ;thousands of everchanging figures and no accounting for them!

  • a) FN §25
  • b)FN § 80
  • c)FN § 109
  • d)FN § 246

128. No physician ever effected a permanent cure of diseases of considerable or of longstanding unless some homoepathic medicinal agent was accidently a chief ingredient in his prescription.

  • a) § 54
  • b) §61
  • c) §128
  • d) §159

129.In FN of sec 67 Hahnemann recommends coffee, camphor , ipecac for poisoning by

  • a) Mineral acids b) Metallic poison
  • c) Opium              d) None

130. By criminal treason against divine homoeopathy ,Hahnemann means

  • a) Relying on previous experience for treatment
  • b) Alternating 2 medicines
  • c) Local treatment without curing internal miasmatic disease
  • d) Practice at one time homeopathically at another allopathically ,according to the pleasure of patient

131. Hahnemann himself saw the mumps (angina parotidae)immediately disappear when the cow pox inoculation had taken effect .This is an eg for

  • a)Two dissimilar disease meeting together in the human being be of equal strength
  • b)Two dissimilar disease meeting together in the human being the new one is stronger
  • c)Formation of complex disease
  • d)Two similar disease meeting together

132.Where did Hahnemann recommended to note the the state of menstrual discharge in chronic disease of female in 5th edn of organon

  • a) §89 b) FN § 89 c) § 94 d) FN §94

133. Placebo has been pointed out as something of an unmedicinal nature by Hahnemann in

  • a. § 91 b. § 140 c. § 260 d. § 281

134. The medicine must be tested on both males and females in order also to reveal the alterations of the health they produce in the sexual sphere

  • a. § 122 b. § 124 c. § 127 d § 132

135. Most deplorable, most incurable of all chronic disease according to Hahnemann is

  • a. pseudo chronic disease    b. artificial chronic disease
  • c. true chronic disease          d. indisposition

136 the word used by Hahnemann for totality in § 153

  • a. portrait of disease b. totality of symptoms
  • c. complete picture d. collective symptoms


  • a. § 109 b. §153 c. § 183 d. § 235

138.In case of acute disease ,when symptoms are very indistinct hahnemann recommends administration of

  • a) Sulphur b) Aconite c)Opium d) Nux vom

139.In chronic local maladies that are not obviously veneral ——- treatment is more over alone requisite

  • a)Antipsoric external                                     b) Antipsoric internal
  • c)Antipsoric followed by antisyphilitic d) Antisyphilitic followed by antipsoric

140 .In section 201 hahnemann tells that old ulcers in the legs get worse as long as internal—– is uncured.

  • a) psora   b) Syphilis
  • c)Sycosis d) Pseudopsora

141.Even in such as are acutes, observe, along with other symptoms , those relating to the changes in the state of mind and disposition

  • a) 88 b) 90 c) 208 d)213

142. In case of intermittent fever where pyrexia stage is very short, medicine should be administered during

  • a. soon after the termination of paroxysm b. sweat stage
  • c. declining period of paroxysm                     d. heat stage

143. A true homoeopathic physician never gambles with the life of the sick entrusted to him. Here gambling belongs to

  • a. antipathy  b. mineral bath
  • c. magnetism d. galvanism

144. Too violent action produced by employment of the power of magnet for healing may be antidoted by a plate of polished

  • a. tin b. gold c. zinc d. copper

145. A marvelous, priceless, gift of God to mankind according to Hahnemann

  • a. animal magnetism                 b. mineral magnetism
  • c. electricity and galvanism  d. homoeopathy

146.Section §289- §292 of 5th edition of Organon deals with

  • a. pharmacopraxy         b. pharmaconomy
  • c. pharmacodynamics d. pharmacognosy

147. Seven eighth of all chronic disease arise from

  • a. sycosis b. syphilis
  • c. psora    d. pseudopsora

148. The chronic disease that is most easily cured is

  • a. psora     b. syphilis
  • c. sycosis  d. pseudopsora

149. For the other common Gonorrhoea, Hahnemann advices

  • a) Parsley b) Copaiva
  • c) Both     d) Thuja

150. Infectious form of Psora

  • a) vesicular eruption b) Herpes with peculiar itching
  • c) tinea capitis             d) All

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