IHMA Opposes Equalization of External MD in Kerala

Sub: Unfortunate resolution by Calicut University Faculty of Homoeopathy to equalize Regular and External PG degree in Homoeopathy –– Request for early intervention Reg.

We, the Indian Homoeopatic Medical Association (Kerala State Chapter), the national proffessional platform of Homoeopathic doctors operating in the state, submit the following for your kind consideration and earliest favorable action.

With great surprise and utter disspointment, we have very recently learned that the Faculty of Homoeopathy of Calicut University in its very recent meeting has resolved to equalize regular PG degree and external PG degree in Homoeopathy. More than 90% members are ExternalMD holders in this faculty!!.The presence of only one teacher from Calicut University (Dr CT Anilakumari) who retires this month.All other members are from other Universities.

We, being always at strong vigil on the standards and quality of Homoeopathic academic scenario from our very inception, fear that this retrograde step is detrimental to the fair progress of homoeopathic medical education, and in maintaining high academic standards in the field of Homoeopathic medical education & practice.

From its very launch, Indian Homeopathic Medical Association has been skeptic about the long runing impacts on this this ridiculous academic programme launches by apex bodies and its long lasting aftermaths and today we find ourselves at an unfortunate juncture where those with vested priorities from among senior Homoeopathoc academicians raise gross challenges to the entire Homoeopathoc acadmic system and its credibility by equating this with Regular MD programme. IHMA is aware that we may have to bite the bullet in our plight to safeguard Homoeopathic academics from such discrepancies and assure you that we shall stay committed to the cause whatever it takes.

This issue was raised in a memorandum to your office dated 19/06/2010 by the Post Graduate Teachers Organisation in Homoeopathy, and was discussed in the Board of Studies in Homoeopathy (PG) meeting on 12/08/10. This meeting could not arrive at a consensus on the issue, though strong opposition to equalization was raised by certain board members.   We are therefore dismayed that the faculty of Homoeopathy, a responsible body by all means, has taken such a resolution on this crucial matter. We therefore request your kind self to do the needful in this regard and we hereby place before your good self, the facts regarding external PG degree in homoeopathy for making necessary interventions. These were already brought to your notice by the Post Graduate Teachers organization in Homoeopathy on their recent memorandum dated 12/3/2012.

The reason for our concern lies in the very nature of external PG degree, which are as follows:

  • The external PG degree is an off campus course which does not require formal institutionalized training. Candidates of external PG are not required to attend outpatient and inpatient duties, conduct seminars, discussions and classes by qualified teachers etc as is the case of regular PG students. The relevance of such a course in the field of medical education is highly suspectful, to say the least.
  • The external PG degree is of two years duration, while the regular PG degree is of three year duration.    The basic qualification for enrolling in external PG course is only a diploma in homoeopathy while for regular PG course it is a degree in homoeopathy.    For the regular MD student, this usually means 3 years of strenuous work after a 5½ year course of BHMS degree.   The External MD student on the other hand, can get a “Post Graduate” degree in a leisurely 2 years even without having a degree in homoeopathy!
  • It may be relevant to recall the Honorable Supreme Court judgment on February 25, 2009, (Civil Appeal No. 4173 of 2008, Annamalai University versus Secretary to Govt., Information & Tourism Dept & Others) which observed that a Masters degree awarded to a candidate who has not undergone a degree (Bachelor’s) course cannot be valid.
    • The external PG course can never be equated to the regular PG course with reference to the syllabus, conduct of the course and the mode of examinations.   Further none of the Universities of Kerala so far has recognized or approved the external PG in Homoeopathy.

A concise comparison between the two courses:


Regular MD

External MD


3 years

2 years

Minimum Eligibility



Selection process

PG Entrance by CEE Govt. of Kerala

No entrance

Criteria of admission

Exclusively on merit

Payment only

Mode of teaching

Regular classroom oriented




Regular & systemic training

Teaching students

Seminars, clinical discussion, journal club,


House Job

One year

No house job


3 year regular

No attendance.

Only for exam


Part. I &II

1 exam

University approval

Approved by all universities in Kerala

Not approved by any universities in Kerala.

Kerala Homeopathic Service rule2001


Not included due to lack of 3 year regular attendance

Colleges in Kerala

Now in 2 Govt. Colleges.  Will start soon in aided colleges also

Conducted by deemed universities of Maharsathra, Tamil Nadu etc.

  • The supporters for equalization quote the decision of the Executive Committee of the Central Council of Homoeopathy (CCH) in its meeting dated 23-03-06, which decided that both qualifications “are at par for all purposes including service matters”.
  • Indian Homoeopathic Medical Associaton has been on a firm plight against any equalization of this External MD course with the Regular MD programmes and has represented at multiple levels of Homoeopathic academics including the Central Council of Homoeopathy, Dept of AYUSH. GOI & Govt of Kerala.
  • So far there has been multiple attemps from very mean sources who desired personal gains jeopardizing the very credibility, standards and quality of Homeoopathic academic scenario, but has miserably failed when the apex bodies could always be convinced with ease the very explicit differeces between the two. This recent step was shocking and gives a deep sense of insecurity and even brings to suspicion the very nature of the composition & constitution of faculty of Homoeopathy.  We also request you to dissolve such a Faculty which has compromised on high morales as far as academic scenario is concerned and to reconstitute the same.
  • The academic council of the University of Kerala had appointed a commission in 2001 chaired by Honorable Pro Vice Chancellor of Kerala University, Prof. S. Kevin, on the matter of External PG course in homoeopathy.   This commission submitted the report in 2002 which clearly stated that “the University of Kerala need not sanction the External PG Degree in Homoeopathy as it cannot maintain the academic standards expected of a PG degree in medicine”.
  • The Health & Family welfare department, Govt. of Kerala has also made it amply clear in 2010 that the two courses cannot be considered equal.

Adverse Impact of equalization
It is a matter of much concern to us that if an off campus course of 2 years duration is equalized with a regular residential institutionalized course of 3 years duration, it would have an adverse impact on the standard of Homoeopathic medical education in the state.

  • Equalization of external MD course with regular MD will be a retrograde step in the progress of homoeopathic medical education.    The morale of regular PG students will be dented on the realization that their hard earned postgraduate degree is seen as equal to what is only a little more than a correspondence course!
  • PG degree is a preferential qualification for appointment as tutors in Homoeopathic Medical Colleges. If the authorities see external PG course as equal to regular PG degree, then it will be a severe blow to the prospects of fresh regular PG holders applying to the post of tutors.   This problem is especially urgent now as the Public Service Commission has recently invited application for appointment to the post of tutors in several subjects.

We hope it is very clear from the above statements why external PG degree in Homoeopathy should not be equalized with regular PG  degree for any purpose.   We therefore humbly request you not to consider regular PG and External PG in Homoeopathy as equivalent qualifications. We further request you to direct the authorities concerned to strike down the decision of the faculty of homoeopathy, equalizing both qualifications. We hope you will intervene in this matter and there by save Homoeopathic education and practice from utter disgrace.

Yours faithfully,
General Secretary, Kerala State Chapter, Indian Homoeopathic Medical Association (IHMA)

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  1. I also support the decision & strenuous work being done by IHMA in this issue. Due to any mode, External M.D should not be equalised with Regular M.D.We have to fought against this necessary evil by using our all abilities.

  2. WHEN INTERNAL M.D. is plagued by so many problems, where is the justification of ‘External’ M.D.? Is M.D. degree categorised as fruits or vegetables which anyone from the public can purchase? It should be kept ‘external’ from homoepathic education.

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