Importance of Diagnosis in Homeopathy

stethDr Mansoor Ali

Diagnosis means the art and act of identifying the disease from its signs and symptoms. Proper diagnosis always compliments the various procedure taken by the homoeopathic physician.

 For selecting the case.

  • Proper diagnosis is a must to decide the type of treatment  required by the patient.
  • Selection of cases requiring medicinal management.
  • Elimination of cases requiring surgical or mechanical mgt.
  • Selecting cases which come under similia.

 Plan of treatment.

  • Patients are presented in different forms and we have to adopt different modes in these cases.
  • Many of the cases are presented in secondary manifestations, the primary manifestation being obscure. Diagnosis give a clue towards primary manifestation.
  • Diagnosis of the disease in case with vague or obscure symptoms may give hint towards the seat and nature of the disease.
  • Diagnosis of the case with multi system involvement give hint towards the area of severity and help in the institution of treatment.
  • In cases with acute and chronic manifestation, separation of symptomatolgy of two is possible through the knowledge of diagnosis.
  • Diagnosis give the idea about the pathological and constitutional tendencies, that help us to decide whether a constitutional, miasmatic or palliative medicine is required.
  • It is an indirect help in the process of cure. Laboratory investigation reports or diagnosis definitely help us to access the effect of medicine, progress etc. in a condition.
  • For deciding the correct diet and regimen with general  management of the case.
  • In accessing the depth of disease.

Selection of medicine .

  • In the evaluation of symptom _ from the knowledge of diagnosis we can separate symptoms of the disease from the symptoms of the patient.
  • Sieving out the peculiar, uncommon, charectrestic individualizing symptom from the various symptoms.
  • Helping us in the assessment of the real significant of the new symptom in the course of treatment after our prescription. Whether the new symptom belongs to the remedy or due to the further progress of the disease.
  • Cautious us in the use of deep acting violent remedies in too low or too high potencies when there is advanced pathological condition.
  • In accessing the depth of disease. Eg. leucorrhoea may prone to be a case of advanced carcinoma cervix.
  • From the pathologically diagnosed condition, certain nosodes may be prepared.
  • Help in the selection of potency.

General management.
Diagnosis provide the proper knowledge of general management including provision and exclusion of diet and regimen, exercise or rest, and any other accessory  management.

To prevent contagious disease arising from an acute miasm, a physician must have a nosological diagnostic experiance.Diagnosis alone guide us in notifying and instituting proper preventive measures.

Statistical data.
The effectiveness of our system can demonstrated to scientific society only through diagnostic basis.

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