Interdisciplinary Ayush researchers want priority in appointment as research officers under Ayush ministry

Peethaambaran Kunnathoor, Chennai

Expecting more activities from the Union ministry of Ayush (MoA) towards promotion and globalisation of Ayush systems, the post graduates in traditional medicines with higher education in basic medical sciences and engaged in researches (interdisciplinary Ayush researchers–IDAR) have demanded that they should be given preference for appointment as research officers (RO) in various departments under the Ayush ministry.

With this request, the IDAR fellows will shortly approach the MoA urging it to set aside the posts of ROs under Ayush ministry only for the interdisciplinary graduates.

At the outset, the ministry of Ayush should instruct the Central Research Councils (CCRA, CCRS, CCRU, CCRH, CCRN) to prepare such a list of IDARs in order to utilise their potentials whenever required. But either the CCIM or the Research Councils have no list of these interdisciplinary graduates. The CCIM should enlist them under a separate register as ‘interdisciplinary Ayush researchers’, said the IDAR fellows.

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