International Homoeopathic Conference 2017 Bengaluru

Seminar-HallInternational Homoeopathic Conference 2017  Bengaluru –  A Unique Experiment

We welcome everyone to the International Homoeopathic Conference 2017 Bengaluru. It is first of its kind under the banner of Karnataka Qualified Homoeopathic Doctors Association (KQHDA).  We have completed 25yrs of our existence and we are celebrating our Silver Jubilee by organising this conference. We have been planning this event since last 2 yrs.

Friends at Bangalore, India, we are experimenting with this unique thing of conducting an International Homoeopathic Conference 2017 with an idea of bringing various schools of thought under one roof and expose the Homoeopathic fraternity with this unique opportunity. 

In India and also outside number of approaches to similimum are emerging, each one has his own way of arriving at similimum and so different schools of thought. This is unique only to Homoeopathy. This we can’t expect in any other System of Method. In other systems if paracetamol controls the fever 99% of physicians agree and use it only as antipyretic / anti-inflammatory, but they will never use it for diarrhoea, where as in homoeopathy you use Nux vomica for Constipation as well as Diarrhoea and may be for fever, leucorrhoea and what not.    

During planning many of our members have been sceptical about the idea of bringing various schools of thought under one roof. Our Chairman had to quote the famous and appropriate mantra which great saints of India have given to the world (which you will never find in any other spiritual or philosophical thought)   Ekam Satya Vipra Bahuda Vadanti  from Vedas. Which means “Truth is one but can be expressed in different ways”. That is what in Homoeopathy also, we try to reach Similimum but the approaches can be different. Hence we aptly named the theme of the conference  as “Case – N – Concept”  We have tried to rope in the experts from various schools of thought. Let us add an important thing, that this conference is to expose various thoughts prevalent in the field and not teaching them at the conference, due to paucity of time. For learning the different methods they need to approach those schools.  

Second point that has been always a bone of content is, that Homoeopathy is unscientific, every day in and out bashing Homoeopathy has become a fashion and hobby for some so called Scientists, and we find number of articles saying that it is far away from science. Even some have said it is only placebo effect. Such things put off the patients. It has a strong negative impact on the young students. They lose confidence in the system and may be they would like to practice allopathy. (we understand that Maharashtra government has permitted them to practice Allopathy). We have invited Senior Doctors from the main stream of medicine to prove that Homoeopathic medicine is pure scientific, rather much advanced and may be, works on the lines of Nano – technology. Doctors from Italy, Sweden, Vienna, Serbia etc will be presenting their papers on the Scientific aspect of Homoeopathy.  

The third point, general impression of the public and sometimes Homoeopathic doctors especially students is Homoeopathy is only for cough and cold or small ailments, or only for chronic diseases and takes a lot of time etc., etc. we have added the third dimension to the conference is “Evidence based Homoeopathy” we have evidence based case presentation and that too in short time, that too supported by scientific records, such lab reports, X-rays reports, MRI Reports, video cases, etc. 

We will be recognising the services of some of the unsung heroes in the field of Homoeopathy from India. 

We are planning to give food for thought and value for money.  

The city of Bengaluru is famous all over the world as Computer City, Software city, City of Cultural values, may be also the City of maximum number of pubs in the city, fastest growing city and what not, you name it and it is there. Bengaluru is well connected from all states and from many or all major cities there are direct flights, trains etc.  We have selected a state of art Auditorium, NIMHANS Convention Centre (National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences) which is of International standards.  It is in the centre of city and connected from all sides. Also connected from Airport, Railway, Bus etc. 

After scientific session, we are planning for good exposure of Indian culture which people are forgetting and think only latest Bollywood dance(which is not dance but Hyoscyamus, Cuprum Metallicum, Nux vomica, Cicuta etc,  jerks) is Indian culture.         

The food part is also being meticulously worked out with various Indian dishes and giving natural & healthy food.   

This mega event is managed by team of dedicated Young and Senior doctors headed by Prof. Dr. Patel B D, former Principal Govt Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital Bangalore & Chandigarh, a great Teacher, an able Administrator, a Classical Prescriber of Single Medicine, Multi Lingual, a visionary, and above all a person down to earth. Recently he has been recognised   as the best organiser by Dr Mahendra Singh Memorial Award 2017. 

An International Homoeopathic Conference of this magnitude is being for the first time in the city of Bengaluru. Let us Create a Bench mark in the field of Homoeopathy and conferences, let us make it serious business with entertainment and enlightenment. We all extend a warm greetings and invite you to the Conference. For registration visit our web site Also our face book    

Be a part of the happening events in Homoeopathy at Bengaluru don’t miss the great event.    The dates of the conference are 8,9 & 10th September 2017 block your dates and be with us.

Prof. Dr H L Swamy, Organizing Secretary, IHC-2017., Bengaluru.

Dr Anurudh Verma Senior CCH Member – Lucknow  Uttar Pradesh 

Dr Vydyanath Subramanian –   Senior Practitioner Palghat Kerala

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