Internship Training in Homoeopathy by CCH


ANNEXURE ‘A’ (Regulation 3 (ii))

patients71.Each candidate shall be required to undergo compulsory rotating internship of one year, after passing the final BHMS Examinations, to the satisfaction of the Principal of the Homoeopathic College. Thereafter only, the candidate shall be eligible for the award of Degree of Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (B.H.M.S.) by the University.

(i) (a) All parts of the internship training shall be undertaken at the hospital attached to the College, and, in cases where such hospital cannot accommodate all of its students for internship then such candidates/students shall be informed in writing by the college and it shall be the responsibility of the College to ensure that each of such students is put on internship training in a Homoeopathic Hospital or dispensary run by Government or local bodies.

(ii) To enable the State Board/Council of Homoeopathy to grant provisional registration of minimum of one year to each candidate to undertake the internship, the University concerned shall issue a provisional passed certificate on passing the final BHMS examination to each successful candidate.
Provided that in the event of shortage or unsatisfactory work, the period of compulsory internship and the provisional registration shall be accordingly extended by the State Board/Council.

(iii) Full registration shall only be given by the State Boards if the BHMS degree awarded by the University concerned is a recognized medical qualification as per Section 13 (1) of the Act, and Board shall award registration to such candidates who produce certificate of completion or compulsory rotating internship of not less than one year duration from the Principal of College where one has been a bonafide student which shall also declare that the candidate is eligible for it.

(iv) The internee students shall not prescribe the treatment including medicines, and, each of them shall work under the direct supervision of Head of Department concerned and/ or a Resident Medical Officer. No intern student shall issue any medicolegal document under his/her signatures.

(v) Each candidate shall complete the internship training at the maximum within a period of 24 months after passing the final year examination.

2. The internship training shall be regulated by the Principal in consultation with concerned Heads of Departments and R.M.O. as under :-
(i) Each internee student shall be asked to maintain a record of work which is to be constantly monitored by the Head of concerned Department and/ or Resident Medical Officer under whom the internee is posted. The scrutiny of record shall be done in an objective way to update the knowledge, skill and aptitude of internee.
(ii) The stress during the internship training shall be on case taking, evaluation of symptoms, nosological and miasmatic diagnostic analysis, repertorisation and management of sick people based on principles of Homoeopathy. Weekly seminars shall be conducted wherein interns in rotation be given a chance to present their cases for discussion , and, concerned teachers/R.M.O. shall assess performance of each of interns.
(iii) rotation of intern-students shall be as under:
(a) Practice of Medicine – 8 Months wherein internee will be rotated in each Psychology, Respiratory, Gastro-intestinal, Endocrinology, Skin and V.D., Loco- motor, Cardiology, Paediatrics sections.
(b) Surgery – l Month.
(c) Obstetrics & Gynaecology – 2 months (1 month each (including Reproductive & child health care))
(d) Community medicine (including PHC/CHC) – 1 month.

(iv) Each internee shall be given exposed to clinicopathology work to acquire skill in taking samples and doing routine blood – examination, blood smear for parasites, sputum examination, urine and stool examination. Students shall be trained to correlate laboratory findings with diagnosis and management of sick people.
(v) Each internee shall be given opportunities to learn the diagnostic techniques like x-rays, Ultrasonography, E.C.G., Spirometer and other forthcoming techniques and co-relate their findings with diagnosis and management of cases.
(vi) Each internee student shall be given adequate knowledge about issuing of medico-legal certificates including medical and fitness certificates, death certificates, birth certificates, court producers and all of such legislation’s be discussed which were taught in curriculum of Forensic Medicine.
(vii) Each internee shall maintain records of 40 acute and 25 chronic cases complete in all manner including follow up in Practice of Medicine, record of 5 antenatal check- up and 3 delivery cases attended by him/her in Department of Obstetrics and 3 cases of Gynaecology; records of 5 surgical cases assisted by him (and demonstrational knowledge of dressings) in Surgery department, and records of knowledge gained in Primary Health Centres, Community health Centres, various health programmes.

(viii) It shall be compulsory for each intern-student to prove at least one drug during the Period of internship.

(ix) Each internee shall be given a liberty to choose an elective assignment on any subject, and complete out-put shall be furnished in writing by the internee in respect of elective assignment to the Principal of the College within internship duration.
(x) Each intern shall be posted on duty in such a manner that each of them attend at least 15 days in O.P.D. and 15 days in I.P.D. at least in each month (except for duty in Community Medicine) and attend the other parts of duty including self-preparation in Library.
(xi) Each intern-student shall be made to learn importance of maintaining statistics and records, intern-student shall also be familiarized with research-methodology.
3 (i) Each internee shall have not less than 80% of attendance during the internship training.
(ii) Each internee shall be on duty of at least 6 hrs. per day during the compulsory internship training.

 Dr. LALIT VERMA, Registrar-cum-Secretary
[ADVT III/IV /147 /2003-Exty. ]
Note: Principal regulations were published in the Gazette of India, Part III, Section 4 on 11/05/1983 and subsequent corrigendum was published in the said section of the Gazette on 06/02/1984.

Approved by Central Council of Homoeopathy.Govt.of India


  1. conference is compulsory for interns?? our university say if you not attend university conference there for your attendance will not consider ?? this is rule of CCH ?

  2. What if we want to change the college for internship from pune to mumbai if possible what is the procedure and what about the fees

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