Jan Scholten Seminar Mumbai – a report

1. India’s first ever educational lecture of its kind
2. 300 new medicines discovered
3. Is AIDS curable with Homeopathy?

18th December, 2010
After the successful nanotechnology experiment on homeopathic medicines by IIT-B, a unique discovery was shared by Dr. Jan Scholten. Dr. Scholten is an international teacher and a researcher in homeopathy. He has discovered the effects of almost all the elements in nature as homeopathic medicines using the periodic table. Such a discovery increases the homeopathic artillery by almost 300 new medicines. It also proposes the cure of several uncommon diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Autism and many other auto-immune and genetic disorders.

He has also undertaken an enormous research on effects of Homeopathy in AIDS and found it very effective in managing the disease.

This proves to be an important event in the history of Indian health industry as it is estimated that around 2.4 million people in India are currently infected with HIV. Homeopathy, the second most popular system of medicine in India, will prove to be highly beneficial in the management of HIV and AIDS after this address. These new discoveries by Dr. Scholten were for the first time made available in India.

About 1000 doctors from all over India received a chance to attend his lecture – first of its kind in India. This event took place in Birla Matushree Sabha Gruha, Marine Lines in Mumbai and was organized by Dr. Jawahar Shah of the Medicure Foundation.

Dr. B. L. Mungekar, a noted educationist and development economist, was present at the occasion and supported homeopathy. He narrated how he himself was saved by Homeopathy when he was not keeping well. He is also a member of Rajya Sabha and a social reformist.

The ‘Bhismapitamah’ of the Indian IT industry, Dr. F. C. Kohli, former Deputy Chairman of Tata Consultancy Services was also present at the occasion and showed his interest in Homeopathy.

Important highlights of the event:

Presentation of role of Homeopathy in AIDS
Dr. Scholten has carried out extensive research on role of Homeopathy in AIDS in many countries of Africa. Almost 1000 homeopathic doctors, including researchers, teachers and students absorbed this very important knowledge. In India, as many as 2.4 million people are carrying HIV. This significant research by Dr. Scholten raises a new question for all – Is homeopathy the future in management of AIDS?

Release of Dr. Scholten’s discovery in India
Dr. Scholten’s new vital discovery of action of rare elements as Homeopathic medicines was also released through a book named ‘Secret Lanthanides’ wherein, he describes the use of all common and rare elements and their compounds in Homeopathy. Such an unearthing increases the homeopathic panoply by almost 300 new medicines. It also proposes the treatment of many rare which were not previously well managed by already existing homeopathic medicines. The book is published in India by Enlightenment Education Pvt. Ltd., owned by Dr. Jawahar Shah.

Launch of an Indian software with world’s largest database
The event also proved to be a testimony to the launch of the latest version of number one Indian Homeopathic software – Hompath 900. It is also estimated that holds world’s largest database, with more than 1000 books and other added features in it. “It is a marvelous outcome of Dr. Jawahar Shah’s creativity and other professionals in his team. It makes all Indians proud and proves that Indians are no way lagging behind when it comes to information and technology.” said Dr. F. C. Kohli.

This software is being used by more than 30,000 doctors across the globe in more than 87 countries. Homeopathic doctors all over the world have been able to produce excellent results clinically with its help. This homeopathic software epitomizes the amalgamation of health care, homeopathy and technology.

Announcement of a definitive treatment on Asthma by Dr. Jawahar Shah
Bronchial Asthma is one of the highly prevalent diseases in major cities of India. According to the health ministry’s latest report, released by the Indian Council of Medical Research recently, about 13 million people aged 15 years and above suffer from asthma in India. A highly experienced homeopathic clinician from Mumbai, Dr. Jawahar Shah has proposed a definitive treatment of this highly prevailing disease in his new book which will be releasing soon. It is an outcome of more than 30 years of his research and experience in this subject. This new work will benefit the common man as well as the doctors with respect to the role of Homeopathy in Asthma.

Graduation ceremony of course P. G. (Hom.), London
P. G. (Hom.) is a postgraduate course in Homeopathy conducted in India by Hahnemann College of Homeopathy, London. The first batch of students received their certificates from the hands of Dr. Scholten himself. About 25 teachers and principals from colleges all over India attended this ceremony.

With many new discoveries and researches put forth in this event, it proves to be important in the history of Homeopathy and Health Care and Indian IT industry. It reassures their bright future in India. One of the most important features was the significant research by Dr. Scholten in Homeopathy. It raises a new question for all – Is homeopathy the future in management of AIDS?

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