Kali group remedies in Homoeopathy – a brief study

Dr A L Patil

Behavior of the potassium within our body is very important to understand Kali Group Study

  • Potassium is found in the cells of Muscles, tendons and Nerves.
  • Potassium in an ionic state is found in higher concentration inside the cell as against the sodium, which is higher in higher concentration outside the cell.
  • Sodium and potassium a very important part in the conduction of impulses by nerve to and from the brain. Whatever we feel through our five senses, whatever action or movements that our body makes depends upon conduction of impulse through these nerves when a stimulus is received.
  • When a nerve is stimulated the voltage gates open, the sodium rushes inside the cell and potassium escapes out of the cell into the extra cellular fluid. This is the basic physiology that helps a nerve to transmit an impulse.
  • The opening of the voltage gates can be fast or slow depending upon how fast the resting membrane potential is converted to action membrane potential.
  • In some, the gates open rapidly and easily and sensation is transmitted quickly so the reaction to the stimulus is also quick. These are fast remedies. In potassium constitutions basically the voltage gates are very fast to open there by making them highly reactive and excitable. So the potassium are fast remedies.
  • On the other hand the presence of calcium, barium and the carbons and the extra cellular fluid makes the gate open very slow thus making these

Dr A L Patil MD(HOM)
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