Kerala Ayurveds demands co-locating of AYUSH in PHCs

The two-day 35th state level conference of the Ayurveda Medical Association of India (AMAI) organised by the Wynadu district committee in Kerala concluded with the association passing 22 resolutions including demand for co-locating allopathy and ayurvedic systems under one roof.

Besides the demand for co-location, other resolutions included setting up of a separate Ayush department in Kerala in line with the central Ayush controlling agency, framing of a Medical Practitioners Act (MPA) for the whole jurisdiction of Kerala before implementing the Clinical Establishment Act (CEA), inclusion of Ayurveda into the syllabus of the school education to provide basic knowledge of the system to the students, equal salary system to Ayurveda doctors on par with allopathic doctors, action against treatment by quacks claiming indigenous healing, start PG diploma courses in Ayurveda, etc.

Several of the Indian states have already implemented the scheme of co-locating modern and traditional systems in one place. The medical officers claimed that co-locating two or more systems in one place would help people opt for a system of treatment on their own choice.

The association sought immediate action from the government to start PG diploma courses on various specialties. The Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM) has launched several PG diploma courses. But so far no course was started in Kerala. [Source]

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