Kerala CCH election results declared

resultIHK wins over IHMA

This is the first time two CCH members are elected from the State of Kerala.

IHMA complains over ballot paper duplications, and requested for a Forensic examination of ballot papers.

Dr. K. C. Prasobh Kumar and Dr. S. Manilal, the candidates represented by The Institution of Homeopaths Kerala (The IHK) won the election with a high margin of votes.

Dr. K. C. Prasobh Kumar scored 3440 votes and Dr. S. Manilal got 3292 votes.

Other contestants include Dr. M. G. Oommen (2856votes), Dr. Sreejeev (2756 votes), Dr. V. S. Sasi Kumar (64votes) and Dr. Raveendran (46votes).

The election procedures were conducted by the TC Medical council and the Election wing of Co-operative Department, Government of Kerala by Dr. A. K. Mangalam, the returning officer appointed by the Government.

Meanwhile more than 4000 un voted ballot papers returned and few expired people voted.


  1. ‘IHK wins over IHMA’ This is a bad comment. Many homoeopaths are looking forward to the unification of entire Homoeopathic fraternity. Avoid such comments and avoid such competitions among Homoeopaths in future…

    • IHK Welcomes an investigation on ballot duplication. IHK’s victory is authentic. That doesn’t means other organization are not relevant. We respect every one. Every Homoeopath and organization are important. In an election victory will avail for the reserved seats. An investigation on any matter further confirms the referendum in favor of IHK. Thanks to voters. (Dr.S.G.BIJU, State CCH Election Committee Chairman IHK)

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