Kerala PSC Tutor in Practice of Medicine 1990

Time: Two hours Maximum: 100 marks
Answer six questions only, including Question 8.

1.What is Nephrotic Syndrome ? How will you manage such a case? When Apis mel,  Nat Mur, and Kalnua indicated in such cases?  (16 marks)

2.What are the common causes of convulsions in a child of 3 years ? Discuss its management, scope of treatment with remedies like Belladonna, Cicuta virosa and Absinthinum  (16 marks)

3.What is Typhoid state? When it occurs in conditions with and without fever? Describe the indications of Hyoscyamus in such a case.  (16 marks)

4.Mention the characters of Lower motor neurone type of lesions and compare the 7th nerve paralysis? When Causticum could be given in such paralyses?   (16 marks)

5.Discuss the features of Mitral Stenosis.Mention the scope of Arsenic Iodide in cardiac diseases.  (16 marks)

6.Describe the Aetiopathology and indications of Rickets, also the usefulness of calcarea carb in rickets (16 marks)

7.Discuss the symptoms and their pathological relations of Lobar Pneumonia? When Phosphorus may be used in pneumonia?   (16 marks)

8.Write short notes on any four

  • (i) Haemophilia and their chromosomal relations
  • (ii) Status Asthmaticus and its prognosis.
  • (iii) Consequence of fever in Cardiac infarction
  • (iv) Plummer Vision syndrome .
  • (v)Weil’sdisease                                                 (4X5=20marks)
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