Liliacae family of Homeopathy Medicines

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Major remedies

Aloe Socotrina
Allium Cepa
Allium Sativum
Trillium Pendulum
Scilla Maritima
Ornithagallum Umbellatum
Helonias Diodica
Convallaria Majalis
Lililum Tigrinum
Colchicum Autumnale
Paris Quadifolia
Asparagus officianlis
Veratrum Viride
Veratrum Album 

Catarrhal group -an which remedies mainly affect. The mucosa or senora, membranes lining the upper respiratory tract, GIT, & synovium of the joints leading to PROF– USE discharges.

Cardiac group affecting the heart. Angina, ventricular dilatation, irregular beats or palpitation, dyspnoea,. Dropsy with compassed feeling

Most of these extensively show VENOUS OR PORTAL STASIS–  congestion – DRAGGING; FULL HEAVY .forced out Sensation. Also causes extreme SORENESS. Sensitive to touch & jar < hard step > rest.

UROGENITAL SYSTEM AFFECTION – affecting rectum and urinary system causing incontinence, dysuria, gravel formation. Uterine prolapse, multiple menstrual problems etc.

  • BRAIN & NERVES affection- violent congestion, convulsions, neuralgias with thread like pains etc.
  • Have VORACIOUS appetite, gluttony type, a/f sedentary habits or excess at table or sexual excess.
  • Desire or amel. Meat
  • Offensive discharges is also prominent.
  • Some of the remedies are useful in purifying the complexion, blood or generative organs


Forced Out

  •  Excluded, Left out
  • “They are not interested in me”
  • “I’m neglected”
  • Constricted
  • Constrained

Passive Reaction

  • Must Hold On Tight
  • Lil-t – Fear to be alone, Wants to hold mother’s hand
  • Sabad – Will fall if doesn’t hold on
  • Helon – Must hold abdomen
  • Verat – Wildness, Must be held

 Active Reaction

  • Must Move

Liliacae & Miasms

  • Acute – Verat
  • Typhoid – Paris
  • Ringworm – Sarsaparilla
  • Malaria -Colch
  • Sycotic – Sabad
  • Cancer – Ornithogalum
  • Tubercular -Agraphis
  • Leprosy – Aloe


  • Sensitive to odors
  • Sexuality
  • Conflict between sex and religion

Psychological Symptoms

  • As the human being evolved for his animal ancestors he learnt to control his instincts, the wild, uncontrolled animal side of his & become more controlled, civilized, moral spiritual, seeking satiation ultimately. But along with it he was gifted with the feeling of guilty, feelings of a criminal or a sinner of of doom if he behaved otherwise.
  • Aloes – where there is sense of insecurity & want of confidence once the sphincters.
  • Alliums from ancient times garlic. Onions are prohibited for religious. & moral people. They are considered below dignity of vulgar or impure if used in diet. They are believed to produce devil like qualities.
  • In lilium tig & Vat. Alb there is sexual excitement, extreme obscenity & lewd behaviour.
  • But at the same time there is a strong sense of guilt Religious apprehension, anxiety about salvation & fear of disease and death.
  • Troubled conscience & delusion of doom leads to either intense restlessness, desire to Keep busy & lot of efforts made to suppress those ‘unwanted-feelings, > company & > exercise  or constant motion < alone.
  • Thus the story of Liliaceous is of the split between the Sensuality & spirituality
  • Egotism & high self esteem. < contradiction & will not receive suggestions. All these followed by fear of losing ones own position, fear of fallings & downward motion. A/f wounded honor.
  • Thus it all revolves round the tug of war between the pure & impure, the divine & the devil, the moral & immoral aspects of our existence & the day either one side become more powerful the indications of Liliaceae becomes clearer.

Aloes socotrina

  • Bad effects of sedentary habits
  • Sense of insecurity-great weakness and weariness
  • Periodical headache accompanied by heaviness of eyes , which has to be closed or eyes becomes small>cold application
  • Piles like bunch of grapes,very painful,tender hot,sore>cold water/bathing
  • Diahrroea <on eating oysters
  • Heaviness abdomen with heavy hot bloated sensation.
  • Lumbago alternating with headache and haemorrhids.
  • Pain deep in the orbits.
  • Headaches are above the forehead with heaviness in the eyes,must partially close them.
  • Sense of insecurity at the rectum.,jelly like stools in the rectum.
  • Drawing pains in the joints.

Allium cepa(red onion)

  • Neuralgic pains like long thread following  injuries to nerves,amputation or surgery.
  • Desire for raw onions.
  • Left sided remedy,symptoms go from left to right.
  • A/F: exposure to damp,cold winds,spring,wet feet, injuries like surgery,eating spoilt fish.
  • Acrid coryza with bland lacrimation.
  • <warm , >open air.
  • Sensitive to odour of flowers and skin of peaches.
  • Nasal polypi
  • Sensation of lump in the throat.
  • Diahrroea after midnight
  • Painful haemorrhids.
  • Dreams of being near water., of battles, deep wells, storms, high waves.
  • Hoarsness ,tickling in the larynx,sensation as if larynx is split and torn.
  • Hacking cough on inspiring cold air.
  • Oppressed breathing from pressure in  middle of the chest.
  • Profuse watery discharge from sneezing.
  • Hay fever.
  • Allergies every august.
  • Diahrroea in the morning and midnight.

 Allium sativum(garlic)

  • Widely used in cuisine,helps as an aid for digestion and reducing bp and cholesterol.
  • Reduces the blood clotting so prevents strokes
  • Suited to fleshy ,strong constitiution and dark complexion.
  • Hunger without apptite(voracious apptite).
  • Desires butter
  • Thirst preventing sleep
  • Haemorrhides, worms.
  • Swelling of the breast ,sensitive to touch<after weaning.
  • Periodic asthma.
  • Sensation of hair on the tongue in the evening and morning,renewed on waking.
  • Legs weaker than rest of the body.
  • Cries while crossing the legs
  • Skin :itching and burning,herpetic erruptions and baldness.
  • A/F:drinking impure water.
  • Fear that he will not recover,of death.
  • Cant bear to take medicine.
  • Weeping in sleep,dreams of water.
  • Pulmonary tuberculosis
  • Tongue pale red papillae.
  • Periodic asthma.

Trillium pendulum(birth root)

  • Externally it’s a antiseptic poultice.
  • Used to stop post- partum haemorrhage, over profuse menses and luecorrhoea,hemorrhagic remedy- bleeding after tooth extraction,haemorrhage from uterus as if hip and back were falling to pieces>tight bandageand wants to be bound tightly.bearing down sensation on standing and walking.
  • Prolapse ,fibroids with haemorrhage.
  • Menses after over exertion,gushing bright red blood at least movement<exertion.
  • 3rd month abortion –threatened.
  • Luecorrhoea exhausting ,copious,yellow,stringy
  • Left sided remedy.
  • Externally it’s a antiseptic poultice.
  • Used to stop post- partum haemorrhage, over profuse menses and luecorrhoea,hemorrhagic remedy- bleeding after tooth extraction,haemorrhage from uterus as if hip and back were falling to pieces>tight bandageand wants to be bound tightly.bearing down sensation on standing and walking.
  • Prolapse ,fibroids with haemorrhage.
  • Menses after over exertion,gushing bright red blood at least movement<exertion.
  • 3rd month abortion –threatened.
  • Luecorrhoea exhausting ,copious,yellow,stringy
  • Left sided remedy.

Scilla maritima(squilla,sea onion)

  • Slow acting remedy.
  • Used as a diuretic
  • Used for stimulating expectorant in lung diseases or right heart failure.
  • Valuable in chronic bronchitis of old people with mucous rales,dyspnoea and scanty urine.
  • Child bores his fist into his eyes,eyes feel irritable.
  • Eyes :sensation as if swimming in cold water.
  • Pressure like stone on stomach.
  • Exhausting cough with involuntary spurting of urine and sneezing.cough provoked by taking  a deep breath  or cold drinks.exertion,from warm to cold weather.sneezing with coughing.
  • Icy cold hands and feet.
  • Sore feet in shop girls

 Ornithogalum umbellatum(star of bethelhem)

  • Ca of intestinal tract especially stomach and caecum
  • Gastric ulceration with haemorrhage.
  • Agonising pains when food passes the pylorus outlet with coffee-ground vomiting.
  • Given for flatulence,swollen feeling across the lower chest.
  • Whenever she turns in the bed ,feels as if bag of water turned .
  • Gastric ulcer and cancer
  • Depression and desire to suicide
  • Coffee-ground vomiting.
  • Pains increased when food passes through the pyloric outlet.

Helonias diodica(blazing star)

  • Tonic to reproductive system ,herbalist use this to encourage fertility and treat impotency in men.
  • Bearing down sensation during menses.
  • Loss of sexual desire and power with sterility.
  • “Consciousness of womb” ,undefined deep depression with a sensation of soreness and weight in the womb.
  • Menses too frequent ,too profuse breasts swollen and painful.
  • Cant bear slight contradiction ,patient is better when kept busy.
  • <motion ,touch>busy .
  • Prolapse and other malposition  of the womb.
  • Pruritus vulvae
  • Menses too frequent  and too profuse
  • Burning sensation in the kidneys.

Convallaria majalis(lily of the valley)

  • Heart remedy:feels heart beating throughout the chest .sensation as if heart ceased beating ,then starts very suddenly.palpitation from least exertion,tobacco heart,rapid irregular pulse,angina pectoris.
  • Hysterical manifestations
  • >open air<warm room.
  • Great soreness in uterine region with palpitations of heart
  • Dysnpnoea while walking.

Lilium tig(tiger lily)

  • Pathological conditions of ovaries and uterus
  • Often indicated in married women.
  • Rheumatic arthritis.
  • Heart affections;as if heart was grasped(cactus).pulsations over whole bodypalpitation ,irregular pulse ,very rapid.pain in cardiac region,with feeling of a load on the chest,cold feeling about heart.suffocated feeling in crowd and warm room.
  • Menses:early,dark ,scanty,offensive,clotted. Flow only while moving about.bearing down sensation with urgent desire for stool,as though all organs would escape.ceases while resting.(sep,lac-c,bell),prolapse of uterus,luecorrhoea acrid,brown.
  • A/f-sexual excesses

Colchicum autumnale(meadow saffron)

  • Rheumatic diathesis
  • Ailments from night watching ,hard study.
  • Shocks from eletricity through one half of the body.
  • Bad effects from suppressed sweat
  • Dreams of mice
  • Smell of food,especially fish causes nausea and even fainting.
  • Craving  for many things,but gets nausea while smelling.
  • Autumnale dysentry,stools with large white shreddy particles in large quantities.
  • Loathes the sight and smell of food.
  • Smell of food causes nausea even to fainting.
  • Cant bear to be touched or moved
  • Autumn dysentery
  • Icy coldness in the stomach
  • Colitis with dysentery.

 Paris quadrifolia(true love,one berry)

  • Coldness in the right ,hot in the left
  • Imaginary foul smells
  • Sensation as if head were scraped,soreness,aches as if pulling string from eyes to occiput.
  • Sensation of string through eyeballs.
  • Fingers feel as if numb.

Asparagus officinalis(sparrow gran)

  • Action over secreation of urine
  • Cardiac weakness with dropsy.
  • Left sided rheumatic pains.migrainious morning headache.
  • Lithiasis,cystitis
  • Hydrothorax
  • Palpitation with oppression of chest.

Sarsaparilla(wild liquoria)

  • Renal colic from stones
  • Can pass urine only while standing,during the day but at night flows freely on the bed.,dribbles while sitting.urine charged with gravel or pebbles.
  • Child screams while passing urine,sand on diaper.
  • Ulceration around fingers
  • Urine dribbles while sitting.
  • Itching and humid erruption of forehead
  • Nipples retracted ,before menses
  • Deep cracks on fingers, toes,burn under nails.
  • Pains from occiput to eyes.

Sabadilla(covadilla seed)

  • Vomiting of lumbrici
  • Vertigo as if everything around turning around each other.
  • Aversion to sour things,coffee,garlic,meat.
  • Desire –hot things, milk,sweet.
  • Itching in the anus.
  • Imagines she is pregnant,she has cancer
  • Spasmodic sneezing with running nose.
  • Coryza fluent worse from the odor of the flowers.
  • Oversensitive to odors
  • Pinworms
  • Chill predominates from below upwards
  • Sore throat left to right<swallowing >hot drinks.

Veratrum viride(american white hellebore)

  • Clairvoyence,delusion as if he created a crime
  • Puerperal mania
  • Dreams of drowning,being on water,,of fishing
  • Tongue-bleached with a red streak on the middle of the tongue.
  • Congestions of brain,lungs,stomach,heart.
  • Hyperpyrexia in the evening,cold clammy or hot sweat.
  • Face flushed ,livid turgid,becomes faint on sitting up.
  • Beating of pulses throughout the body.
  • Pain from the nape of the neck ,cant hold head properly.

Veratrum album(white hellibore

  • Prostration,coldness,collapse,fainting.
  • Nueralgias with diahrroea,vomitting,cold sweat
  • a/f:injured pride or honour,shock of injury,disappointed love,opium ,tobacco,alcohol.
  • Craving for salt ,juicy fruits,sour drinks,aversion to hot food.
  • Diahrroea ,vomitting soon after eating.
  • Skin cold as death
  • Dysmennohroea with fainting,coldness
  • Stools has to strain till exhausted with cold sweat.
  • Diahrroea painful forcibly evacuated with exhaustion.
  • Varacious apptite
  • Thrist for cold water but vomited soon after its swallowed.
  • Cramps in calves during stools
  • Cold sweat in forehead in all the complaints.
  • Faints from least exertion.

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  1. squilla mari in pneumonia when lungs bronchial tubes and air cells filled with liquid mucus,recommended 1888 by edward chepmell.convallaria best heart tonic with dropsical condition regulates heart beat rate plus muscle force in q to 2x also recommended by cm boger.

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