Miracles of Homoeopathic mother tinctures

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In Homoeopathic Medical Science, since the discovery of the system, Original Mother Tinctures were used for the treatment, by the originator of the medical system, Dr. C.F.S. Hahnemann.

This practice is still in use by the Homoeopaths, even today. Homoeopathy have a large number of Mother tinctures for use in diseases and in ailments with great success. Find here the descriptions of some Mother tinctures, which are total safe in use.

Homoeopathic mother tinctures are prepared from the following kingdoms:

  • Vegetables
  • Minerals
  • Animals
  • Imponderablias
  • Nosodes


  • Dr. Hahnemann have directed, how to prepare mother tinctures, in his work “ Materia Medica Pura”
  • Alcohol or distilled water, is used to prepare the mother tincture or mother solutions
  • Under the Hahnemannian guidelines, Mother tinctures are prepared for treatment purposes

Prescribed doses : Q / MTs

  • For Adult : 10 to 15 drops
  • For New born: One drop in two spoonful, make four doses / ¼ drops
  • Infants: One drop
  • Children : 2 to 4 drops
  • Adult children : 5 to 7 drops
  • Mother tinctures should be taken on empty stomach, unless not specified
  • This is a general prescribing mode of Mother tinctures

Safe Use

  • Mother tinctures are totally safe in use, as  is indicated, for any disease condition
  • After, remedy name “Q” or “MT” or “Mother Tincture” specifically suffix, to indicate , that the remedy is in Mother tincture form

Fast actions

  • Mother tinctures have very fast actions
  • Being prepared in Alcohol, the molecules of the ingredient of herbs etc , absorbed by the stomach and intestines quickly
  • Action of the medicine starts within 3 to 4 minutes
  • These actions remains for several hours

Alternations of Mother Tinctures         

  • Mother tinctures can be given in alternation.
  • To cover the several disease conditions, MTs are prescribed single , two, three and even more in alternation.
  • Today Homoeopaths, mixes Mother tinctures according to the need of patient’s complaints, which could be 2 to 10 in numbers.
  • Mother Tinctures are sure-shot prescribing for disease conditions and never fails.

Advantages of mother tincture

  • It is used in most cases of emergency or acute cases where homeopathic physician require enough time to take out indicated medicine. (Blood pressure, acute stone pain, dysmenorrhoea, acute abdomen)
  • It is used as a palliative medicine for many cases.
  • It has very fast actions as compare to medicines
  • Its action starts within 3-4 minutes and last for several hours.
  • Mother tinctures are prepared from alcohol so as it is readily absorbed in stomach and intestine.
  • It is a very safe type as it has lowest potency than any other medicine. It is a less diluted tincture.
  • It is very sure indication with lesser reaction and failure
  • It also helps patient in weaning period of their medication.It helps them to minimize withdrawal symptoms and keep them permanently away from addictions.Eg-lobelia inflate helps them to wean asthmatic medication as it provides support to lung function.
  • Mother tincture is also indicated in bruises as a cold compressor.
  • It is helpful in preparation of many homeopathic tonics and external application along with proper homeopathic medicine internally.( according to aphorism no 284. Many of mother tinctures like cantharis, calendula are used as first aid in many external causes like burns, injuries along with internal medicines. )
  • Mother tinctures like arnica Q, jaborandi Q, and camphor Q are also used to prepare hair oil for special care of hair along with internal use of homeopathic medicine.
  • Mother tincture like calendula are used as an antiseptic in wounds cases, it is called as homeopathic “disinfectant” and it is mostly used with good results.
  • There are numerous numbers of mother tinctures (no limitation) so as to select according to each individual case.
  • It is useful in any disease if it depends upon symptom similarity.


  • Mother tinctures have chances of emerging new pathological symptoms as they are in crude form.
  • Long use of mother tinctures containing plant enzymes, poisonous alkaloids, glycolides and other phyto chemical ingredients are dangerous to health.
  • Mother tinctures are not permanent solution for any complaint; they are only for temporary and emergency use.
  • Mother tincture are not capable to pass complete pure energy to activate dearrange vital force as it contains drug molecules of original drug and it is not fully diluted.
  • If our selections of mother tinctures are not similar to disease symptom then it considers as anti homeopathy.

Dr.Saurabh Kumar
Director Dr.S.Kumar’s Holistic & Scientific Homeopathic Clinic
Chief Editor “Homoeo Express”


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