Mission 5000-Standup for Homoeopathy- a year long master classes online

Enlightenment Education in collaboration with the world’s finest, highly knowledgeable teachers and the best speakers is delighted to bring to you a 54-Week Master Webinar Class with 108 sessions and 160+ hours of teaching.

  • Online webinar, 108 hours of study.
  • No time limit for completing your course.
  • Evaluation test, Certificate of attendance.
  1. Clinical and Applied Homoeopathy – 51 sessions
  2. Special Practice-Oriented Sessions – 24 sessions
  3. Entrepreneurial Aspects – 11 sessions
  4. Integrative Aspects – 15 sessions
  5. Research – 7 sessions

Jeremy Sherr, Petr Hoffmann, Dr. Jawahar Shah, Dr. Yogesh Sehgal, Dana Ullman, MPH, CCH, Dr. Jayesh Bellare, Dr. Kavita Kuknoor, Dr. Praful Barvalia, Dr. Bindu Kansupada, Dr. B.T. Rudresh, Dr. Ian Luepker, Dr. Kathleen Schieble, Dr. Girish Gupta, Ashley Ross, Dr. Nimish Shukla, Dr. Rahul Joshi, Dr. Surjit Singh Makkar, Dr. Pravin Kumar, Dr. John Millar, Dr. Mansoor Ali,Dr. Nikunj Trivedi, and many more.

This course is designed to help you

  • to TRANSFORM your clinical abilities,
  • to PERFORM at your best,
  • and to ACHIEVE excellent clinical results

Register now and be a part of #IStandUpForHomeopathy


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