Nano particles found in diluted homeopathy drugs

nanoBENGALURU: For all those who think homeopathy is just placebo, here is new research that debunks that and upholds the effectiveness of the branch of medicine. The study reveals that homeopathy medicine contains nano particles of the resource medicine even in its highest diluted form. The two-year research was done by homeopathy practitioner Dr ES Rajendran, director of Vinayaka Mission Homoeopathic Medical College at the nanotechnology lab in IISc, Bengaluru.

The medicines prepared by plant sources and organic substances were studied in the lab, and nano particles of vegetable charcoal were found in the tested homeopathy medicines. “This is a breakthrough and may open up vistas for advanced research in homeopathy. The study will be presented at the upcoming world homeopathy summit in Mumbai,” said Rajendran at an event organized by the Global Homoeopathy Foundation on Thursday.

How was the study done?
The highly diluted form of homeopathy medicine used as pain relief was put on silicon vapour and left for drying for a day. “I began the study in 2013. It has been a thrilling journey, especially when nano particles of vegetable charcoal were found in the medicines we tested,” Rajendran said.

QUOTE It’s nanomedicine
Though homeopathy has cured innumerable patients around the world, the mode of action of the drug and the question about the content in high dilutions sealed its growth and development all along. This was one of the most difficult questions that homeopaths around the world faced. This study will settle controversies about the nature of drug material used in homeopathy drugs. Homeopathy may as well be considered a nanomedicine.

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  1. Why these old homeopaths are always frustrated too much like ” Chandran Nambiar ” ūüôā learn to backup & cheers someone for their dedication .

  2. Even if you could detect some ‘traces of nanoparticles’ in the samples of ‘homeopathic ultra dilutions’, you have to answer the following questions before declaring that you have ‘proved homeopathy’ and ‘debunked the allegations against homeopathy’:

    1. Did you prepare the ‘ultra-dilutions’ under your direct personal supervision, in order to ensure that the samples you used were genuinely ‘ultra’?

    2. Are you aware of the fact that the ‘market samples’ of ‘high potencies’ are not reliable for research purposes, as most manufacturers sell very low potencies with the label of ‘ultra high’ potencies due to their profit motives?

    3. Did you use plain mixtures of water ethyl alcohol as controls, as it is common knowledge that any sample of water and alcohol may contain ‘nanoparticles’ of elements and other natural contaminants?

    4. Did you filter out and remove the detected nanoparticles from the samples after your experiments, and verify whether the remaining ’empty’ water-alcohol mixtures have no any therapeutic properties when applied as similimum?

    5. Did you filter out the detected ‘nanoparticles’ from your samples after experiments, and use those ‘nanoparticles’ as similimum in the patients to ensure that those ‘nanoparticles’ are the real active principles of ‘ultra high dilutions’?

    6. Did you think about the molecular level biological mechanism by which these nanoparticles said to be present actually act up on the human organism and produce a therapeutic effect according to the principle ‘similia similibus curentur’?

    7. Are you aware of the fact that ‘nanoparticles’ of ‘metallic elements’ cannot represent the biological and therapeutic properties of complex drug substances used as drugs, as such properties arise from the complex structures and chemical properties of constituent drug molecules?

    8. Did you ever think how the ‘traces of nanoparticles floating in upper layers’ of ultra dilutions could be present in each and every drops of our drugs, as we know from experiences that not only the ‘upper layers’ but even the last drop is therapeutically effective?

    Kindly consider these questions with a rational and scientific mindset.

  3. Such a study was done by IIT-B team years back. Nothing new in it.

    Now it is an easy job for any fame-seeking homeopath to come into the limelight as a ‘scientist’ or ‘researcher’, and ‘publish a paper’ for ‘debunking the allegations against homeopathy’, by merely spending Rs 5000! IIT-Bombay and IISc Bangalore is leasing out their research facilities to anybody who want to use their ‘nanotechnology’ research lab.

    Do as follows: Go to IISC with some samples of homeopathic ‘ultra dilution’ purchased from the ‘market’. Pay Rs 5000 to the lab. The scientists and technicians in the lab will do the rest for you. They will find out the presence of some ‘traces of nanoparticles’ in the samples of ‘ultra dilutions’ you provided. They will explain you how it was done using modern technologies such as ‘Field Emission Scanning Microscope’ or ‘Energy Dispersive Spectrometry’. Finished!

    You can now issue press release about the ‘fundamental research in homeopathy’ you have done. You can now tell your homeopath friends that you have proved ‘homeopathy is scientific’. You can now declare that you have ‘debunked the allegations against homeopathy’.

    Your homeopath friends will then take over. They will start posting on every facebook pages about your ‘fundamental research’ that proves homeopathy is not ‘placebo’. They will invite you to present ‘papers’ in their ‘scientific seminars’. You have become a ‘homeopathic scientist’!!

    Are you aware, you can detect some ‘traces’ of nanoparticles in any sample of alcohol or water when examined under ‘Field Emission Scanning Microscope’ or ‘Energy Dispersive Spectrometry’, even without any potentization?

    Did you ensure that the ‘samples’ of ultra dilutions you used for the experiments were genuinely potentized to ‘ulltra level’, as most manufactures market very low potencies in the label of ultra high potencies?

    Did you verify whether the ‘samples’ lose their medicinal properties after the ‘nanoparticles’ were completely filtered out and removed from them? It is very important to prove that those ‘nanoparticles’ are the real active principles of potentized drugs.

    Did you prove that the ‘traces of nanoparticles’ you ‘detected in your samples are the real ACTIVE PRINCIPLES of homeopathic drugs?

    Did you explain anything regarding the BIOLOGICAL MECHANISM by which the ‘nanoparticles’ produce the therapeutic effects according to ‘Similia Similibus Curentur’?

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