Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Homoeopathic Cure

Dr Ruhtanjali Chalotra

Abstract :
Living with PCOS, a women feels miserable and depressed as she had to deal with menstrual irregularities, infertility problems, unwanted facial hair, resistant Acne and different patterns of hair loss. She may become overweight and obese. Many suffer from impaired glucose tolerance to type -2 Diabetes mellitus some may suffer from cardiovascular problems and other may get endometrial cancer even. Many PCOS  women suffer from Non- Alcoholic fatty liver disease and even Depression – Anxiety , major Depression and Suicidal attempts . Therefore, early diagnosis and treatment should be iniciatated , so that a PCOS women can start with life style modification with Exercise and calorie restriction diets along with homeopathic remedies to lead a happy, healthy and harmonic life  without getting complications.

Key words :-PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease),PCOS  (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome ), Infertility, Hyperandrogenism (excess male hormones ).

 Introduction :-

PCOS is caused by disturbance of harmones in the females of reproductive age group i.e between menarche and menopause . The prevalence ranges between 5% to 15 % depending on the diagnostic criteria used . At least two of the following three criteria’s should be there before we label a women or an adolescent girl with PCOS.

  1. Chronic anovulation where ovum is either not well formed or is not released by the ovaries resulting in irregular cycles and infertility problems.
  2. Hyperandrogenism, which means increase in male type of harmones in the female system leading to Acne , alopecia and Hirsutism.
  3. Polycystic ovaries where multiple cysts are present in the ovaries that can be seen on ultrasonography.

The diseases with similar features as in PCOS eg: Thyroid gland and adrenal gland diseases and increase prolactin in blood are to be excluded before we label a women with PCOS.

PCOS is multifactorial disease several susceptible genes that contribute in the pathophysiology of PCOS have been identified and the environment also play a great role in the expression of these genes as well as in the progression of this disease.

So, Heredity and environment both are responsible.

Case Studies and management by homeopathy – at OBG 1 unit of Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital; Mangaluru.

Case 1:-  Name :- XYZ.

Age :- 28 yrs old female of middle class status.

Profession :- Engineer.

Came to the OPD with Chief complaints of

  • Irregular periods with cramps in abdomen , hairfall and Dandruff,
  • Abnormal hair growth over chest and Abdomen
  • Non- irritant leucorrhoea,
  • Wanted to be independent and free but did not have freedom at home and was also forced to do the engineering degree.
  • Felt upset by the narrow mindedness of her relatives .
  • Chilly and always got taunts for her complexion.
  • On USG of pelvic organs in Dec 2021, She had polycystic ovaries on both sides.

Case 1

Remedy given was Sepia .

Sepia 200/2 P-  1P  HS  For 2 weeks
Calc flour 6 x  / 3-3-3  For 2 weeks

Follow up in 13-01-2022
Cramps better, hair fall stopped and dandruff gone Sepia   200  was repeated.

Follow up :- USG in April 2022

Cysts in the ovaries disappeared.

Normal Ovarian morphology was seen.

Sepia was given after repertorization according to the symptoms of this patient who is reserved, dissatisfied , loves freedom, wants to be independent , thermally chilly ,abdominal cramps during menses, hairfall , Hirsutism and Dandruff.

Case 2:-
Name :-ABC

Age ;- 23 yrs old female of middle socio economic background.

A software engineer in Bangalore, now working from home since covid -19 pandemic .

  • Came to OPD as diagnosed case of PCOS on ultra-sonography.
  • Her chief complaints were :-
  • Perspiration :partial , lower body
  • Thirstless for one month,
  • Craving for spicy foods
  • Irregular menses (menarche at the age of 14 yrs ).
  • Abdominal pain and backache during menses.
  • Leucorrhoea for 1 week before menses .
  • Stress due to job insecurity for her father
  • Consolation reduces her stress.
  • Has many friends and is an intelligent girl.

Remedy given ;-

1.      Phosphorus 200 (2P)  For 2 weeks
2.     Vanadium 6 x(4-4-4)  For 2 weeks

Follow up :- regular menses

No abdominal pain

Phosphorus (0) was repeated .

Next follow up :- On USG- Normal ovarian morphology and regular menses cycle .

Conclusion :
The above two cases were managed well with well – matched – homoeopathic remedies after individualization and repertorization following the principles of the Great Dr.Hahnemann.

The marked improvement of the symptoms and disappearance of cysts of the ovaries give the inference that PCOS patients can be cured with well matched homoeopathic remedies.


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  • Shaw’s Textbook of Gynecology 17th Edition
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  • Allen HC key notes.
  • Lotus materia Medica by Robin Murphy
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Dr. Ruhtanjali Chalotra BHMS, MD Scholar
Department of Psychiatry & Homoeopathic Therapeutics
Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical College,Deralakatte, Mangaluru -575018
Mobile No :- 09596387204

UGO Dr. Anita Lobo
Unit Head OBG 1
Professor, Department of Repertory
Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical College Deralakatte, Mangaluru -575018

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