Population Services International vacancies at Uttar Pradesh

Vacancy for Manager, Programs, Population Services International, Agra, Meerut, Gorakhpur and Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Title: Manager – Programs

Location: Agra, Meerut, Gorakhpur and Varanasi

Department: Programs

Date: 16-March-2015

Population Services International, India is a registered Indian Society dedicated to the improvement of public health in India.

Web : www.psi.org.in

  1. Position Purpose:

We are seeking qualified professionals to work as the members of the Intervention Team under Better Birth program. Each team will be involved in implementation of the safe childbirth checklist program in health facilities in a region comprising of 4-5 districts. The members of this team will work in close coordination with the public facility staff to facilitate adequate and appropriate program adoption.

Intervention Team Leaders will be responsible for the overall performance of the team. He/she will provide leadership and necessary support to team members and track the progress of intervention in his/her region.

  1. Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Provide leadership to Intervention Team and supervise coach’s performance including activities such as approving work plans, field visits, and other project related activities.
  • Track the progress of intervention in the region against pre-defined benchmarks, identify focus areas, and solve operational issues in the region allocated.
  • Liaison with key officials at the public health facility and district levels to create an enabling environment for the project including obtaining necessary local approvals, seeking participation from officials in program related activities, and establish a feedback and reporting system.
  • Visit the health facilities with the intervention team members to introduce and facilitate implementation of safe childbirth checklist program.
  • Conduct regular visits to health facilities to observe the implementation of the program, checklist use, and coaching sessions with the facility-based intervention teams. Facilitate on-site technical assistance, mentor and monitor program activities using supportive supervision approach.
  • Facilitate in trainings and ToT (Training of Trainers) in the facilities as and when required.
  • Submit weekly progress reports for the team, make presentations and share experiences on internal review meetings and at different forums.
  • Hold weekly meetings with coaches and organize meetings with government officials, CMO’s, MOIC’s and other key stakeholders in the region.
  1. Qualification And Experience:
  • MBBS or Qualified Doctors, Ayush Doctors or BHMS with 5-8 years of experience. Additional Public health experience will be preferred.
  • Management qualification/experience, prior experience in large maternal and child health programs, preferably in Government settings.
  • Working knowledge of Hindi is an essential qualification for this position.
  • Demonstrated understanding of the behavior change communication and research.

Web : http://www.psi.org.in/psiindia/

Email to : bbjobs@psi.org.in

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