QPMPA appeals not to dilute healthcare system by equating Ayush with allopathy

When the Union government is deliberating on giving more emphasis on Indian systems of medicines and its practitioners, the Qualified Private Medical Practitioners’ Association (QPMPA) has requested the Union Ayush Ministry not to dilute the healthcare delivery system in the country by adding Ayush with modern system for any kind of interest.

The Association came up with this demand in the wake of some state governments making Rules and gazette notifications recommending universities and training institutes to conduct short-term courses on integrated medicines to allow Ayush doctors to practise allopathy on emergency situations. Certain state governments have also given sanction to the medical colleges to hold the training courses on ‘Emergency Medicine & Hospital Operations’ under allopathic doctors to the graduates of BAMS, BUMS, BSMS and BHMS for the purpose of utilising them for emergency situations.

QPMPA national secretary, Dr G Kishore Kumar has handed over the memorandum of his association to the Union Ayush minister Sreepad Yesso Naik last week and requested him to withdraw the plan, if any, for mixing Ayush with allopathy.  The memorandum agrees that 60 per cent of the sick people in the country, especially from rural areas, are managed by Ayush systems.[Source]

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