Rajasthan PSC – more weightage to written test

mansoor (196)Strong decision made by Rajasthan Govt. on  PSC Homeopathy Medical Officer Examinations.

Rajasthan Govt. make an amendment in the service rules.

Now RPSC  provide more weightage to the written screening examination & give only 12.5% weightage to the Interview.

Written exam : 87.5%

Interview : 12.5%

Now many candidates have relief from political recommendation!!

More details : https://files.secureserver.net/0s5njYy2d656oR


  1. This decision should be taken earilor but the Govt. of rajasthan is very slow so that after spoiling the future of thosands of candidates they realize this thing that we should provide more weightage to written screening marks. After Supreme court decision in 2009 they were sleeping up to 2013. but after the court interferance they finally took this decision & ammendmant were taken in the service rules 1970.

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