Reference books for MD Homoeopathic Pharmacy

Homeopathy pharmacy Books and  Authors

1. Pharmacognosy- C. K. Kokate /Trease and Evans

2. Practical Pharmacognosy- C. K. Kokate

3. Experimental pharmacology – Kulkarni

4. Pharmaceutical analysis -Ravisankar

5. Textbook of Pharmaceutical Formulations  – B. M. Mithal

6. Pharmaceutics 1 & 2  – Prof. P. N. Ramakrishnan & Dr. S. Palanichamy

7. Forensic Pharmacy –  N. K. Jain

8. Industrial Pharmacy – Lachman /Mehta


  1. I want to take books for homeopathic pharmacy by post office through vpp, courier service are not available in our area. So please send price – list and let me know how I can purchase books. waiting for your reply. .

  2. thanks a lot Dr Mansoor for this valuable information…..I was desperately searching this for last 2 years.

    thanks again.
    Dr Ashish

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