Repeated Rubrics in Kent’s Repertory

Dr Saji K   

The repetition may be
1. In the same chapter in another manner
(a) with the same medicines and
(i) same grading.
(ii) different grading.
(b) with different medicines.

2. In a different chapter in another manner
(a) with the same medicines. and
(i) same grading.
(ii) different grading.
(b) with different medicines.

Examples from chapter mind :
I. In the same chapter,with the same medicine and same grading but in another manner.
Mind : Activity,fruitless.: Stann.
Mind : Busy,fruitlessly. : Stann.

Mind : Aversion,relegious to the opposite sex : Lyc.,Puls(2).,Sulph.
Mind : Relegious,horror of the opposite sex :Lyc.,Puls(2).,Sulph.

Mind : Children,flies from his own : Lyc.
Mind : Estranged,flies from her own children : Lyc.
Mind : Forsakes his own children : Lyc.
Mind : Escape,from her family,children : Lyc.

Mind : Delerium,wraps up in fur during summer : Hyos.
Mind : Fur,wraps up in summer : Hyos.
Mind : Roving,wrapped in fur in the summer : Hyos.

Mind : Forgetful, sleep during, he remembers all he had forgotten : Calad.,Selen.
Mind : Forgotten,things comes to mind in sleep : Calad,Selen.

II. In the same chapter,with same medicines,but in different grading.
Mind : Death,presentiment of,predicts the time : Acon(2)., Arg.n(2).
Mind : Prophesying,predicts the time of death :Acon(3)., Arg.n.
Mind : Fear,death of,predicts the time : Acon(3),Arg.n(2)

Mind : Delusions,beautiful,rags seems even : Sulph(2).
Mind : Imbecility,old rags as fine as silk : Sulph(3).
Mind : Delusions,old rags are as fine as silk : Sulph(3)

Mind : Reveals,secrets in sleep : Am.c., Ars(2).
Mind : Talking,sleep in,reveals secrets in sleep : Am.c., Ars.

III. In the same chapter with different medicines.
Mind : Answers,stupor returns quickly after : Arn(2).,Bapt., Hyos(3)., Plb.
Mind : Unconsciouness,answers correctly when spoken to but delerium and unconsciousness returns at once. :
Arn(2)., Bapt(2)., Hyos(2).

Mind : Confusion,loses his way in well known streets :Glon(3).,Merc(2).,Nux.m(2).,Petr(2).,Ran.b.,Thuj.
Mind : Forgetful,streets of well known :Glon(3).,Petr(2).,Nux.m(2).
Mind : Recognise does not,well known streets :Cann.i.,Glon(3).,Lach.,Nux.m(3).,Petr(3).

Mind : Antics,plays.: Bell(2),Cupr,Hyos(3),Lact,Op,Merc,phos,Plb,Stram.
Mind : Delerium,antics plays : Bell,Cupr,Hyos(3),Lact,Op,Phos,Plb,Stram.

Mind : Irritability, sends the doctor home,says he is not sick. : Apis.,Arn(3).,Cham(3).
Mind : Well,says he is,when very sick : Apis(2),Arn(3),Ars,Cinnb,Hyos,Kreos,Merc,Puls.
Mind : Obstinate, declares there is nothing the matter with him : Apis.,Arn(3).

Mind : Persists in nothing : Lac.c., Lach., Plan.
Mind : Undertakes many things,perseveres in nothing :Acon(2),Lac.c(2),Lach(2),Plan.

Mind : Fanaticism : Caust,Rob,Selen,Sulph,Thuj(2).
Mind : Relegious,fanaticism : Rob,Selen,Sulph,Thuj.

Mind : Indifference,exposure of her person :Hyos(2),Phos(2),Phyt(2),Sec(2), Stram,Verat.
Mind : Shameless,exposes the person : Hyos(3),Phos(2),Phyt,Sec(2),Tarent(2).

Mind : Pull,desires to pull ones hair : Bell(3).,Lach., Lil.t(2).,Tarent.
Mind : Tears,hair,her : Bell(2).,Lil.t(2).,Tarent.

Mind : Absent minded,starts when spoken to :
Mind : Starting,spoken to when :, Sulph.

Mind : Hatred,women of : Puls(2).
Mind : Women,aversion to : Am.c,Bapt,Dios(2),Lach(2),Nat.m.,puls(2),Sulph.

IV. In a different chapter, with the same medicine and same grading.
Mind : Striking,knocking his head against wall : Apis,Ars,Bell,Con,Hyos,Mag.c,Mill,Rhus.t.
Head : Knocks head against things : Apis,Ars,Bell,Con,Hyos,Mag.c,Mill,Rhus.t.

V. In different chapters with different medicines.
Mind : Light,desire for : Acon(2),Am.m(2),Bell(3),Calc(2),Gels(3),Lac.c,Nat.m,Ruta,Stram(3),Valer.
Eye : Photomania : Acon(2), Am.m, Bell(3), Calc, Gels(3),Lac.c(2),Ruta,Stram(3),Valer.

Mind : Laughing,sardonic. : Bell(3),Caust(2),Colch(2),Con,Hyos(2),Ign,Nux.m,Oena(2),Plb,

Face : Risus sardonicus. : Medicines and grading same as above with the omission of Tarent. in the list.

Mind : Speech,unintelligible :Acon,Ars,Bell(3),Euph,Hyos(3),Lyc,Merc(2),Naja,Nux.v,, Sec(2), Sil,Stram(3),Tab.

Mouth: Speech,unintelligible :Ars,Art.v,Asaf, Bell(2), Bufo,

Examples from chapter vertigo :
I. In the same chapter with different medicines.
Vertigo : Crossing,running water :Ang(2),Arg.m(2),Brom,Ferr,Sulph.
Vertigo : Water,crssing running :Ang,Arg.m(2),Bell(2),Brom,Ferr(2),Hyos(2),Stram,Sulph(2).

II. In different chapters with different medicines.
Vertigo : Vision obscuration of, with.( large rubric )It contains 60 medicines.
Vision : Dim,vertigo, during ( large rubric )It contains 58 medicines.

Vertigo : Vomiting with : ( large rubric, 33 medicines )
Stomach : Vomiting, vertigo,during : ( large rubric, 31 medicines )

Examples from head chapter ;
I. In different chapters with different medicines :
Head : Perspiration,except the head :Bell,Merc,Nux.v,Rhus.t(3),Samb(3),Sep(2),Thuj.
Perspiration : Head,general sweat,except the Bell(2),Merc,Nux.v,Rhust.t(3),Samb(3),Sec(2),Sep(2),Thuj(3)

EYE  : Photomania :

I In the same chapter with the same medicines.
Ear : Tumours,wen,behind ears : Merc.i.r., Verb.
Ear : Wen,behind ear : Merc.i.r., Verb.

I In the same chapter with different medicines.

Nose : Epistaxis,amenorrhoea,with : Bry(2).,Cact(2).,Con.,Ham.,Lach.,Ol.j.,Phos(2).,Puls(2).
Nose : Epistaxis,vicarious:Bry(2),Ham(3),Lach(2),Phos(3),Puls(2).

II In different chapters, with the same medicines, but different grading.

Nose : Discolouration,yellow saddle. :, Sanic., Sep(3).
Face : Saddle,acros the nose :, Sanic., Sep(3).

III. In different chapters, with different medicines.
Nose : Liquids, come out through the nose on attempting to swallow. : 30 medicines. Arum.t.,Lac.c.,Lach.,and Lyc.
are the first grade medicines.

Throat: Liquids,taken are forced into nose.: 28 medicines. (Gels and Hyos seem missing.) in the second grade.
Others same.

Face :
I In the same chapter with the same medicines,in the same grading.
Face : Bloated,between the eyes. : Lyc.
Face : Swelling,eyes,between : Lyc.

II In different chapters with different medicines.
Face : Convulsions,beginning in face : Absin,Bufo(2),Cina,Dulc,Hyos,Ign,Sant,Sec(2).
Generalities : Convulsions,Begins in the face : Absin,Buf(2),Cina,Dulc,Hyos(2),Ign(2),Lach(2),Sant,Sec(2).

Face : Risus sardonicus.
Face : Saddle across the nose.

Throat :
I in the same chapter,with the same medicines,in the same grading.
Throat : Swallowing,difficult,drink must,inorder to swallow : Bell(2),Cact(2),Cur,Elaps,Kali.c,Nat.c(2),Nat.m.
Throat : Swallowing,impeded,must drink at every mouthful to wash down the food : Bell(2),Cact(2),Cur, Elaps,Kali.c,Nat.c(2),Nat.m.

Throat : Swallowing,fluids only,can swallow, but solid food gags : Bapt(2),Bar.c,Crot.c(2),Crot.h(2),Plb(2),Sil(2).
Throat : Swallowing,impeded,liquids only can swallow,least food gags. : Bapt(2),Bar.c,Crot.c(2), Crot.h(2),Plb(2),Sil(2).

II In the same chapter,with different medicines.
Throat : Anaesthesia : Acon(2), All.c(2),Arg.m,Gels(2),,kali.c,Mag.s,Olnd,Verat.v.
Throat : Numbness : Acon, All.c, Arg.m,Gels,, Kali.c,Mag.s,Olnd,Verat.v.
( replaced by )

Stomach :
I. In the same chapter,with the same medicine, but different grading.
Stomach : Disordered,fish : Chin.a.
Stomach : Indigestion,fish after : Chin.a(2).

II. In the same chapter,with different medicines.
Stomach : Disordered,mental exertion : Arn,Calc,Cocc,Lach(2),Nux.m,Nux.v(3),Puls(2),Sullph(2),Verat.
Stomach : Indigestion,mental exertion,after : Arn,Calc,Cocc,Lach(2),Nux.v(3),Puls(2),Sulph(2),Verat.

Stomach : Disordered,vexation,after. : Cham(3),Ip(2).
Stomach : Indigestion,vexation,after : Cham(3),Ip(3),Tarent.

III. In different chapters with different medicines. :
Stomach : Epileptic aura : Art.v, Bell,Bufo, Calc(2),Cic(3), Cupr,Indg(2),Nux.v(3),Sil(2), Sulph(3).
Generalities : Convulsions,epileptic,aura,solar plexus,from : Art.v,Bell,Bufo,
( Difference in grade of Clcarea and addition of Causticum )

Abdomen :
I In different chapters with different medicines.
Abdomen : Epilepsy,begins in : Bufo.
Generalities : Convulsions,begins in the abdomen : Aran,Bufo(2)

Genitalia female :
I. In the same chapter,with the same medicines,but different grading. :

Genetalia female : Aura,extending from uterus to throat : Lach
Generalities,Convulsions,epileptic,aura,uterus to throat: Lach

Larynx and trachea ;
I In different chapters with the same medicines,but different grading :

Larynx and trachea : Supports larynx,on coughing : Acon(2),All.c(3),Ant.t,Bell(2),Dros(2),Hep(2),Iod,Lach.
Cough : Grasping throat during : Acon(2),All.c,Ant.t,Bell,

Cough :
I. In the same chapter with the same medicines in the same grading. :

1. Cough : Paroxysmal,consisting of,three coughs : Carb.v(2),Cupr(2),Phos,Stann.
Cough : Three coughs in succession : Carb.v(20,Cupr(2),Phos,Stann.

Extremities :
I. In different chapters with different medicines. :

Extremities : Wetting feet agg : Cham,Merc,Nat.c(2),Nat.m(2),Phos(2),Puls(2),Rhus.t,Sep(2),Sil(3),Xan.
Generalities: wet getting,feet : Agn,All.c(2), Cham, Dulc(2),Merc,Nat.c,Nat.m,Nux.m(2),Phos(2),Puls(3),

Chill :

I In the same chapter with the same medicines in the same grading:

Chill : Exposure,working in water : Calc(3),Rhus.t(2).
Chill : Water,working in from : Calc(3),Rhus.t(2).

II. In the same chapter with different medicines. :

Chill : Exposure,wet,from becoming : Acon, Aran(2), Bar.c, Bell, Bry(2), Calc(2), Cedr(2),
Dulc(2), Nat.s(2), Rhus.t(3),Sep,Tarent(2).

Chill : Water,from getting wet : Acon,Aran(2),Bar.c,Bell(2),Bry(2), Calc(2), Cedr, Dulc(2), Nat.s(2),Rhus.t(3),Sep(2),Sil.

Rubrics which seem to be included in the generalities chapter
1. Mind : Closing eyes amel
2. Mind : Darkness agg.
3. Head : Uncovering head agg.
4. Head : Warm coverings on head agg.
5. Head : washing head agg.
6. External throat : Clothing agg.
7. External throat : Uncovering throat agg.
8. Stomach : Eructation, aggravate .
9. Stomach : Eructation ,ameliorate.
10. Abdomen : Covering agg.
11. Rectum : Flatus amel.
12. Genetalia,male: Sexual passion,suppressing the,complaints from.
13. Genetalia,female : Menopause.
14. Extremities : Hang down,letting limbs agg.
15. Extremities : Hang down letting limbs amel.
16. Extremities : Hang down letting arms amel.
17. Extremities : Uncovering agg.
18. Extremities : Walk,late learning to.
19. Extremities : Wetting feet agg.
20. Perspiration : Suppressed, commplaints from.
21. Perspiration : Symptoms agg, while sweating.
22. Perspiration : Symptoms amel.
23. Perspiration : Symptoms, after agg.
24. Skin : Eruption,suppressed.

Spelling mistakes : (In reprint edition 1995; mini size.)
1. In main Rubrics :
Eg : Mind : Headless : ( Heedless )
(The meaning of these two words is same.But,it seems to be a mistake,as the cross reference given in the rubric `Careless’ is `Heedless’.)
Eye : Wind look : ( Wild look )
Face : Discoloration of jaws easy : ( Dislocation of jaws easy )
Perspiration : Sports : ( Spots ).

2. In main rubrics,but in repetition :
Eg :Stomach : Page 525. Left top page side heading.
Pulpitation : ( Pulsation )

Mistakes in levels of rubrics.
Examples :1. Larynx and Trachea : Level error from the rubric
Voice,hoarseness,children in to Voice,hoarseness,cold,damp weather.
(All these rubrics are given in the next level of the rubric Voice,hoarseness,calling aloud when )
then Voice,hoarseness,cough during to Voice,hoarseness,mucous in larynx.

(All these are given under Voice,hoarseness,coryza during )and Voice,hoarseness,wet weather agg. ( Given in the next level of hoarseness,warm room )

2. Chill : Error in level of rubric
Chill : Uncovering,aversion to, chilliness from.
(Chilliness from is given at the same level as that of aversion)

3. Stomach : Error in level of rubrics
Stomach,Vomiting,food,eating,5 or 6 hours after to
Stomach,vomiting,food,eating,undigested,2 or 3 hours after.( These rubrics are given under eating, immediately after.)

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