Repertory of small remedies in Boerick’s Materia Medica

Repertory of small remedies in the Manual of Homoeopathic   Materia Medica by Dr.William Boericke

Dr. Jubin John  MD(Hom)


  • Hearing
  • Nose
  • Face
  • Mouth
  • Teeth
  • Throat
  • External Throat
  • Stomach
  • Abdomen
  • Rectum
  • Stool
  • Bladder
  • Kidneys
  • Prostate gland
  • Urethra
  • Urine
  • Genitalia
  • Genitalia female
  • Larynx and Trachea
  • Respiration
  • Cough
  • Expectoration
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Extremities
  • Sleep
  • Chill
  • Fever
  • Perspiration
  • Skin
  • Generalities 


  1. Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine.
  2. Oxford Text Book of Medicine.
  3. Davidson’s Principles and Practice of Medicine.
  4. Text Book of Medicine by Dr. K.V.Krishnadas.
  5. Robbins Pathologic Basis of Disease.
  6. Samsung Wrights Applied Physiology.
  7. Text Book of Medical Physiology Guyton.
  8. Clinically oriented anatomy by Keith.L.Moore.
  9. Gray’s anatomy.
  10. Grant’s method of anatomy
  11. Pocket Manual of Homoeopathic Materia Medica by William.Boericke.M.D.
  12. Repertory of Homoeopathic Materia Medica by Dr.J.T.Kent
  13. Miasmatic diagnosis by Subrata Kumar Banerjee.
  14. Homoeopathic Medical Repertory by Robin Murphy.
  15. A Concise Text Book of Surgery by S.Das.
  16. A Manual of Clinical  Surgery by Dr.K.Das..
  17. Bailey and Loves Short Practice of Surgery.
  18. Special Pathology and  diagnostic therapeutic hints by
  19. G.Raue.M.D.
  20. Review of Medical Physiology by William.L.Ganong
  21. Homoeopathic Therapeutics by Samuel Lilienthal. M.D.
  22. Repertorium Homoeopathicum Syntheticum edited by Dr. Frederick Schroyens
  23. Text Book of ENT by Maqbool
  24. Pocket Manual of 1000 Redline Symptoms
  25. Learning Materia Medica and Repertory in the Quiz way.
  26. A complete Handbook for everyday practice.
  27. Short cases in Medicine.
  28. Golden Beads.
  29. Homoeopathic Treatment of Constipation.
  30. Sexual Health.
  31. Vol I – George Vithoulkas – Materia Medica Viva.
  32. Vol II – George Vithoulkas – Materia Medica Viva.
  33. Medical Examination Review.
  34. Clinical Diagnosis.
  35. Kopikkar’s Clinical Experiences.
  36. Child Psychology.
  37. Diseases of Female and Children.
  38. Patient’s guide to Homoeopaths.
  39. Gunpowder as a war remedy.
  40. Wonders of Single dose in Homoeopathy.
  41. Homoeopathic treatment of Children.
  42. Indication from Kent selection arranged from Dr.Kent.
  43. Harper’s Biochemistry.
  44. Synthetic Repertory – Vol I
  45. New remedies- Clinical Cases.
  46. Sandy Silicea by Dr.Farokh.J.Master.
  47. Golwale –Medicine for students.
  48. Perceiving the rubrics of the mind by Dr.Farokh.J.Master.
  49. Kent’s Minor Writings on Homoeopathy by Gypser.
  50. Kent’s Lesser Writings.
  51. Minton’s Uterine Therapeutics.
  52. Women and Sterility by Burnett.J.C
  53. A Concise Repertory of Homoeopathic Medicines By S.R.Phatak.
  54. Skin Diseases by Douglas.
  55. Homoeopathic Psychology of various Constitutional types by Philip.M.Bailey.
  56. H.C.Allen’s Keynotes
  57. Essentials of repertorisation by Dr.Shashi Kant Tiwari.
  58. B.D.Chourasia’s Human Anatomy
  59. Hutchinson’s Clinical methods.
  60. Mudaliar and Menon’s Clinical Obstetrics.
  61. Y.M.Bende’s General Pathology.
  62. Textbook of Microbiology by C.K.Ananthanarayanan and Jayaram Panicker.
  63. Cunningham’s Manual of Practical Anatomy
  64. Study of Materia Medica by N.M.Choudhari.
  65. Clinical Materia Medica by E.A.Farrington.
  66. Lectures on Homoeopathic Materia Medica by Dr.James.Tylor Kent.
  67. A Dictionary of Practical Marteria Medica by Clarke.
  68. Boennninghausen’s Therapeutic Pocket Book by T.F.Allen.
  69. Principles and Practice of Homoeopathy by M.L.Dhawale.
  70. Boenninghausen’s characteristics and Repertory by C.M.Boger.
  71. Sensations as if by H.A.Roberts.
  72. Therapeutics of Fevers by H.C.Allen.
  73. Synthetic Repertory – Vol II
  74. Synthetic Repertory – Vol III
  75. Oxford Medical Dictionary.
  76. Stedmann’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary.


ABSENT-MINDED. (See Forgetful ) : agn.,arag.,calc-sil.,cench.,dub-h.,kali-sil.,poth.,

ABUSIVE every one to : gal-ac.,

ACTIVITY unusual : coff.,

AFFECTIONATE : croc.,joan.,

AGITATION (See Excitement).

APATHY (See Indifference).

AMBITION, Loss of (See Indolence).

ANGER( See Irritability): arag.,cere-s.,calc-ar.,croc.,sabal.,uran-n.,vac.,zea-i.;

          Easily : zea-i.;

          Sympathy from : sabal.,

Violent : cere-s.,

ANGUISH :adren.,chin-s.,coff.,poth./,

Tossing about with : coff.,

ANXIETY:Agn.,acon-f.,aml-ns.,ars-h.,antip.,bacis-10.,bufo.,but-ac.,carl.,chin-a.,coca.,coch.,calc-ar.,crat.,dys.,formal.,gala.,just.,kali-sil.,lat-m.,lol.,murex.,nyct.,pip-n., pic-ac.,lycpr.,still.,sulo-ac.;mag-arct.,
Anticipation events of : dys.,

Domestic duties on : carl.,

Going upstairs agg : but-ac.,

Headache with : but-ac.,

Health about : bufo.,morg.,

Mountaineer’s in : coca.,

Nervous : antip.,dys.,

Rapid motion agg : but-ac.,

Something would happen as if : aml-ns.,

Sleep during : gala.,

Trifles about : but-ac.,

APPREHENSION (See Fear,Anxiety ).

ATTENTION (See Concentration) diversion amel pains : pip-m.,

AVERSION in general : cinnb.,

Children especially girls : raph.,

BASHFUL (See Timidity).

BEAUTIFUL everything seems : eug.,

BED tendancy to escape with : oper.,

BEWILDERED (See Confusion).

BITING : bufo.,

BRAIN fag : anh.,arum-i.,pic-ac.,zinc-p.,zinc-pic.,

BUSY constantly herself : tarent.,

CAPRICIOUSNESS : rheum.,sacch.,

CAUTIOUS : lup.,

CHEERFULNESS : Coff.,croc.,jal.,sulfon.,

Alternating with depression and weakness : sulfon.,

Day child in :jal.,

COMPANY aversion to : arag.,ars-m.,bufo.,coca.,cycl.,oxyt.,tarent.,trinit.,

Desire for : calc-ar.,gal-ac.,gaert.,pall.,skat.,thymol.,

          Amel of complaints : gaert.,

COMPLAINING (See Lamenting) : asaf.,

Troubles her of : asaf.,

COMPREHENSION easy : coff.,

Difficult : guaj.,


Difficult : alet.,arag.,aven.,beto.,dat-a.,irid-met.,onos.,pip-n.,pitu-gl.,rham-cal.,scut.,

Thought : irid-met.,

Lack of : ichth.,skat.,

Walking in: arag.,

Dr. Jubin John  MD(Hom)
Medical Officer, Department of Homoeopathy
Govt. of Kerala
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