Repertory to the Modalities by Samuel Worcester-review

books2Based mainly upon Hering’s  condensed Material Medica.

Full name of the book is Repertory To The Modalities in Their Relations to Temperature, Air, water, Winds, Weather And Seasons Based Mainly Upon Hering’s Condensed Materia Medica With Additions From Allen, Lippe And Hale.

Author : Samuel Worcester, M. D.

He was a lecturer on insanity and its Jurisprudence at Boston University School of medicine , member of the American institute of Homoeopathy, member of the Massachusetter  Homoeopathic Medical Society.

This book is dedicated to Samuel .H. Worcester, his father.

Year of publication: 1880 .

I Indian edition was published in 1968.

 Publisher: B.Jain

This repertory was first made to Hering’s Condensed Materia Medica alone , later ,  all the symptoms coming within the scope of the book which are found in Lippe and Hale were added , together with many from Allen .  The starred symptoms are such as are regarded as characteristics by at least two of the above –named authors.

Gradation: Single grade in italics.

About thie Repertory author writes “ This little book was originally compiled  to meet a want felt in my daily practice. With its help, I have many  times been able to decide upon the indicated remedy in a few moments, while , without it , a longer search would have been required than the busy physician is able , or  the indolent physician , willing, to make.


      15 chapters with sections in each .They are

I   The sun , effects of its heat and light

Section I  Beneficial effects prefer sunny places.

  • Head
  • Generalities
  • Chill , fever, sweat

Section II     Injurious effects of the sun –

  1. Mind 2. Sensorium

3  Head inner                          4 Head outer

5  Eyes                                    6 Face

7  Cough                                 8 Nerves

9  Generalities                       10 Chill, fever, sweat

11  Skin

II  External heat or warmth

Desire for or relieved by external heat/ warmth

  • >Head inner                                               >Head outer
  • > Nose                                                       > Face
  • > Teeth                                                      >Abdomen
  • >Stool                                                        > Limbs upper
  • >Limbs lower                                            > All the limbs
  • >Generalities                                             > Chill, Fever and sweat
  • Tissues

Agg. From or aversion to external  / warmth

  • <Inner head                                        < Outer head
  • < Eyes                                                 < Nose
  • <Face                                                  < Teeth
  • <Stomach                                            < Breathing
  • <Cough                                               < all limbs
  • < Generalities                                     < Chill, fever, sweat
  • < Tissues                                            < Skin

Section I      Desire for or relieved by external heat or warmth

II      Worse from or aversion to external heat or warmth

III      Desire for or good effects from heat of stove

IV      Worse from or not relieved by heat of stove

III   Becoming warm

Section I      Good result from becoming warm

II     Bad results from becoming warm

IV  Effects of cold in general

Section : I     Beneficial effects from cold in general

II    Worse from  cold or becoming cold

III   Lessened sensitiveness to cold

IV   Take cold easily and increased sensitiveness to cold

V Ill effects from taking cold

Cold applications

Section I     Better  from cold applications

II     Worse from cold applications

VI  Food and Drink

Section I    Desire for or better from warm food or drink

II    Aversion to or worse from warm food or drink

III    Desire for  or good results from cold food or drink

IV    Aversions to or worse from cold food or drink

VII  Being covered , uncovered And Undressed

Section I    Better from covering or warm wraps

II   Worse from being covered

III   Better from uncovering

IV   Worse from or not relieved by uncovering

V   Worse from undressing

VI    Desire to be uncovered

VII   Averse to uncovering

VIII  Becoming warm in bed

Section I     Relieved by getting warm in bed

II    Warmth of bed does not relieve

III   Aggravation from warmth of bed

IX  In Room and Entering Room

Section I     Better in room

II      Worse in room

III     Better in Warm room

IV     Worse in Warm room

V     Worse in warm close room

VI     Good effects of cold room

VII     Bad effects of cold room

VIII    Worse in cold damp dwellings

IX     Better or  worse in dark room

X     Better on entering room

XI     Worse on entering room

XII     Worse on entering warm room

Effects of open air

Section I      Better in open air

II     Worse in open air

III    Better exercising in open air

IV    Worse from exercising in open air

V      Desire for fresh air or open air

VI    Aversion  to open air

VII    Better from open air

VIII    Worse in cold air and cold open air

IX    Worse from cold damp air

X      Sensitive to cold air

XI     Sensitive to draughts

XII     Better from inhaling air

XIII     Sensitive to inspired air

XIV     Ill-effects from having hair cut

XI   The weather

Section I       Better in warm air or weather

II       Worse in warm air or weather

III       Worse in cold weather

IV       Better in cold weather

V       Worse in dry weather

VI        Better in wet weather

VII       Worse in damp air or wet weather

VIII       Worse in hot damp air or weather

IX        Worse in cold damp weather

X         Sensitive to change of weather

XI         Worse when temperature changes from warm to cold

XII         Warm days and cold nights

XIII         Sensitive to wind

XIV        Worse from dry cold winds

XII   Water

Section I     Ill effects of getting wet

II     Better from washing

III    Worse from washing

IV    Wet application

V     Better from cold washing or bathing

VI     Worse from cold washing or bathing

VII     Better from warm bathing

VIII     Worse from warm bathing

IX      Worse from sea bathing

X      Children dislike being washed

XIII  The seasons

Section I     Worse in spring

II      Worse in summer

III     Worse in autumn

IV     Worse in winter

XIV   New and full moon

XV  Effects of thunderstorm 

Some rubrics under each section

Chapter I – Section I

  • Tension on head , better from warmth ,especially heat of sun  –  Stron carb
  • Chill with continuous desire for warmth , particularly that of sun –  Conium mac
  • Chilliness in the back seeks a warm place, with sleepiness   –    Kali bi

Section II

  • Memory weak , weeps about her weak mind also after sunstroke-    Stramon
  • *Pupils dilated, eyes upturened, sunstroke eyes rolled outward and up convulsions – Glonoi
  • Sunlight causes headache –    Ign
  • Sneezing in the sun – Merc sulp
  • Erythema from exposure to sun’s rays –   Cantharis

Chapter II Section I

  • Stiches in the forehead  also in the temples < from stooping , moving head , eyes, > raising the head and from heat  –     Kali carb
  • Brain as if  loose ,with wabbing on motion , as if it struck- the sides of the head > from warmth except warmth of bed –  Nux mos
  • Stupefying headache, with buzzing better from warmth- and motion-  Rhus tox
  • Painful tumours on the scalp like blood boils < from pressure and motion > from heat -Kali carb
  • Temples sensitive to touch from lying on them < in wet cold weather  > from warmth   Nux mos
  • Toothache with swelling of the cheek > by heat of the bed and warm application Lyco
  • * Toothache worse in evening in bed , by cold . from heat-  Sulph  acid

Section II

  • Pulsating and boring in the head , from heat-    Sulph
  • Chill (internally )  < from external heat  –   Ipecac
  • Chill coldness and shivering in the afternoon and not relieved by external warmth-   Lauroc
  • Chillness and shivering over the whole body in a warm room –  Ptelea trif
  • Dry red pimples only itching when exposed to the heat  :   Sarasp

Section III

  • Chill begins towards evening relieved near  the warm stove and after lying down -Kali carb
  • Pains in head relieved by warmth of  fire  –   Sumbul
  • Great desire for heat of stove –   Cicuta vir
  • Wants to be near the stove but it increases the chill – Cinchona

Section IV

  • Heat of stove unbearable –   Nat mur
  • Chill even near the stove worse from 4-8 P.M  – Mag mur

Chapter III  Section from growing warm –  Kali carb

Section II

  • Painful sensitiveness of the scalp skin peels off with itching and smarting < evening , getting warm – Staphisagria
  • Dim sight on getting warm from exercise –    Puls
  • Short dry cough as soon as he gets warm – Puls

ChapterIV  Section I

  • Stitches in temples on rt side from within to without>from cold –   Lyco


  • Handy and provides easy reference regarding < & > .
  • It includes nearly all the modalities. 


  • It does not include modalities with respect to position,  Rest in   general < or > .
  • Repetition of the same rubrics  in same sections.


  • Repertory to the Modalities – Samuel Worcester
  • Reperire  –  Vidyadhar Kahnaj
  • Essentials of repertorization – Dr Tiwari

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