Research in Homoeopathy: The need for awakening

research9Dr Sreevals G Menon MD

Homoeopathy seems to be at a very interesting and revolutionary phase in time. On one hand, the commercial viability of Homoeopathy through clinic chains is on the rise and on the other, the system faces immense threats and sarcasm from factions of the scientific and medical community. There are groups who prefer to stay non-believers in Homoeopathy and ignore its potential as a therapeutic method, no matter whatever comes up in favour of Homoeopathy, from any angle justifying its significance.

Today we find India positioned quite strategically on the world homoeopathic map with near half of the worlds’ happenings in our discipline focused in the country. Our teachers and doctors rise to international significance and their messages, teachings, experience and views are carried worldwide. The most attended LIGA event in history in December 2011 almost proved to the world, the role of India and how we have positioned ourselves globally in the field of Homoeopathy. At the same time, one needs to ponder on significant and interesting issues.

Have we genuinely done enough apart from having hundreds of graduate and academic institutions in Homoeopathy across the nation and being quite successful in having government patronage even from pre-independence years?

Could we rightly instill the faith in Homoepathy to the graduates and postgraduates delivered out of such academic institutions and engage a greater majority in the profession in various domains, be it medical practice (individual/institutionalized), research and academics?

Could we engage ourselves with our healthcare counterparts from the conventional, traditional and complementary streams effectively in integrated and inter-disciplinary research? Could we initiate any moves in this direction which have huge research prospects?

Being a country pregnant with huge masses in various social orders and strata using Homoeopathy in variable proportions, could we efficiently reflect the success of our discipline in many states at the grassroot level to various developing countries out there and help them replicate the same there and help ease their challenges in healthcare for masses?

Could we convince & use the international health-related organizations in this direction.

Could we efficiently and effectively carry the message of genus epidemicus and get it to the prophylaxis spectrum on the WHO map?

Could we appreciate and nurture offshoots and ramifications from classical Homoeopathic approaches with right support from the state and help them emerge?

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