Resident doctors are the most affected from Tuberculosis in India

In 2013, 56 doctors from Mumbai’s government hospitals were reported to have tuberculosis, leading to two deaths. This vulnerability to infections is not only Mumbai’s matter but the condition prevails in government hospitals all across the country. And resident doctors are the most suffered and the most ignored!

“Resident doctors are the backbone of Indian medical system,” advocates Dr Santosh Wakchaure, president, Central MARD (Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors), which represents 14 government medical colleges of central Mumbai.

“Yet no proper space for them to sit, no proper hostel facilities, no proper food or say even salaries!” says Dr Narendra Saini, honorary secretary general, Indian Medical Association (IMA). “They do 24 hours duty and constantly remain in touch with patients. If the patient is not getting a proper treatment or drugs or investigation, they are the ones who bear all the burnt. If they are always at the forefront, bearing the violence of attendants of patients then why are they not provided a proper facility or security at the hospital?”

Resident doctors are the doctors practising at hospitals as part of their post-graduation studies. After three years of their services, they have to give exams after passing which they get their medical certification to continue practice. [Source]

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